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This program is designed to teach how to last 60 minutes or more in bed. The course is taught by male porn stars including Peter North, Ron Jeremy, and Marcus…

  • 2 Week Trial of Stamina Masters Club

  • Full 8 Week Stamina Masters Club

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Five of RSDs main instructors explain the main breakthroughs and principles that each of them attributes to their "transformation" and achievement of 'dating mastery'.

Includes several Vin DiCarlo products at a discount: Pandora's Box Complete System, Same Day Lays and The Attraction Code (+Bonuses).

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This system by Jason Capital teaches men how to install the gift of natural and effortless charm without using pickup lines, hypno-seduction, and manipulative words.

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  • 6_week_8___jackets
  • 7_week_9___outfits
  • 8_week_10___suits

The Kinowear Video Coaching Program is a 3-month, comprehensive course that helps you learn how to dress top notch and develop a high status style.

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"How To Give Your Wife Or Girlfriend A NEW Kind Of Orgasm That Involves No Touching At All!"

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Orgasmic Addiction program starts with seduction training from a female perspective. Guys learn the ins and outs of sparking female arousal.

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How To Create A Sculpted, Lean Body Using Fun, Sexy Exercises You Can Do Right IN BED With Your Woman! Now You Can Have The Body Of A Movie Star…