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This program is designed to teach how to last 60 minutes or more in bed. The course is taught by male porn stars including Peter North, Ron Jeremy, and Marcus…

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5 naughty ways to add fun to your lovemaking. There's nothing like some spicy fun, fantasy, and fetishes to keep the spark in your sex life.

This part of the program is the culmination of Alex Allman's most intense and serious research, work, and philosophies on the subject of Sexual Mastery.

How To Win The Dating Game: A step-by-step plan for ten dates which guarantee you The Perfect Woman, The Perfect Relationship and The Perfect Sex Life for you.

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In this set of videos, 2GTS aims to teach you how to correctly touch women and putting the taught techniques into practice to satisfy your partner.

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Conversation Crack is about having REAL conversations. Not superficial ones, but personal. You'll open your mouth for 3-5 seconds and they're hooked.

The truth about female ejaculation, how it happens, and why hardly anyone knows how to do it. YOU will know, because I'll show you exactly what to do!

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Learn to experience the Excitement of “Woman on Top” sex, and make it more pleasurable than you’ve ever felt before!

The Four Elements of the Sex God Method – The four secret sexual needs of women that you must satisfy in order to give her orgasm.