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STATUS UNLEASHED is 11 hours of ADVANCED content of the best tips, tricks, and secret transforming you into the most High Status version of yourself.

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This program was designed to teach couples the importance of masturbation and of your partner's orgasm, as well as how to use vibrators to blow her mind.

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10 surprising ways to use household objects for intense pleasure. You’ll be shocked at how good these ordinary objects can make sex feel!

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The most important thing you can do to care for and nurture an interesting sex life. This will eliminate any boredom you will ever have in the bedroom.

Great ebook for exercises and correct workout of the abs.

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One of the best things about remote control vibrators is the kind of cooperative effort they encourage with sexual partners. Your host Jayden will guide you on the wonders of…

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This season of Naked U is called "Breast Play" and it includes lessons on "Breast Play Secrets", "The Breast Vagina Fusion Formula", "Toys for Tits" and more.

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You'll LOVE this book because it offers the most in-depth look at your lover's deepest sexual desires... so you can help her satisfy them!

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This season includes lessons on "Art of Coming Together", "Flesh on Flesh", "Dripping Secrets" and much more. Watch professionals teach you about sex the right way.