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RSD Madison – Get Your Ten

What’s Included:
1) Instruction on How to Use
2) How to Identify your Dream Women (Week 1)
3) Will destroy your Limiting Beliefs (Week 1)
4) How to Audit your own Life (Week 2)
5) How to correctly Identify 10’s (Week 2)
6) Fashion and Body Language (Week 3)
7) How to Slide Into Her DMs (Week 4)
8) Self Love Mastery (Week 4)
9) Vetting Yourself before the Date (Week 4)
10) Embracing your Make Sexuality (Week 5)
11) Expressing Yourself in the Language of 10’s (Week 6)
12) Understanding Her Emotions (Week 7)
13) Dealing with Flakes (Week 8)
14) The Rhythm of the Relationship (Week 9)
15) Painting Context (Week 10)
16) Get Outside the Box Challenge + more (Week 11)
17) The Long Game (Week 12)
18) Bonus: Finding Your 10 Around the World
19) Bonus: The Harem
20) Bonus: Wifey Material (Infield Breakdown)
21) Bonus: Handling Aggressive Men (Infield Breakdown)
22) Bonus: Mother & Daughter (Infield Breakdown)
23) Bonus: Big Dick Energy (Infield Breakdown)
and much more!!!
Retail Price: $497+
Course Description

Real Social Dynamics

Real Social Dynamics (RSD) is the world's largest, international dating coaching company. RSD specializes in dating advice, image consultation, public representation, and integrating clients into social scenes.

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LOVERS' DAY SALE 28% OFF!!! Applied at checkout!