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Vin DiCarlo – The Private Hard Drive Collection

What’s Included:
1) 7 Ways To Get Her Addicted To You Audio
2) Advanced Advice For Style And Fashion Audio
3) Fuck The Friend Zone Audio
4) Innocent Words That Make Her Horny eBook
5) The 2+U Threesome System eBook
6) The Drills Bootcamp eBook
7) The Woodhaven Letters eBook
Retail Price: $49
Course Description

I’d Like To Give You Everything On This ‘Buried Treasure’ Hard Drive, As A Special Gift From Me To You…
Here’s exactly what’s on it:

7 Ways To Get Her Addicted To You: Sneaky Tricks And Tactics Designed To Make Any Woman Fall In Love And Lust…
Psychology – like any science – has it’s dark side. Mind control… behavior modification… hypnosis… and other nasty little tricks designed to screw with your head. Most men steer clear of these ‘dark arts.’ However, with a little instruction and a LOT of restraint, you can add an aresenal of incredibly effective techniques to your toolbox.
7 Ways To Get Her Addicted To You is a CD designed to reveal the “dark arts” dating advice nobody else has the balls to share with you. And to arm you with ‘dating weapons’ not one man in one million knows how to use. So you have the ultimate competitive advantage.. even if you’re not great looking, rich or well built. (I’m none of those three)

Fuck The Friend Zone: How To Fuck Your Girl Friend, And Add Passion Back Into Your Long Term Relationship…
Have sex with the friend who keeps teasing you and leading you on… Make your girl friend quit dating losers and bad boys who emotionally beat her up, rape her and leave her broken… Save her from a life of dating the WRONG men… And give yourself the close, intimate, bonded relationship you deserve – with little to no actual “work.”
Think of Fuck The Friend Zone as your battle cry – because you’ll never again be ‘just friends’ with a woman, ever again. You could turn the tables on your girl friend tonight… and you can do it, no matter what your relationship is like, now. (I’ve used it to seduce women I hadn’t even talked to for months… or… was constantly fighting with!)

The Woodhaven Letters: Pages From My Personal ‘Playbook’…
Pages from my personal journal for the first six years of my journey going from shitty to great with women… Articles I scribbled down to get my thoughts on paper (notes I NEVER thought I’d reveal to the general public, or even privileged men like you!)… The most valuable piece of advice I’ve ever gotten about women, and more.
Imagine getting your hands on Thomas Edison’s notes, days before he invented the light bulb… Picture studying DaVinci’s sketches, before he painted the Mona Lisa… And put yourself in the shoes of a stock market gambler who bet on Google before it went big…
Because this is the type of uncensored, brand-new and bare-bones information you’ll find in The Woodhaven Letters.

The Crown Gem: The Drills Manual – A 100pg Book Worth $2,997.00…
When a client came to my $3,000.00 per seat private coaching weekend, we handed him a small book. Just one hundred plus pages, it doesn’t look like much. However, every Coaching Graduate considered his little book well worth the price of tuition.
Because this book contains a series of 30+ exercises designed to be done with a friend or partner, which program your muscle memory with the ‘correct’ skills you need to succeed with women. So your success is guaranteed when you play these games a few times a year, and then pay attention to the feedback. (Also contained inside this book)
Yes, our coaching students also got personal, tailored guidance from myself and my team. However, this book on it’s own gives you everything you need to play all the games, and see DRAMATIC improvement in your ability to talk to women. (Remember – my coaching program made a whole lifetime of changes in just one weekend. This is powerful stuff!)

Special Reports…
How to have threesomes with two women you just met (and I got it to work nearly 90% of the time… it’s the perfect threesome system…)
Thirty “innocent” words that make any woman squirm in her seat… to keep you from seeing the damp stain on her chair! (You’ll get quick one night stands… or… have the best sex of your relationship!)
How to dress, when you want women to approach YOU for a change! (Advice you’d pay an image consultant thousands of dollars for. I paid the price so you don’t have to…)

And more…

Vin DiCarlo

I am a dating advisor and coach from Connecticut. My advice is based on "Structured Natural Game". Most of my products teach men how to successfully approach, flirt and date a woman based on her personality type.

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