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This is more than a collection of “game tips.” It will literally program your brain into thinking like a fucking gangster pimp… and it cuts right through all of the…

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In "Orgasm Club", Jason Capital offers insight about deep-level orgasm with renowned experts like Jason Julius, Alex Allman and a female perspective with Emily Morse.

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How To Give Your Wife Or Girlfriend An Erotic Massage So Stimulating, So Sensual, So Intensely Pleasurable That She’ll Go Out Of Her Way To Do Whatever You Ask In…

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Masturbating together is twice the fun as going at it alone! You get to show your partner what really truly turns you on when no one is looking and you…

Overcome fear and tension at the thought of having to give a speech. Learn to speak with absolute confidence - to an audience of hundreds or a single person.

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"The Power of Spiritual Sultry Sexual Squirting"

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How to “Unlock” Your Wife or Girlfriend’s Orgasm so She Explodes with Pleasure Every Time You Have Sex! This Method of “Waking Up” Her Orgasm is so Simple, Anyone Can…

Includes several Vin DiCarlo products at a discount: Pandora's Box Complete System, Same Day Lays and The Attraction Code (+Bonuses).

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In ‘He Just Gets Me’ course: I’ll show to create your own seductive cold reads on the spot with any girl and in any situation, and proven techniques.