• cover_usher
  • 1_introduction
  • 2_gathering_inspirat_PUDBi
  • 3_dancing
  • 4_captivating_an_aud_2cQFg
  • 5_creating_a_persona_QwmZe

For the first time ever, learn how Usher approaches performance and wins over audiences from the studio to the stage.

  • cover_curry
  • 1_form_shooting_prac_CXCa9
  • 2_creating_space
  • 3_ball_screens
  • 4_off_ball_screens
  • 5_ball_handling_over_yIuRL

Join Stephen on the court in his first-ever online class as he teaches you how to improve your shooting mechanics, and leads you through ball-handling, footwork, and scoring drills.

  • cover_howard
  • 1_choosing_a_story
  • 2_developing_the_fil_Nx93v
  • 3_scene_deconstructi_LnQBe
  • 4_frost_nixon_featur_yzOUT
  • 5_editing_part_1

In lessons and on-set workshops, you’ll learn how to evaluate ideas, work with actors, block scenes, and bring your vision to the screen—whether it’s a laptop or an IMAX theater.

  • cover_scorsese
  • 1_martin_s_education
  • 2_directing_and_tech_B7KrZ
  • 3_locations
  • 4_color
  • 5_scene_discussion

In his first-ever online class, the Oscar winner teaches his approach to filmmaking, from storytelling to editing to working with actors. He deconstructs films and breaks down his craft, changing…

  • cover_jacobs
  • 1_intro
  • 2_the_creative_proce_3lEjf
  • 3_constructing_your__wzkZi
  • 4_working_with_a_tea_5vkMw
  • 5_surviving_the_fash_k3rbX

In his first online class, the 11-time CFDA Award-winning designer teaches his hands-on process for creating clothes that push boundaries and set trends.

  • cover
  • 1_introduction
  • 2_choosing_a_monolog_b5Zuh
  • 3_working_with_text
  • 4_mask_work
  • 5_raise_the_stakes
  • 6_kevin_s_journey

Kevin Spacey asks you to engage in the craft of acting in his first ever online class as he teaches you the approach that has won him two Academy Awards.

  • hans_zimmer_cover
  • 1_introduction
  • 2_tempo
  • 3_character
  • 4_case_study_frost_n_zW2yS
  • 5_life_of_a_composer

In his MasterClass, the self-taught Academy Award winner teaches how he creates sounds from nothing, composes compelling character themes, and scores a movie before ever seeing it.