What is cheapselfhelp Store?

cheapselfhelp Store is the premier place for finding self-help programs at affordable prices and starting the lessons right after payment. By having digital access to the programs, you avoid waiting to receive them at your door and compromising your privacy. Discreetness is our middle name.

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How are purchases delivered?

All your purchases are delivered electronically, by download from a high-speed secure server. The download links are personal and tied to your account, so even if you accidentally delete files from your computer/tablet/phone you can always download them again.

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How do I buy products?

  1. Make an account (also can be done on the checkout page).
  2. Add all desired products to cart.
  3. Pay through PayPal.
  4. The products will be bound to your account.

On the “My Account” page, you’ll be able to see all your orders, purchase history and download links. Also, after a purchase you’ll receive an email with your personal download links.

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How do I pay?

Payment is securely processed by PayPal on its website, so you can rest assured that you’re protected. No payment is being processed on our side.

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What does monthly membership included in the products mean? Assuming I buy the product or an entire bundle, would I be billed on a monthly basis?

All the monthly memberships included in the products represent the complete material that was being sold at that time. You will NOT be billed monthly. You are paying one time for the whole bundle of courses/videos/lessons that was initially offered on a month-to-month or week-to-week basis.

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Are all the programs offered really authentic and full versions, or are they some kind of demos?

All programs represent the full versions. Some of them might not contain all Bonuses that were offered initially, because Bonuses offered changed from time to time and were not permanent. You can check in the description of each product the list of exactly what it contains and what Bonuses are included.

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In case I don’t receive the product or a download link, or I receive invalid one – what do I do?

You will always receive the download links after your payment is confirmed by PayPal, because they are included in your purchase receipt. Apart from that, the download links can always be found on your account page. If you have any issue with downloading or anything else, don’t hesitate to send us a message through the “Support” menu and we’ll solve it as soon as possible.

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How can I ask for a refund if something goes wrong?

We don’t usually offer refunds after a product is downloaded, because you technically “consumed” the product. But our system keeps all the logs, so we can always check if the product is downloaded, and in case you decide you don’t want it without downloading it, we can refund you. We can’t refund you if you didn’t like the product or if it didn’t really help you. We can’t vouch that all the products on our store can help you or will help you, since, after all, they are “self-help” products. Most of their effectiveness depends on yourself and how you apply it. Also, please keep in mind that different authors and coaches teach different methods and styles that helped them personally and a lot of other people, but it can’t be guaranteed that their products can help everybody. We can’t guarantee your satisfaction with a technique/method, but we can guarantee low prices and the chance to always be able to try a new product and not burn your wallet.

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Will there be added new sellers and products?

New authors and products are added from time to time, depending on the deals we are able to make, or popularity of the products.

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Is there a possibility for buyers to suggest you put some new products on the Store?

There is such a possibility and it is even encouraged. You can use the “Support” menu (available for customers) to request any product you want to be brought to our Store. In case we succeed, you will also receive a discount off our price for that product, as being the one to suggest it.

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What about my privacy?

We guarantee full anonymity on our end. The only data you share with us is your name and email, for the creation of your account and the delivery of your purchase receipts. If you’re interested in payment anonymity as well, please contact us before purchase.

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