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Jason Capital – The Carefree Installation System

What’s Included:
1) The Carefree Installation System Main Course Audio
2) Bonus: Kennyata Joseph – Picking Up American Girls
3) Bonus: Eric LIFE PUA – Becoming Casanova: The Essential Skills to Seduce Women
4) Bonus: Eric LIFE PUA – Becoming Casanova: The Core Fundamentals of Seduction
5) Bonus: Greg Adenauer – Become An Alpha Male – In 21 Steps: Develop Compelling Charisma and Confidence, Appealing Charm, Archive Great Success and Become a Leader
6) Bonus: Patrick King – The Modern Alpha Male: Authentic Principles to Become the Man You Were Born to Be: Attract Women, Win Friends, Increase Confidence, Gain Charisma, Master Leadership, and Dominate Life
Retail Price: $97
Course Description

The First Time Publicly Revealed… Most Important Question I Ever Learned
If You Want a Life of Amazing Adventure, Wild Girls Chasing You and Crushing Business Success — All at the Same Time”

WARNING: Ok man, listen up. What I’m about to reveal is not for everybody. If you’re into having a predictable, runs-like-clockwork life… if you believe success is only the result of intense focus and hard work… if you believe hot girls only want men who are rich, successful and stable… if you believe money comes only when work for it and you do what you’re told… stop reading now.
This letter is for guys who are tired living up to someone else’s standards and want to finally live life by their own rules, who want to be the most dominant version of themselves.

EARLY IN MY LIFE, I had this odd mentor.
This dude was no ordinary mentor, life coach or whatever the hell you want to call it when someone takes you under his wing and helps you for no goddamn good reason at all.
I was in awe of this guy.
Without sounding creepy, I wanted this guy’s life. Why?
Because he had it all…
The money. The women. The dominant attitude. The toys. The business success… EVERYTHING.
Truth of the matter is he was who I aspired to be. On the outside looking in, with my nose pressed against the glass, he had everything I wanted and then some.
Everything about him oozed, radiated adventure.
Working with him, collaborating with him, was fascinating. He was so connected. He got so much sh*t done, it was unbelievable.
Everything he touched seemed to turn into opportunity or money or fun or all of the above.
The most fascinating thing was…

He didn’t seem have a care in the world…
He was the polar opposite of other successful guys.
Most men cultivated an attitude that they mean business. They were all business, all the time. Everything was work, work, work.
They were singularly focused and driven.
In other words, these other guys didn’t fvck around. It seemed
like a rather lonely, boring life, even if they did have tons of
money in the bank.
But this guy?
He fvcked around. A lot.
He told me he was a big believer in “whimsy.” Spontaneity. Spur of the moment. Take things as they come. Doing things just for the fvck of it to see what happens.
I tried to emulate that every which way I could, but it just wasn’t happening. I looked and felt… LAZY.
Screwing off all day wasn’t working for me. And it definitely wasn’t putting anything in my pocket.
At the time, I didn’t know the difference that makes the difference.
From my point of view, I felt almost the opposite. That in order to get what you wanted in life, in order to succeed, there had to be pain, suffering and struggle. You had to work for it. That’s what the world brainwashes you into thinking.
So to me? This guy’s way of doing business… was mind blowing.
What he did seemed so effortless and easy.
I was jealous. I was the closest thing to being a fanboy in all my life.

Then one day in adventure-land, his key operating principle hit me like a BOLT OF LIGHTNING..…
It all became clear. (And I’m gonna share it with you now.)
Here’s where it gets good:
My mentor had just had a deal go bad on him.
It was a BIG FVCKING DEAL. He’d lost about $11 million. $11 million, real money.
Think about that for a moment. Let that settle in. 11 million bucks, cash money.
And he lost it.
Now I don’t know about you, but if I’d lost $11 million, I’d be pissed off. I’d be upset. I’d be angry.
I’d chew someone’s head off.
I’d get depressed. I’d wanna commit suicide. I’d wanna go out and get drunk.
But my mentor? Wanna know his reaction?
He was totally unfazed about it. Like it was no big deal.
In fact, here’s EXACTLY what he said. And here’s the question that changed my life and soon to be yours.
He looked me straight in the eye and said…

“Jason, do I look like I CARE?”
The honest answer was no, he looked like he couldn’t give two shits.
The man REALLY didn’t care.
And that, my bad ass friend, WAS his secret laid bare.
My mentor really didn’t care. As he put it…
“It just doesn’t matter. Do you think my life is going to change over $11 million? $100 million? $1 Billion?”
Again, the answer was no. He really didn’t care.
And from that day forward…
I started to adopt the attitude of being what I call, just like him…

I’m telling you, it’s been life changing. It’s been amazing and in a moment, I want to show you too can become carefree — and in the process, still get anything and EVERYTHING you want in life.
I can tell you from personal experience, being carefree, living a carefree lifestyle is a fvcking amazing ride.
Once I understood the key operating principle of being carefree, I felt like I had a Jurassic Park-sized tiger by the tail.
Because from my vantage point, once I understood, once I started putting the principle into action in my life and business, EVERYTHING started coming together in a way which seemed like a frickn’ miracle.
No effort on my part, whatsoever.
The only way I can emotionally describe it is if you knew what it felt like if the universe’s big bang went off in your entire body.
It rocked my world. Every cell in my body was buzzing. Ideas flying like there’s was no tomorrow.
Emotionally, I was…

A Man on FIRE!
I got it. I finally got it! I understood. (And if I have my way, you soon will too. I’m telling you, you’ve GOT to know this shit.)
And ever since that day, I’ve done more in just a few years than some guys do their entire life.

Consider This…

  • Here I am and I can do literally whatever I want. I have no job. My time is my own. Most importantly, I do what I want…
  • When it comes to women, sex, romance and occasionally love? Let’s just say I have that area of my life handled–1000X
  • When it comes to business, I’m texting, talking, networking with movers and shakers. Guys you would know. My business is growing geometrically, year over year. There’s a reason…
  • And of course, when it comes to money? I have no worries. I have everything handled. Even better, money rolls even when you’re out fvcking off. Imagine having no worries about money for the rest of your life!
  • I take more vacations, I have more adventures and truth be known, my entire life is one big, long perma-vacation.

And as Frank Sinatra sang, “I did it my way.”

It sounds weird to say this, but the single most important thing… the key to getting what you want in life… is being CAREFREE.
What I’ve slowly and deliberately discovered over time is that there is this ‘weird’ operating system to being carefree, like a computer has an operating system.
Dozens of mental programs running silently in the background of your mind and reality, all conspiring, all interacting to help get you what you need… what you want… what you ultimately deserve in life, in love, in business.

The Carefree Operating System doesn’t require hard work. It doesn’t take effort in the traditional sense of the word…
All it really takes is understanding and applying the underlying principles.
Think about it.
Imagine if you did what you want, when you want, as much as you want… no job, no bills to worry about… you didn’t need to chase after girls because “who cares? They’re always around anyway”… life is easy, no stress, no hassles…

Now who wouldn’t want that?
But even as cool as that is, it gets better. Way better.
Here’s what’s even more important and makes everything else look like chicken shit…
With the carefree operating system, it’s WHO YOU BECOME in the process that’s most important.
Something almost magically happens when you stop letting life, your girl, your job, run you. For the first time in your life, you…
Get off that goddamn hamster wheel!
I HATED the hamster wheel approach to life. Monotonous. Boring. Soul sucking stupid.
Even worse, I hated being told what to do.
BEING carefree, you stop letting others or even society dictate what you want. You stop caring what your friends and family think.
(At first, this will piss them off. Then the truth shall set them free. And it’ll set you free too, by the way.)

Here’s the real takeaway I gleaned from my mentor when you’re carefree…
Today, they can strip EVERYTHING away, the money, the girls, the adventures, the life, and IT JUST WOULDN’T MATTER.
Why? Because without a doubt, you can get it all back rather quickly, if that’s what you want.
So why should you care? Why should you worry?
With a carefree attitude, with a carefree lifestyle, it makes no sense.

Being carefree, living carefree will go down as being the single most important revelation I’ve ever shared with Team Capital…
I finally cracked the carefree code.
With my mentor as my role model, I reversed engineer the carefree operating system, and now I want to share my discoveries with you for the first time publicly.
Prepare to be blown away. Because I’ve created a kickass new program titled…

The Carefree Installation System..
How not to give a fvck — and still get EVERYTHING you want in life!

  • Shatter the mold society dictates for you! Live a LIFE by your design, not others…
  • Enjoy life to the max! Do what you want, when you want, as much as you want…
  • Yes, you CAN have it all! Money, Girls, Toys, Adventure — from now on, it’s totally up to you!

The Carefree Installation System is the first program ever designed to forever shed yourself of…

  • Trying to live up to other people’s expectations
  • Pretending in any way, shape or form in order to please someone else
  • Feeling pathetic because you’re not as good as someone else at something
  • Feeling depressed because somebody doesn’t like you or love you or care about you
  • Feeling anxious when you approach a girl-EVER AGAIN! (How freeing would THAT be???)
  • Competing for anything in life… job, money, whatever… unless YOU want to, on your terms, by your rules
  • Complying with society’s norms, values and even morals
  • Imagine not even caring about what you get or achieve in life, and just doing what you want, the way that you want… the way that pleases YOU. (And if it pleases others, well all the better!)

Yeah, you’re gonna be able to do all that and more.
And shedding all that BS is going to free you up to do something amazing…what is it?

>We’re going to unleash you — give you the balls to just be who you are. Who you were meant to be.
Whether other people around you, whether the world, likes it or not.
And that means not caring what other people think. Because when it all comes down to it, their opinions matter little.
Let’s just be straight about something.
The problem? Buddy, you’re too self-aware. You care too much what other people think.
And honestly? It’s getting in the way of you being a badass. Of you being a stud. Of you being a success.
And even you being… yourself. Ask me how I know.
Yeah, the same thing happened to me. Especially around hot girls.
You’re either inhibited because you may face their rejection. Or you overcompensate, making yourself look foolish. Or you trying to cover up all these uncomfortable feelings by getting high or getting drunk. Which make you look even more foolish.

In other words, you can’t seem to get out of your own way.
If you were like me, it gets worse. You’re hyper-critical of yourself. Maybe to such an extent, you give up even before you get started.

As a result?

  • You don’t approach that hot girl at the club
  • You throttle your self-initiative because you think you’ll fail
  • You don’t speak your mind because you’re afraid of what other people will think
  • When you do take action, you’re so self-critical of your results it stops you from making progress and improving

Well, That Shit Comes To A Stop Right Fvcking Now!
With The Carefree Installation System, all that self-defeating, self-paralyzing bullshit behavior stops.
Others opinions be damned.
There’s something magical about not caring. There’s a freedom, a gift you give yourself which is indescribable.

  • Learning a new skill just because you
    want to
  • Approaching a girl just because you find her cute or pretty or beautiful — and not caring about whether or not you connect
  • Speaking your mind
  • Being totally spontaneous, living a life of adventure

In this state, you’re doing things just because you feel like it, because doing it makes you feel incredible.
Like it’s you, your opinions, your life that matters.
So how do we get you there?

“What’s inside the Carefree Installation System?”
With the Carefree Installation System, my goal is for you to lose yourself and build a sense of being self-unaware.
Because usually being self-aware only gets in the way of your personal happiness.
It’s when we’re totally in the moment, lost in the flow, is when we’re truly free.
As in carefree.
We don’t care about how we look or act. We don’t care how we come across. We don’t care what other people think. We don’t even care about the outcome or whether we reach our goal.
Because when we lose ourselves, that’s when we do our best work.
That’s when we’re the happiest.
I’m telling you, being living carefree doesn’t get any better than this.

But this 30-Day, 30-module multi-media course goes WAY BEYOND even that.
Sure, we talk about the mindset, psychology and strategy stuff. But we also talk about installation, implementation and application.


  • How to effectively detach from stressful situations without blowing a gasket (and walk away with a smile on your face)
  • How to live 99.9% of your life without firm appointments, commitments or deadlines. Even if you have a job.
  • How to live in the moment from this day forward
  • How to structure your week focusing on only what you love to do and who you love to do it with
  • What to tell people who want some sort of commitment from you
  • One word that relieves any negative emotion (including anxiety with women)
  • How to surround yourself with people just as carefree as you are
  • How Richard Branson blows off stress
  • How to have “down time” 24/7.
  • How Gates, Buffet, Cuban and Branson get so much shit done while living carefree lifestyles
  • Why and how carefree guys live in “day-tight compartments”
  • My favorite apps for living a carefree life
  • How to de-stress your life and still achieve your goals
  • 5 things carefree guys know that you don’t
  • How to be spontaneous in a structured world
  • 3 keys to bending people to your will (and at the same time refuse to bend to theirs)
  • The secret to being carefree around ultra-hot women
  • How never to have to wait in line for anything
  • The 11 Core Competencies of the Carefree
  • Why daily journaling is one of the keys to being care free (and how I do it myself)
  • Understand the circle of comfort, control and influence
  • How urgency crushes a carefree life
  • Do you beat yourself up for even the smallest shit? Here’s how to stop right now (it’s easy)
  • If you’ve ever blown off sex or couldn’t get it up because you were stressed, here’s the simple solution (no alcohol or drugs required)
  • How to get people to do shit for you that you don’t like to do (and you don’t even have to pay them)
  • Why Zen Bhuddists are the most carefree people in the world and why going zen could transform your life
  • How to take big risks and still be carefree as a kid
  • How to keep your carefree attitude from devolving into a “I could give a shit” life
  • Being carefree is a muscle–here’s how to exercise it for maximum impact

Right now, I want you to remember the first time you learned to ride a bike.
Remember the wind in your face?… Your heart beating out of your chest?… Your mind racing a million miles a minutes?…
It was pretty exhilarating, wasn’t it? Life would NEVER be the same again.
Those are the feelings and emotions you’ll experience when you ultimately live your life carefree.
No doubt about it, being carefree is a fvcking rush.
Listen, sometimes being self-aware is a good thing. But that’s not the problem. The problem is we’re so self-aware, so self-conscious, we’re judgmental about every frickn thing we do.
We’re our own worst enemy.

It’s paralyzing, isn’t it?
Yet here’s the fascinating thing:
If it was so easy to stop being self-aware, if you could just stop it by snapping your fingers or saying some wimpy affirmations, well frankly, you would have already done it, wouldn’t you?

That’s why I created the Carefree Installation System.
Because I’ve discovered losing yourself in the moment, doing what you want without asking for permission, without second guessing yourself every step of the way, takes some instruction, training and guidance.
Just like my mentor guided me, let me guide you (and it’ll take a helluva a lot less time and effort.)

The training takes place over 30 days, each day you’ll be provide specific targeted instruction. The kind of instruction I wish I had access to when I started this journey.

Jason Capital

I'm the BEST. Get my stuff, if you want to fuck.

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