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Jason Capital – The Ice Cold System

What’s Included:
1) Component #1: Complete ICE COLD Video Training
2) Component #2: Shaking-Grounding-Freeing Exercise Demonstration
3) Ice Cold Audio
4) Ice Cold Notes
Retail Price: $197
Course Description

The Ice Cold Confidence System
1. You are ready to read this if you want TOTAL EMOTIONAL MASTERY in your life.
Look at how many guys, in today’s pussified world do not have control over their emotions (but instead are controlled by their emotions).

You wanna see how weak some men in today’s world are?
Then think about how many guys reading this just went, “OMG, he said pussified, I wonder what so and so would think about that..”.
They can’t even begin the EMOTIONAL MASTERY PROCESS without worrying about what someone else might think, or how someone else might disapprove.

And look at how much this weakness costs them:

  • It costs them hot women (because hot girls always stick to STRONG MEN, not pussies).
  • It costs them money (because no one trusts weak men with money. All successful multimillionaires are HARD, inside and out. Doesn’t mean they don’t feel but they use their emotions for their path, instead of getting used by those same emotions, like all pussy men are).
  • And it costs them JOY, because they’re always reacting to others, reacting to the world, trying to please everyone, forgetting about the most important person in the world, themselves.

So if you’re ready for TOTAL EMOTIONAL MASTERY too, then yes, you’re ready to read this now too:

==> The “Michael Jordan Exercise” For ICE-COLD CONFIDENCE..
2. You are ready to read this if you look at guys who are ICE COLD – guys like Tony Stark, Michael Jordan, even that guy you know who is better with women than any other guy you know – and you want to have that power too..
Life sucks when you’re soft.
And it’s amazing when you’re tough, when nothing affects you, when you’re ICE COLD.

3. You are ready to read this now too if you prefer 9’s and 10’s in your life (instead of 5’s and 6’s).
It’s simple: Guys who are ICE COLD can have all the hottest girls they want.
Guys who are not might get one or two really hot girls in their entire life, simply as a result of chance.
Which one do you want to live by?
If you said “all the hottest girls I could possibly want”, then yes, you’re ready to read this now too:
What a great day for all the elite on Team Capital.
I’m gonna go hit the gym, then kaizen, then protein shake, then continue leading Team Capital to the motherfvcking top.
Oh yes, the mission is real, and the mission is now.

Let’s fucking DO IT.
I’m gone.

Jason Capital

I'm the BEST. Get my stuff, if you want to fuck.

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