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Real Social Dynamics – Transformations

What’s Included:
1) Transformations Video
2) Transformations Audio
3) Transformations Manual
Retail Price: $247
Course Description

With Tyler, Jeffy, Ozzie, Hoobie & Tim

  • Experience The Journey From Newbie to Intermediate to “Total Natural” Broken Down In Vivid Meticulous Detail
  • Learn Step-By-Step “Plateau-Breaking” Methodologies To Cut Years From Your Learning Curve And Make Explosive Gains
  • Five Seasoned Veterans Offering You 20+ Years Combines “Reality-Expanding” Experience In The Success With Women Game

How Did Literally Scrapping The Dating Community’s Most Tried-And-Tested Principles And Re-Inventing A System Of Bona Fide “Transformation” From Scratch
Allow Me To Take My Client’s Results From Usually “Getting Attraction” To Consistently “Sealing The Deal”??
If You’ve Got The Guts To Survive A Brutally Honest Dating-Skills Reality Check Then Read On…
You’re About To Learn The Hardcore “Counter-Intuitive” And “Outside-The-Box” Transformations Secrets Of The Most Skilled, Knowledgeable,
Success-Obsessed Dating Coaches In The Biz

First up, yes this is the “real” Tyler…
Anything on this site that says “From Tyler” on it is really from yours truly. I don’t allow my name to be used for anything unless Im the guy who wrote it, so if it says it’s from me then it’s from me.
Now for those of you who know me, you know that I live a pretty interesting (if not somewhat weird…) existence.
First and foremost, the main occupation of my life is teaching guys how to be successful with women.
I’ve been doing this job since I was 22 years old, basically my entire adult life.
It’s an intense, high pressure, and also a very rewarding line of work.
Right off the bat my “success with women” skills have to be so razor-sharp that I’m consistently able to obliterate people’s realities of what it means to be “good” at picking up girls.
Did the hottest girl in the venue just walk in with every guy now stunned and gawking at her? I’m expected to be the guy who steps up to the plate.
Is she surrounded by five rowdy meat-heads who act like they’re being all “protective” when they really just have a secret crush? That doesn’t matter. I’m still expected to somehow swoop in and steal the show.
See, people don’t travel from all over the world to take my programs and hear excuses. They want to see exactly how to properly meet and attract women in real life, and they want to see it done very, very well.
Does this sound like pressure??
Well believe it or not, that’s actually the easy part of the job.
I always feel totally confident doing the on-the-spot demonstrations because I rely on the most field-reality-based, results-producing principles for attracting women in existence – and I’ve got them totally down pat.
It’s a no-brainer.
The real brain-frying aspect in what I do is a heck of a lot more challenging…

The Art & Science Of “Transformations” Of Taking Your Skills With Women From “0” To “100” At The Fastest Rate Humanly Possible
See, its one thing to be good at “getting girls”… I’ve had that down for years.
What’s kept me on the edge of my seat with this whole “success with women” gig for so long has actually been the *teaching* aspect of it…
…the art and science of transferring the hard-earned skills I’ve honed over the years to the people who learn from me (who always want to absorb Jedi-like skills at the fastest rate humanly possible) – “transforming” you and bringing you up to my level, kicking and screaming if need be.
What I’m talking about here has been a fixation of mine for a very long time.
I’ve continued to work constantly at “cracking the code” to be the absolute best at teaching you these “reality altering” skills – cutting years off of your learning curve and pounding these skills into your thick skull at rocket-like speed.
In my total obsession, I’ve been lucky to surround myself with what you’d basically call a “master-mind group” of the most awesomely talented all-stars at picking up girls that I’ve met in all my years doing this.
These guys are like my “go-to” golden resource for banging around ideas and getting brutally honest feedback and regularly tuning-up my own skill-set to the “next-level”.
If you’ve ever seen the movie “The Fast and The Furious” you can get a pretty good idea of what the whole vibe of the team is like.
As a crew, we have a freakishly similar hyper-focus to the characters in the movie… Except instead of being obsessed with driving and fixing up super-fast race cars, our lifestyle is about honing world-class skills with women and “getting under the hood” like master-mechanics and bringing other people up to our level as well.

Why is it that we’re so obsessed?
Simple. It’s our job. And it’s just good business to produce life-changing results.
Now in the past few years the way we’ve been teaching success with women has been evolving like crazy…
A lot of people have even been calling this the “New RSD…”
We’ve been pushing the envelope and been very experimental in the way we teach… Even scrapping a lot of the principles most of the dating industry holds as being their most unquestionable truths and coming up with a much, much more powerful way of teaching you this stuff.
How has this been working out?? The results have been mind-bending.
The guys on program aren’t just “getting attraction…” with women these days. Many of them have been “sealing the deal…” oftentimes during the live programs (which yes, has made for some awkward situations…)..
It’s been crazy. You can check out our ever-growing list of rabid testimonials to get a better idea.
Anyway, up until now the extensively-researched secrets we’ve been using to produce these life-changing results have been kept 100% hush-hush.
That’s just for the obvious fact that we didn’t want every other fly-by-night dating company to start teaching the exact same thing.
Just recently though, we’ve decided as a group that it’s best to focus on what you want and not on what you don’t want – and that it’s really in everyone’s best interests to make this whole new approach to “success with women” available for the people who are dying to get their hands on it.
That being the case, for the first time in over a year we’ve decided to release a brand new program.
What I’m talking about here is going to be so high-impact that I personally guarantee it will rock the dating community to its very core.
It’s 100% all new, kick-ass content…
And you’ve absolutely never, ever seen anything like it before because WE developed it.
It’s called “Transformations“.

This Is Your Journey Your Own Personal Odyssey Of Mastery With Women And Mastery Over The Self
The first thing you have to “get” about what’s being offered in “Transformations” is this…
Reaching a level where you’ve got insane, over-the-top massive “Success With Women” (as in the type of choice and options with women where it’s ever something you have to remotely think about ever again) isn’t just about learning “techniques” or even “confidence” and “inner game”.
Success with women is really about the “Journey”.
See, when you learn about techniques and confidence and all of those very “key” concepts, there’s still the “most important issue of them all” which is called CONGRUENCE.
What “congruence” means is that you’re talking to a girl, she’s judging you on a million little micro-levels to see if everything about you “lines up”.
That means that she’s looking unconsciously (but extremely carefully) at the things you choose to say, the ways you say them, your body language, your eye contact, and even the subtle tonalities in your voice to make sure that it all “comes together” to make what you could think about as being like the perfect “assembled puzzle”.
If you’re 100% “congruent” then the vast majority of women will feel attracted and stay attracted to you, both for the duration of the night and usually over the course of your entire relationship.
On the other hand if you’re not “congruent” then women might feel attracted to you temporarily…
But after they’ve giggled or flirted with you for a bit they instinctively have to “go back to their friends”, and even if you wind up hooking-up they’ll still usually lose attraction for you over the course of your relationship.
(Obviously this never goes away entirely because some girls are just weird and you might be involved with the wrong person… But when you become “congruent” the instantaneous improvement in your results is like *night and day*)
The issue here of course, is that to really *be* – as in not just “act like” but authentically “be” – totally 100% “congruent” you’ve got to experience a bona fide “transformation”.
Like, it should be pretty obvious that no matter how good you get with “pick up techniques” and understanding “inner game” that there’s still going to be at least a 1% incongruence about you (if not a *lot* more) and that’s obviously going to be slaughtering your opportunities with a ton of women.
That being the case, there is definitely one thing that you need to know for sure…
Your #1 top urgent priority to learning these skills with women is that you need to legitimately “transform” and become fully “congruent” to the hyper-cool, badass mofo that you obvious know you’re capable of being.
The only question is how do you get it done??

The Realest, Rawest, Most Extensively Researched Set Of Dating Wisdom On the Market… Point Blank Period
Whenever I teach a live program I’m always using a methodology that I’ve taken several years to develop…
Basically I’m looking to “push you through” the types of experiences you need to undergo to “transform” yourself at rapid speed.
(This is also why you read about so many guys having reality-shattering meltdowns on our programs…)
Here’s the kicker though…
Even if when I get your results with women up through the roof (which I always do), you’ve still got to go back home afterwards and start *living* the new lifestyle that we’ve worked together to create for you.
The issue is that with “transformation” there are about a million upcoming invisible barriers and growing pains that you can never see coming.
Like, you might find that you’re massively successful in meeting the girl at the nightclub or the mall, but then when you call her on the phone later you don’t feel like you’re being that same cool guy.
Or you might meet a girl on one side of the restaurant and then feel this freaky need to get out of there on a “high note” and stick to the other side, just because you feel like if she sees how you “really are” you might screw it up.
The fact of the matter is that you should never feel like you’re being “one guy” when you meet the girl and then another “less cool guy” when you see her later (or in your regular life).
Of course, the root cause of all this is that you lack “congruence”.
If you think about it, you shouldn’t even have to really *think* or *strategize* or consciously have to be *doing* something just to attract the girl…
You should be meeting women *constantly*… Women should be perking up and taking interest whenever they’re in your presence.
It should just be a fully natural, inseparable part of who you are…
Well, a few years ago I envisioned a program that would take you by the hand and guide you through these specific issues and many more…
I was talking to my team about how even when you learn this whole “skill-set” inside and out, you’re still lacking that detailed roadmap of set of step-by-step instructions for the journey to authentic, total transformation.
In the case of us guys at Real Social Dynamics, we’re lucky to have a super-resource.
RSD is what author Napolean Hill would call a “Mastermind Group” – which basically means I have a crack team of dating geniuses who help me to *decode* all of my experiences and blast through “plateaus” and “sticking points” and keep moving forward at a neck-breaking speed.
That’s why I’ve progressed in this whole “game” so quickly.
In the case of rest of the planet, however, there is zero access to this super-important resource which basically means that you’re stuck out on your own.
“Transformations” is the program that’s been designed for the last several years to bridge this gap for you…
It’s the brand new kick-ass “total immersion” that gives you full access into our little master-mind group and allow you to soak up the crucial hyper-advanced subtleties like a sponge.
Because we’ve done this for suuuuch a long time, we know the *exact* path that you need to walk to reach your ultimate destination.
We’ve laid out the path to your total transformation anticipated all the important issues… *Your* most frustratingly “make you or break you” issues, and everything that you need to know to make this “transformation” happen in record time.
There’s also all the latest cutting-edge (ie: invented this year and not a rehash of old ideas) Real Social Dynamics techniques, inner-game principles, and self-actualization that we use to get the big-shot results.
This is the stuff that will*pummel* you towards a *massive surge* in your results with women… whether you like it or not.

This Is A Program That Goes Deeper, Deeper Into The Most Subtle Details… Deeper Into The Most Hyper-Advanced, In-Depth Aspects Of This Game
Alright now I need you to pay very close attention here…
Any time you’re thinking to become a big-shot success with women (and in life), one of the most “key” factors that you want to be considering are what I like to call the “Advanced Subtleties”.
It’s these “Advanced Subtleties” that even when being directly explained are still usually very, very difficult to understand – just because there’s so many hard-to-grasp “energies” and “vibes” and “chemistries” going on beneath the surface.
They’re essentially what make the difference between being “good” and being “great”.
Over the years I’ve always wracked my brain to get these key-distinctions across to you so that the elusive “lightbulb” can light up in your head…
Funny enough though, it was only when I produced “Transformations” that I finally had the key epiphany of *my own*.
By getting my entire crew up on stage with me at the same time you can blatantly see all the commonalities we possess as world-class dating coaches that get us the notorious continual level of success.
You see it, and it’s just so screamingly obvious and in-your-face.
It’s been very cool to see the results, because for a long time this elite level understanding has usually been reserved only for that 1% of “advanced” and “talented” guys.
There’s since been a huge flood of audience feedback, like “I finally *get it* after all these years… I finally have a crystal clear understanding of the path I have to walk to get the lifestyle I really want…”
That’s because there’s just so much that we’re able to cover as a team, including the most hyper-advanced secrets and methodologies – funneled into your mind from multiple-angles and points of view.
Everyone in my crew has their own style…
Their own angles, their own teaching methods, and their own ways of doing things…
We’re all centered around the same devastating arsenal of Real Social Dynamics core principles, but we all have our own personal “Advanced Subtleties” that come across very blatantly (even to a total idiot) when you’re learning from us together as a team.
The big payoff here of course, is that by experiencing this total brain inundation it’s the seed of a bona fide “Transformation” and you create a style that’s all your own.
You become fully “congruent” and get this area of your life fully locked down.

Literally Nobody Online Has Figured This Stuff Out Yet Which Means That You Are About To Enjoy A Very Unfair Advantage
Anyway, at this point you’re probably realizing that Real Social Dynamics has a very specific clear-cut “ideal”.
A top notch so-called “Pick Up Artist” is not a guy who has memorized a stack of tricks and techniques, or a guy who has painted over the core of his personality with a thin veneer of “game”.
Fundamentally, that’s like using a magic-marker to paint on a pack of six-pack-abs onto a big flabby belly.
It’s just ridiculous, and it doesn’t produce any real long-term change…
To me, the true-blue superstars that you want to learn from are the guys who have achieved “deep identity level change”.
As in, the types of guys who’ve reached a level where “Success With Women” is just a natural, inseparable part of who they are.
That means that they’re “closers” who get an unusually outstanding level of results.
There’s no “thinking” involved anymore. It’s fully “internalized”.
Now of course, the “big problem” in the community for all these years has been that the way you were taught dating was divided into two distinct camps.
On one end you had the “technique guys” who would just pummel you with sequences of openers and lines and tell you that once you got the “delivery” and “timing” down that you’d finally get the results you were looking for.
This rarely works because you’re just becoming a more potent, robotic version of your women-repellent self – creating even further layers of distance between yourself and the girls that you’re trying to connect with.
On the other end you had the “inner game” guys who tell you that if you just get the perfect level of “confidence” that you’ll meet women naturally in your every day life, or maybe through some kind of cosmic plan of the universe (I’m dead serious… Many guys believe this with their entire souls).
This one actually has some cool aspects because it *can* improve the way that you interact with the world (just like studying Anthony Robbins and other self-help gurus).
At the end of the day though you’re usually still left either without a girlfriend, or at least without any real ability to see the girl you want, walk over and make it happen whenever you feel like it.
Anyway, “Transformations” is about *defying* all of those stereotypes…
To hit the next level, “technique” is still relevant in that can be used to 1) Hook attention, and 2) Handle the logistics of meeting the woman you want, like smoothing things out with her interrupting friends or just handling the interaction with a James-Bond-like finesse.
In other words, technique is still great to get yourself from “Point A to Point B”…
We teach you this stuff in our kick-ass “Foundations” course, and we teach you even more of it in “Transformations”. It’s absolutely solid.
(As Jeffy says, “The proof is always in the pudding” and the acid-test of whether or not this stuff really works is whether or not it gets you the *results*…)
The difference however is that for technique is not the core “ATTRACTANT” that’s doing the work to make the woman feel attracted to you.
You spark “attraction” because of WHO-YOU-ARE, and women can feel it on a deep level because whether you like it or not “the self is always coming through” and you’re “broadcasting” it to everyone around you.
Now you know what’s probably the coolest thing about all this??
Once you’ve got the whole “inner self” issue down pat, you become totally “congruent” and you find that women are desperate to be around you basically non-stop.
The whole “closing the deal” issue just totally vanishes, because women can feel that you’re the “genuine article” and the “real deal”.
Beyond that, there are also all these totally new ways of doing things that suddenly open up to you (like just walking up to a girl and saying whatever pops into your head … and having it consistently *work* ) which could never be possible doing it in any other way.
All of this has lead to a totally enhanced, stream-lined, easier and more effective way for you to learn success with women.
It’s 10X more potent than anything you’ve ever seen, and it’s going to open up a world to you that most people will never even know exists.

12 videos Jam Packed – Literally Bursting At The Seams
With 100% All New Dating Wisdom From The Most Seasoned Veterans In The Biz
OK so here’s where I break it down for you…
“Transformations” is a 12 disc program, just loaded to the gills with mind-altering content that will jump out of your TV screen and sound-system, grab you by the lapels, and drag you into experience kicking and screaming.
It’s taught to you by the Real Social Dynamics crew – Tim, Ozzie, Jeffy, Hoobie, and myself.
That’s both individually and up on stage together as a powerhouse team.
Now let’s dig in more deeply and get a better idea of what to expect…

Videos 1&2… TIM
Who The Heck Is “Tim”…??
I first met Tim in Sydney back in the Winter of 2004…
Back then he was like this high-energy Australian kid – very positive and high self-esteem, but also young and awkward and all over the place.
Regardless, Tim was one of the most positive and high self-esteem dudes that I’d ever met and we started hanging out.
Over the next several months I personally witnessed the guy apply himself and go from zero to a hundred at a rate that nobody in Real Social Dynamics had ever seen.
It was literally insane…
One minute he was the dorky “Tim” that you see above in the first picture, and the next he was like this charismatic, nightclub-dominating powerhouse who I could barely keep up with.
The whole thing came to a head when he got back from an extended tour of North America, and during that time he’d basically become a total “natural”.
He dropped by to hang out in my home town in Canada (where I was finishing up my college degree at the time) and he’d be talking to the girls without using a shred of “canned lines” or anything… just walking up and saying “Hi, I’m Tim…” and the girls would be fawning all over him.
Honestly, it was a new level of “game” that I’d never seen…
At one point I remember he had such hardcore rock-star status at the venue we were in that I interrupted him with a girl he’d been talking to all of maybe 15 seconds and said “Hey look… We both know you’re going to try to make-out with him so why don’t you just save yourselves both the time and do it right now…”
The girls all started shrieking and yelling “Do it!! Do it!!” and at that point basically every hot girl in the place was fighting for his attention.
I’m thinking to myself “You’ve got to be kidding me…”
I mean, this guy is basically the “ideal” in terms of what you’d think about as being a “success with women” (and ultimately a success in self-mastery as well). It’s totally integrated into his personality and an inseparable part of who he is.
This is really the exact type of guy that you want to be watching and learning from, because everything Tim does is 100% “natural” and “self-forgetting” (as I like to call it) and there’s not a shred of incongruence to be found.
Very lucky for me I was able to convince him to come and instruct with Real Social Dynamics, and he’s gone on to become my “go-to” guy for dealing with newspaper and press reporters because his skills with women (and teaching it) are so dangerously sharp that I can count on him to blow them away every time.
In fact, there was even a reporter for FHM who after working with Tim called me up and openly admitted that his editors had sent him in to do a trash-up story on the subject of dating coaches, and that he was so blown away with what he’d witnessed that he couldn’t submit the article – and had to cancel the entire thing.
Anyway, even better is that Tim is absolutely phenomenal at “breaking down” what he does in vivid, enlightening detail…
Tim is hyper-effective at teaching you how to get the insane type of results that he gets (primarily because he’s taught so many live programs) – and in “Transformations” he leads you step-by-step through the extensive process he underwent in order to transform from the guy that you see in the first picture into the guy who you see in the last.
This is the type of “deep insight” that can cut years off of your learning-curve, and give you a roadmap to getting the exact type of success with women that you want to replicate (ie.: where it’s just become “internalized” and a natural part of “who-you-are”).
Ultimately I can’t do justice to how much the life-altering dating wisdom that Tim brings to the table in “Transformations” totally kick ass in this short page, but there’s been a lot of curiosity about what to expect so I wanted to put some of it out there to give you guys a better idea…

A few notes on what Tim is bringing you…

  • Tim’s personal KILLER GAME PLAN that will give you a quick and easy ROAD MAP to hours of instantaneous conversational material and the STRUCTURE of how to take things to new levels in any venue with the women who you want the most.
  • Discover the power and LIFESTYLE of ‘The Claw’ that instantly tells EVERY woman in the room that you are a STRONG man that knows how to LEAD and can give potentially extremely powerful emotions that women DESIRE and LOVE.
  • Spontaneous LIVE demonstrations with audience members for conversing in SPECIFIC tonalities (that women are attracted to no end and detect like RADARS) and simple dancing techniques that convey ‘cool’ no matter what music is playing.
  • Tim’s own detailed analysis of core beliefs of “the natural” mind frame, which ALONE can elevate YOUR INNATE NATURAL ABILITY to attract and keep beautiful women to the point of it’s just, “Who I AM” and where things “Just happen”.
  • The #1 rule to completely eliminate “Approach Anxiety” and effortlessly approach a woman you want to meet in ANY situation (in many regards, this rule may be the most important concept to deal with ANYTHING in life…)
  • A DOMINANT and EMOTIONALLY RELEVANT way of communicating using body language, voice tone, and emotional spiking patterns that triggers instant physical and emotional responses in a women (Women will GLOW when you show them you know how to do this!)
  • A secret way to “flipping the script” and have women chasing you from the EXACT moment you decide that she is the girl worth pursuing
  • A way to flip powerful emotional switches that make it impossible for a woman to get you out of her mind (YES!… when you trigger these emotions, she’ll THINK about you ALL the time)
  • How to EXPRESS your dominance and OWN any interaction (Alleviating those conversations that you feel may be slipping away…)
  • Secrets to gaining social proof that will make you “the man” at the club and TRIPLE your opportunities to meet women
  • How to integrate the styles and techniques of the best in a way that’s completely congruent to your personality
  • How to talk about yourself in a way that makes women find you intriguing and builds their curiosity… even if you consider yourself an “ordinary” guy
  • Real-life insights and step by step plan to quickly transform yourself from CHUMP who can’t talk to woman without getting nervous to a self-confident CHAMPION who is 100% comfortable in his own skin.
  • Powerful mental exercises routinely taught on bootcamp that cultivates the ULTIMATE positive vibe within you that will cause women to be wildly intrigued (and frequently aroused) by your presence ALONE
  • A detailed, step-by-step method to make a HEART-POUNDING impression with a woman in the first 2 minutes (The type of impression that she’ll be telling her girl friends about for weeks…if not longer)
  • How to create mini-bonds and unbreakable emotional connections with women within the first 5 minutes that will make her want to keep talking to you ALL NIGHT.
  • How to draw out a woman’s bubbly “sweet spot” with an unusual and masterful conversation technique… (and gain MASSIVE comfort with her as if you’ve been dating for years)
  • How to escalate to physical levels twice as fast by pushing her away!
  • A way to eliminate the deadly “mind virus” of comparing yourself to others and start living for YOU.
  • REAL audience demonstrations of how to leave messages, talk on the phone, and set up dates so a woman be so intrigued that she will call YOU (When you know this secret it will relieve you of years of frustration of women not returning your calls)
  • Reprogram your subconscious so you feel you DESERVE to be with attractive women (HINT: the price of years of therapy wouldn’t tell you as much about yourself than this important technique.)
  • A step-by-step “in the field” exercise to cure approach anxiety FAST… so you’ll never again hesitate when you see a woman you want to meet
  • Dynamic ways to use YOUR words and body to trigger “autopilot” responses in a woman that biologically FORCE her to feel attraction for you.
  • A difference in the way guys who are the best with women see THEMSELVES that women intuitively recognize fast (this contrast alone will give you the proper perspective you need to make it a permanent part of your identity)

Videos 3&4… OZZIE
Ozzie… Possibly The Best Last Minute Decision I Ever Made
Back in 2005 my buddy Vince calls me up and says “Hey man, there’s this hot-shot new guy on the scene who goes by the name of ‘Ox’… He’s a phenomenon with women and all the other dating coach companies are trying to get him on board… He’s a really close buddy of mine and I want you to meet with him as soon as you can…”
I was personally swimming in work at the time and really saw no way of getting over to Barcelona, where this guy was apparently from.
Still, if my buddy so urgently insisted I get over there I figured it must be for a pretty good reason… so I jumped an overnight flight over to London to meet with a prospective European publishing house we were talking to, and then link up with this ‘Ox’ fellow (whose real name was ‘Ozzie’) and hit another flight over to Spain.
We met with Ozzie at a cheesy nightclub in London called “Tiger Tiger” (blech!!) and I watched him do his thing. The girls were just crawling on him and the guy had a higher level of energy than I’d ever seen. I also took into account that he was under the pressure of my watchful eye and it didn’t seem to faze him at all whatsoever.
I was really impressed…
What impressed me even more though was that I had Ozzie show me around Barcelona (including the The Sagrada Família church – the most amazing piece of architecture I’ve ever seen) and during that time I found him to be one of the most genuine, authentic guys I’d ever met.
Ozzie was 37 years old at the time (he’s 39 now) and he had the energy and enthusiasm of a little kid. To this day, he’s still known as being the highest energy dude in Real Social Dynamics, and if you’ve attended one of Ozzie’s live Bootcamps in London you’re probably laughing your ass off right now because you know exactly what I’m talking about.
The guy just doesn’t quit…
Anyway, Papa and I arranged to have him join us in Sydney Australia to get to know him better, and over the next three weeks we surfed and partied and messed around with all the gorgeous local Australian girls and just did the regular RSD thing.
The craziest part of the trip for me was just watching Ozzie “transform” from his previous “pick up lines” based method to the more natural style we teach you with RSD. The first night we worked together he made the switch-over *instantly* and he went nuts about how he felt like a “cloud had been lifted” off of him and how he now finally had found his niche.
Well, the guy was not kidding…
Over the next few weeks he hooked up with more and more girls, and since then Ozzie has been the guy who whenever we hang out seems to be hooking up more than anyone in the whole crew. The guy is all about “closing the deal”… always joking around like “Close… Cloooooooose… How is this complicated?? Clooooooooose…”
Ozzie is Latin, so he intuitively understands how to “get in the zone” with virtual 100% consistency… and in transforming into a natural he became unstoppable because he was now leveraging his natural talents and riding the wave of “being in state” from open all the way to the close like nobody you’ve ever seen.
As a very cool side note, another fantastic outcome of all this (and it’s really Jeffy who can tell you more about it than me) is that Jeffy went over to Barcelona for two months to run Ozzie through the brutal training grind of becoming a RSD Executive Coach… and during that time the two of them also experienced major fitness and personal growth transformations that they’ve both since been able to maintain.
Jeffy went from being the “fat drunk with ridiculously tight game” that he was known as at the time, to the highly-disciplined and Men’s Health type ripped dude that he is today… and it was Ozzie who was key in coaching him through it, always slapping beers out of his hands and yelling at him to stay on track.
Since all this Ozzie has been the man…
He’s our ACE in Europe, and the guy has London fully locked down. I count the guy to blow away anyone who dares (I’m not kidding…) to take his program to the utmost extreme.
It’s funny because Ozzie is a major underground super-star in the Spanish/Latin “Success With Women” dating communities, and that’s because he’s got a way of attracting women that us English guys have never really seen or understood until now.
He brings a totally new style that you *need* to be learning from… a brand new “piece of the puzzle” to your skills with women that you’d have a very hard time getting anywhere else.
There’s just something about the dude’s personality… Maybe it’s the delusional confidence that you feel being transmitted to you via “osmosis” when you’re around him, I don’t know.
The best way I can put it to you is like this…
When you hear Ozzie talk you can just feel your limiting beliefs being popped like the mentally retarded little bubbles that they really are, one by one.
Ozzie is a master at getting you into a mindset of “bringing the party” and “closing the deal”.
He’s the type of guy who when he opens his mouth, you listen… and when he teaches you something, it’s internalized at rapid speed because he’s in his prime and doesn’t have the patience to be wasting time or screwing around.
If you want to learn to be good with women, this is definitely a guy that you *have* to learn from.
His contribution in “Transformations” was described to me by the people who attended as “Mind-Altering” and “Totally Outside-The-Box Of Anything I’ve Ever Seen…”
These are the type of real life, reality-altering dating secrets that are going to give you somewhat of an “unfair advantage” over the people who still aren’t in-the-know.
I’m incredibly psyched for you guys to experience it, so you can benefit from the “highly transformative”, and totally kick-ass attitudes and methodologies that I’ve been benefiting from *myself* now for several years.
Seriously, this guy is going to rock your world…

Here’s a quick sampling of what to expect…

  • Inventive ways to comfortably extract women from venues so you’re not for the night with “just a pocket full of numbers”.
  • Unravel the insider secrets of how NATURAL CLOSERS get the women they want and the lessons you can learn from them to quickly and seamlessly escalate physically with women.
  • IMMEDIATELY recognize opportunities women sub-communicate CONSTANTLY to take things to new higher plateaus of interaction and men RARELY take action on.
  • Learn the core concepts and strategies that CLOSERS live by and how YOU can apply these concepts to kiss, get phone numbers, and extract from venues faster than you thought EVER possible.
  • FEEL THE FEAR AND DO IT. Techniques for CONQUERING your fears and taking risks no matter what possible outcome your mind thinks may happen.
  • Hammer in the feeling of being COMPLETELY COMFORTABLE escalating physically with women and how women actually
  • EXPECT you to escalate if done in THE RIGHT WAY.
  • Explore the universal commonalities that women respond to in ALL countries and how traveling actually gives YOU the advantage for success with women that will baffle the local men of that country.
  • Learn simple dance moves with LIVE AUDIENCE demonstrations that women will instantly recognize YOU as one of the few guys that is comfortable around women and SUBCOMMUNICATE TO HER that it’s only NORMAL for her to want to be physically closer to you.
  • Demonstrations of easily avoidable and inappropriate use of touching that tell women that “THIS GUY is creepy” and will
  • KILL an interaction. Women will FILTER out IMMEDIATELY guys who do these examples.
  • Scientific principles that Ozzie, a true closer, uses to get girls to predictably and repetitively act in ways to leads interactions the way he wants them to go.
  • Insider secrets that have women believing you’re an amazing dancer even if youwere born with “two left feet”. The power of techniques verses mindsets: Why most guys fail and waste their time when they go out to purposefully meet women.
  • Recognize downward spirals of thinking immediately and correct them “in the moment”.
  • Lose the fear of rejection with a mindset that is ROCK SOLID.
  • Fill in the gaps to missing steps in your interactions with women that can take years of in field experience to develop.
  • A secret to eliciting a woman’s “auto pilot responses” that ensures EVERY approach you do will be successful.
  • Strategies and options for 1 on 1 situations and what you can do to maximize these opportunities.
  • Expert advice on social pressures and expectations women experience that you can use to your advantage the next time you even try to isolate a woman 1 on 1.
  • The ONLY goal you need to have to be successful in a good pick up.
  • Through fascinating stories of real life pick ups around the world you will discover the difference between what most guys think a good pick up looks like and reality.

Videos 5&6… JEFFY
The Legend Of “Jlaix” (AKA “Jeffy”)… Is This A Joke?? Can This Guy Possibly Be For Real?
Damn, this is a hard one to write up…
Where do I start??
I’ve known Jeffy for… I guess it’s been about five years now.
It was back in the old internet “how to get girls” forum days that I first heard of this guy. His name was “Jlaix” – aka “Jeffrey Lewis Allen the IX”.
Yes, you read that correctly. If you look at his passport or driver’s license it actually says the “ninth” on the end of his name.
Try to figure *that* one out…
Anyway, we were both posting on this internet “how to get girls” forum and I’d written something about how I’d never been with a fat chick in my entire life.
I wake up the next day and I have this email sitting in my inbox from some dude named “Jlaix” which goes into detail about “What is it like to be with a fat chick…”
The basic essence of it was that he’d stormed into his fat neighbor’s house in a drunken rampage and “banged several rolls” until he threw up all over her. There were all sorts of other graphic details but I can’t seem to remember them off of the top of my head.
It was possibly the most disturbing email I’d ever seen. I was pretty new to using the internet at that time, and I remember saying to myself “This is definitely one of those internet weirdos that I need to stay as far away from as humanly possible…”
Anyway, we both continued posting about our experiences and Jeffy would always have these weekly reports that he became famous for called “Jlaix @ El Rio”.
El Rio was this Monday night club venue in the San Francisco Mission district where Jeffy would go out and get wasted on the dollar drinks and pull the craziest “pick up” stunts you had ever heard.
These reports were basically the funniest, most utterly bizarre pieces of writing you could possibly imagine (even today Jeffy is always being told by big-shot writers that he needs to get into writing on a professional level). You’d read this stuff and you didn’t know if you should be inspired or laugh hysterically or pick up your laptop and smash it against the wall.
As time went on Jeffy built up quite a reputation…
Just following his adventures, when Papa and I started our first Real Social Dynamics world tour we were psyched out of our minds to hang out with the guy in San Francisco (not to mention we were flat broke and desperately needed a place to crash…).
We get to “Real World San Francisco” and it’s about as absurd as you’d probably imagine… especially for a small town Canadian kid like myself seeing America for the first time.
He’s got this big classic SF townhouse where there have been 17 different roommates who’ve come and gone in less than a year.
Amongst the ones still living there was this hot Mexican “fight the power” type chick named “Alex”, and a hardcore chode named “LeRon” who we convinced to dress up in a garbage bag on the pretense that it was “peacocking” and all the girls would be into it.
(Uhhh, it definitely got the dude some attention…)
Jeffy was the valet parking manager of The Marriott Hotel at the time, a job that he hated more than anything. He burned off steam at night time by basically making the world into an absurd and ironic personal universe – mastering karaoke, dressing up as various rock-stars and going out to the club wearing pink pin-striped suits and “bling”, and basically just running around on a pick-up-girls rampage during all hours outside of work.
To me Jeffy was the classic tortured poet type dude, as funny as that might sound…
He’d been through some seriously, seriously emotionally-scarring situations with his family at the age of fourteen (resulting in his father being sentenced to 11 years in prison) and he was basically a guy who knew his intelligence, knew his potential, knew his talent… but was just so utterly disillusioned with the social “status quo” that he seemed to spit back in it’s face on a day-to-day basis.
Anyway, it was blatantly obvious that regardless of the off-the-wall antics that Jeffy was one of the sharpest, most skillful dude’s we’d ever met.
He was getting to be pretty damned good with women, sure…
Beyond that though he was just a guy that everyone *liked*, and for some reason or other, a guy that everyone seemed to *identify* with.
Maybe we all have that ironic worldview, rebel-without-a-cause type side to our personalities, I don’t know.
We were hanging out and having a blast with Jeffy the whole time we were in San Francisco, and he came to offer an extra hand in our workshops which was really invaluable.
The program in SF (our third ever) was incredible and really built a momentum for us to eventually become the powerhouse organization that we are today.
Papa and I left for the East Coast later that week, but kept in touch with Jeffy and kept reading his reports which were getting crazier and crazier by the day.
Over the next several months, we watched in astonishment as Jeffy went from being a “solid” guy in terms of women, to eventually pulling off some of the most intense results we had ever seen.
He was having success with phenomenally attractive girls on a more and more consistent basis, and eventually started getting some of the most top-notch results with women that I’ve ever personally seen… from *anybody*.
Anyway, Jeffy stuck at it and went on to become one of the best.
He’s on anyone in-the-know’s “Top 5 In The World” list at this point.
Not only is the guy the “consummate professional” in terms of how seriously he takes his job, but on any given night he’s absolutely unstoppable.
We were very lucky in that Jeffy’s addition to Real Social Dynamics turned out to of the best win/win situations we’ve ever been involved with.
Jeffy is a world-class instructor, which if you’ve ever taken any of his live programs you know very precisely what I mean. He teaches a live program like it’s an “Olympic Event” and slams you outside your comfort zone until you reach new heights in terms of your skills with women.
He’s also the writer of the RSD Newsletters, which totally kick ass.
On his end, he’s been able to leave an unfulfilling job to dedicate himself to a project that he’s truly born to accomplish… The art and science of teaching you to “transform” from whatever skill level you’re at now to become a dominating warrior in any environment… and an unstoppable force with women beyond anything you could have ever imagined yourself capable of.
At this point Jeffy is hands-down the “epitome” or “paradigm” of being the guy who really lives this lifestyle.
He’s not just some “dating coach” dude who just offers random advice on the internet.
This is a guy who goes out virtually every night, always has his phone ringing off the hook with girls who want to meet up, and has what he calls a “romantic date” lined up at pretty much any point that he chooses.
Jeffy does this because he knows that he’s the best at what he does… and so that the hardcore dating-wisdom that he offers you to is the most “reality-based” and “straight from the field” as it could possibly be.
If you’re a guy who has been “in the game” for a long time, Jeffy has included a very detailed 2 hour section in “Transformations” that is in my opinion hands-down the most honest, intense, epiphany-creating breakdown of the “Advanced-Level” ups-and-downs that I have ever personally witnessed.
This is the type of hardcore subtle insight that will give you a higher level of “self-knowledge” and put you on a corrected-course to hitting that “elite level” you hear everyone talking about as being the ideal in this community.
Ultimately these types of “plateau-breaking” ideas could really only be offered to you by a guy coming from Jeffy’s position — as he’s been living this lifestyle so long that he’s one of the few people on this planet actually qualified to speak his mind to this extent.
Anyway, I think it’s really cool that Jeffy has gone from the “weird dude who emailed me about the fat chick” to being one of my best friends.
I’m dying for you guys to get a piece of the advanced-level wisdom that he’s been offering to me personally for years now, and that’s been helping me to become the guy that I am today.
Obviously there’s a lot to what’s being offered in Jeffy’s contribution to “Transformations”, but at very least we can offer you a sneak-peak at what to expect.

Here it is…

  • A 100% PRIVATE stash of never-seen-before openers that will give you ZERO reason not to approach any woman.
  • Demystify popular “seduction strategies” that frequently BLOCK women from EVER feeling long lasting attraction for you.
  • Get a deep understanding of what it means to be natural to and being appreciated for your authenticity and congruency.
  • Analogies of learning ‘game’ and know what can happen when you “cross over” to the dark side.
  • Are you ready to evolve? Discover self defeating tendencies the will halt you in your tracks before every major success breakthrough.
  • Tips to create an exciting and fun lifestyle that naturally draws women into your life.
  • Understanding where your internal validation derives and how it is affecting the person you are TODAY.
  • Goals to aim for to become a complete natural person that attracts women as a natural occurrence of life.
  • Detailed international airport and airplane pick ups from start to finish and tips to eliminating common obstacles that prevent you from your end goal.
  • Setting concrete and measurable goal for continuous grown and improvement to eliminate ALL thoughts and feelings of stagnation in your life.
  • A secret insider technique only taught to past clients to make over self defeating attitudes that prevent success with women and life.
  • A quick and easy visualization technique to powerfully shape the reality you DESERVE.
  • Weed out blind spots in your personality by asking this one question that most men will almost NEVER ask.
  • Why pushing women’s “buttons” for responses will ultimately spell DOOM for your relationships and inner core confidence.
  • Tactics to control your internal emotional state and STAY there.
  • Comical and funny ways to interact so people welcome your gestures.
  • Deep insights into how to change your thought patterns and get people to see the best side of you at all times.
  • How to challenge yourself to develop positive beliefs and create a highly successful life.
  • How to react to girls emotional outbreaks so you know that you are still in control.
  • Confronting fears in a smart way to improve your life in ways you never imagined.
  • Weeding out the negative beliefs that influence your actions in harmful ways.
  • Be able to walk down the street knowing you are proud to be a man and knowing you will never accept mediocrity as part of your life.
  • Why the people you choose to surround yourself with will largely determine your ultimate success to with women and your own happiness.
  • Ways of inspiring people you interact with and how in the end, how you treat people, will determine much of your success with dating, friendships, and all people in general.
  • The “big picture” and analogies of life and dating that give you perspective on where you fit into it all.
  • How to get rid of deep internal issues without years of therapy…
  • Tips to improving your physical appearance to create a look of masculine sexiness that a woman can’t resist.

Videos 7&8… HOOBIE
Hoobie… Playboy Prince At Large, Envy And Idol Of The Short Asian Man…
And If You’re Not Short Or Asian, He Should Still Be *Your* Idol Too (Read This To Find Out Why)
That’s all I can really start this with is “LOL”.
Whenever anyone in RSD talks about Hoobie it usually starts out with a lot of laughter before the conversation has even started, like “Have you heard the latest about Hoobie?? Hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaa… Anyway, about Hoobie……”
First up, YES Hoobie is a 5’5 Asian dude…
And YES, Hoobie did in fact date several of the girls in these photos, and has dated many more girls just like them – including several super hot girls over 6 feet tall.
Oh, and lastly YES, Hoobie laughed his ass off when I called to tell him about the title of this article because the guy really, truly defies all stereotypes and limitations in terms of “success with women” on more levels than anyone I’ve ever known.
Anyway let me start back at the beginning…
I first heard about Hoobie through my buddy Cliff.
Cliff was my first ever 1-on-1 workshop student back in 2003, who I taught in the streets of London and all through the cool bars in Richmond that you find out front of the River Thames.
It was really a kick ass time, and Cliff developed such crazy skills with women that he brought the energy we’d built back to the city of Melbourne where he started teaching what he’d learnt to his buddy Hoobie.
Well, very quickly Hoobie began to become known as the “Playboy Prince At Large” in Melbourne and Cliff was calling me every other day to tell me about this new “phenomenon wingman” of his who was apparently getting all these crazy results that nobody had ever seen.
Hoobie soon joined an old private internet lounge that a lot of our close buddies used to use to keep in touch, and he started posting up these mind-blowing pictures of all these stunning women he was dating (many of them who dwarfed him in height).
This quickly got everyone’s attention, and also lead me to tease Papa relentlessly about how Hoobie had now taken the crown of “Top Asian Pick Up Artist” away from him.
(Papa is still MY #1 Asian Pick Up Artist however… Don’t worry Papa)
Anyway, Hoobie instantly made it to the top of my list of guys that I *desperately* wanted to learn from.
The big questions in my mind were… “What’s the deal with this guy?? What’s his secret to improve this *much* and this *quickly*??”
He was scheduled to be in London during my upcoming summer in Europe, and we met up in the midst of a big workshop in the middle of the infamous (and what’s since become ridiculously “over-fished”) Leicester Square.
Hoobie rolls up on the workshop, where’s he’s offered to drop by and do a few bonus “demonstrations” for the attendees, and the first thing I notice is that for some reason he appears to “float”.
As in he doesn’t walk, per se… but very strangely somehow seems to *float*.
Now picture this…
Hoobie floats over to the first cute girl that we see walking by, and grabs her by the necklace and starts examining it very closely and asking her all sorts of questions about it.
At the time I thought that he’d get blown-out for sure, but the girl is somehow totally entranced with him.
He takes her number and comes back over to the group. I ask him “What the heck did you just do??” and he responds with “I don’t really like all these openers that everybody seems to be using because they’re so played, so I just see a girl and say whatever comes into my head…”
Of course, Hoobie appears to be in a trance (which Tim and I later dubbed the “Hoobie Trance” AKA the “Hoobie Happy Trance”) and seems to be unaware of how impressed I am.
In fact, generally speaking Hoobie seems to always be unaware that just about everyone around him is consistently impressed or that what he does is anything outside of the ordinary… an aspect of his personality that makes him a real natural with women.
I get back to the workshop and Hoobie wanders off to chat up the other girls. We hang out together with the crew later in the week at this yacht party that this business mogul type guy had invited to take us out on.
So we’re sitting on this boat hanging out, and of course I get to talking to Hoobie about all the outlooks and skills and philosophies that make him who he is.
Apparently Hoobie is a guy who for some reason or other simply doesn’t see his so-called limitations.
Hoobie’s outlook, when you ask him, is “With everyone else trying to put limitations on you, why would you decide to put them on yourself??”
Of course, the obvious answer to this is that you don’t “decide” to put limits on yourself… You just *feel* them.
The fact of the matter however is that Hoobie just doesn’t think about the so-called “limits” very deeply (or give them any power over him). In fact, he doesn’t really seem to think about *anything* too deeply and seems to spend most of his time just enjoying his life.
What I’m talking about here is ultimately Hoobie’s real power. He moves through the world in the Hoobie-Trance and basically just sees a girl that he wants and floats over and starts talking to her.
It’s like when you really “see” and “understand” his perspective (not to mention the crazy results with women he’s gotten for himself – oftentimes videotaped for posterity) you suddenly realize that the vast majority of the limitations you’ve ever had were simply self-imposed and all up in your own head.
I’m not just talking a “logical” understanding of it here (like anyone can get just by reading the above paragraph). I’m talking an “emotional” understanding where just being around him you feel it being *internalized* into your day-to-day reality.
Beyond that, Hoobie is really just awesomely effective at communicating the true fundamentals that you’ve probably over-looked, and in a way where you feel a “change in perspective” that allows you to start getting higher quality and more explosive results.
Anyway, Hoobie and I hung out again later in Los Angeles where I had the opportunity to watch him in action and really come to understand the raw power and effectiveness behind what he does.
In learning from Hoobie I came to understand how utterly “easy” and “simple” this whole game is… not just on the surface, but on a real deeper level.
I really feel that I learned a deeper level of intelligence, in that oftentimes, the best way is actually the simplest (ie.: the shortest path between two points is a straight line”…).
Hoobie’s contribution in “Transformations” is, of course, predictably off the chains.
It’s the type of absolutely pivotal information that could have cut a really substantial amount of time off of my learning curve… if only I had met the guy sooner!!
Ultimately you just need to get yourself into this guys’ mind and wrap your head around what I call the “subtle sheer brilliance” of what he has to offer you.
The highly unique “missing piece” sections of the puzzle are about to be revealed.
Your lifestyle and skills with women are about to reach a “next level”.

Here’s a sampling of what to expect…

  • Discover insider secrets and examples of real experiences using a digital camera as a prop to create movie-like situations where women will be itching to take her clothes off.
  • Leading with passion and conviction in the bedroom that will have women coming back for more… and more… and more.
  • Transform yourself as a man that takes responsibility of his INNATE desires and move through the world without apology.
  • How to hammer powerful mindsets that continually reinforce beliefs that women will automatically find irresistible.
  • Listen to the journey from personal low points and the tools that propelled Hoobie into taking the necessary steps for creating a deep identity change.
  • Instead of reading on the internet about “what it takes” to get this part of your life handled, take YEARS off your learning curve and identify through personal stories that you are NOT ALONE in your journey.
  • See ACTUAL pictures and film footage of what can be attainable, without being a fashion model, rich, or famous, when you continue your education to getting this part of your life handled.
  • The shocking fact supermodel-quality women secretly wish you knew, but will never tell you.
  • How land a really attractive woman that most guys would consider “out of their league” even when a woman LITERALLY tells you that you are not “her type”.
  • MALE PSYCHOLOGY FOR REGULAR GUYS – Instantly understand the specific differences between guys who “make it” and the ones who never fulfill their innate desires as MEN.
  • How to quickly get over the pain of a bad breakup and stop letting it affect your current actions with women NOW… even if it’s been haunting you for months or years.
  • Learn secret techniques that ancient fortune tellers have been using for centuries to create attraction and strong emotional connections.
  • BEWARE of fashion and grooming pitfalls that women INSTANTLY notice and routinely use to filter out men.
  • Dressing to your identity in order to display the REAL YOU.
  • An effortless way of becoming a MAN OF ACTION that separates you from your boss, professor, brother, or best friend.
  • A quick and easy visualization routine to turn your inner self inside out and fill yourself with the confidence to take action on the spot
  • Master LEADING FRAMES in conversations that will convey you are a HIGH VALUE alpha male.
  • Trigger mutually beneficial internal behavior switches in women and that will guarantee predictable outcomes EVERY time.
  • Becoming a POSITIVE force in the world that emotions, take control of your fears, and project an aura of confidence that is irresistibly attractive to women.
  • A PROVEN technique taught to hundreds of students around the world for creating streaming threads of conversation “on the fly”.
  • A simple technique to getting anybody’s attention without being reactive.
  • Adopting mindsets that display to women that you know women are plentiful and choices are boundless.
  • Readily available resources that you can tap into at ANY time to gain inspiration and honest life perspectives.
  • How much is enough? Learn how making the most of what you ALREADY have is the more important than the things you don’t have.

Videos 9&10… TYLER (AKA – me)
Tyler… The Brutal Truth Of How I Went From A Life Of Mind-Crippling “Scarcity” To Limitless “Abundance”
Well, it’s my turn to tell my story of personal transformation today and I’m left thinking about what I want people to know about me that I haven’t spoken about already.
As most of you guys know, I got into the whole “Success With Women” gig back when I was 22 years old…
I’d been dumped by my first and only girlfriend at the age of 20 for the guy who worked at the “Pita Pit” (yes… the Pita Pit), and I went through an emotional break-down that resulted in my nearly flunking out of school in my second year of college.
It’s funny, because talking about it right now it feels like I’m telling somebody *elses* story… not mine.
But the fact of that matter is that back in 2000-2001 I spent six long months alternating between sleeping 18-20 hours a day and then staying awake for days at a time playing videogames because I was in such a broken mind-state that I couldn’t cope with my day-to-day life.
Imagine waking up and instantly feeling this thick, tangible black cloud of emotions…
It was like a cocktail of total hopelessness and depression, and then high-strung anxiety with a total inability to focus because your thoughts are in a constant tail-spin.
I used to wonder “Will I ever be normal again?? When is this feeling going to go away??”
Now of course, when I say it was “Six months…” that I was emotionally incapacitated, I’m talking about *total* incapacitation where I didn’t even have the ability to have a conversation where I could hold eye contact or not sink back into my head.
It was actually about 18-24 months however that it took me to get back to normal again, and my “normal” wasn’t really all that great to begin with.
Of course, my life only got more difficult from there…
The terrible marks I was getting in school basically nixed out my dream of becoming a PHD and Professor in my passion of Philosophy, and this caused me to become more and more angry at myself because I’d blown what I thought was my ticket in life.
As one aspect of my life fell apart, all the other aspects started to fall apart in a “chain-reaction” that seemed to never end.
Ultimately, in hitting “rock bottom” I realized that I had to re-evaluate my priorities in life and who it was that I’d become.
The most important thing I had to admit to myself was this…
My then 19 year old girlfriend – she was well within her bounds to break up with me at the time, given that most couples at 19 don’t stay together for the rest of their lives anyway.
It was really *me* who was the problem, and the total emotional breakdown I experienced was in fact a more important sign that exposed a “larger shortcoming” in my self-esteem.
I eventually started to come out of my haze and managed to implement a very constructive habit of approaching 5 girls a day.
This wasn’t because I thought I’d eventually get “skills with women” (I didn’t know it was possible) but just because I had *zero friends* and *zero social circle*, and common-sense dictated it was my only way of eventually meeting a new girl and not being alone for the rest of my life.
I was extremely uncomfortable to walk anywhere within a 100 yards of a bar or club at that time, so I used to walk around the mall or campus library for hours on end just trying to work up the nerve to try and talk to somebody.
Over the next 12 months I went from finding it brutally tough to maintain eye-contact or think straight around women to being able to maintain about a 3-5 minute conversation.
I also made a few friends through my classes at school (just by being as upbeat as possible, even though I didn’t feel that way at the time) and was able to *finally* find a bit of success with women.
The real breakthrough for me was when I started looking for resources on the internet and found all sorts of cool “How To Get Girls” resources and forums, just like you’re doing as you read this right now.
Although the information you’d find on them back then was pretty ridiculous, it gave me a “magic penny” to start carrying myself with more and more confidence and eventually to get a higher level of success.
At the time I still really just wanted to get a girlfriend, and invariably every time that I’d hook up with a girl I’d get all needy and desperate and alienate her until she wouldn’t return my phone calls.
This was pretty painful, but in hindsight it was the absolute best thing that ever could have happened to me because it *forced* me to keep working on improving myself.
I eventually made a personal pact that I’d become a guy who actually didn’t want a girlfriend anymore, and that I’d simply enjoy being “single” and “date around” until I was so confident with myself and with women that it was no longer an issue.
Obviously that was partly because I knew I’d probably blow it with whatever girl I got regardless, but it was also because I’d been through a lot of emotional pain and if I wanted any “lasting change” it would call upon me to keep working at this until everything was sorted out.
Anyway, I kept working on improving myself and made it my singular focus. It was crazy how everything else in my life just seemed to fade away and become unimportant, and I felt like this was the most important thing that I had ever done for myself.
I always felt like another massive emotional-meltdown could be boiling just beneath the surface (it wasn’t as far behind me as it is now), so I kept working on every aspect of who I was – from my personality, to my skill-set, to my sense of identity and inner-self.
The big breakthrough for me was when I met my friend Nick (AKA “Papa”) and started going out and working on our “Self Improvement Odyssey” as a team.
Papa’s big plan back then was to travel the world and learn from all the best people we knew about through the internet, and on a life-changing trip along the 401 highway from Toronto to Montreal he twisted my arm for 5 hours until I was absolutely convinced.
As a small-town Canadian kid I can tell you it was the craziest thing for me to be flying to places like San Diego or New York or Los Angeles and crashing on the floors and couches of whoever would host me.
Luckily I had developed a decent amount of skill with women at the time (something that people obviously wanted to learn from), so there were always people wanted to put me up.
Eventually Papa and I hooked up with a mentor who used to run small underground workshops on how to meet women.
We started helping him out with the workshops and eventually we all made a plan to do a summer cross-country tour. Papa and I were so psyched, and while we weren’t making any money from it we just wanted to be a part of the workshops and keep improving ourselves.
Papa and I spent the entire spring filling up these programs, calling people non-stop and convincing them to give it a shot.
Finally after filling them all up, we get the craziest news…
Like many highly talented people, our mentor was a very emotional guy and had decided to stop teaching success with women and he’d only be doing two of the six programs we’d filled.
This left Papa and I in a really tricky position. We weren’t willing to cancel the programs on all the people who we’d convinced to attend, but were we really skilled enough yet to teach the programs on our own??
We called all the people who’d signed up and told them that it would just be Papa and I and that it was their choice whether or not they still wanted to attend.
Many of the people decided to stay on board and we went out and taught them everything we knew.
I was about as nervous as you could possibly imagine, but I hid it pretty well and kept my cool and did my thing. In hindsight, I think that it was the intense pressure at the time that permanently burned the hardcore work ethic I have now into my brain.
The programs turned out to be a ridiculous success…
They quickly became the hot new thing and we got such over-the-top incredible reviews that everyone and their brother suddenly wanted to get a piece of the “upgraded lifestyle” for themselves.
(This later became the seed of a lot of well-publicized drama when our old mentor decided to come back into teaching this stuff… Fortunately most people are usually intrigued by drama and it only served to flood our programs with even more interest).
Anyway, as the years went on I went out I kept teaching programs every single weekend and practiced my own “skills with women” religiously.
I approached and dated new women every single day for over 3 years (people have dubbed it the “1000+ Day Challenge”) and dated every type of girl you could imagine, from your party-girl MySpace Princesses to your lawyer-chicks to your girl next door archetypes.
I’ve dated girls who I was head-over-heals in love with, girls that I blatantly hated (and who hated me) but had incredible sex with, girls that I spent an incredible brief moment of my life with, and now even a girl who I’ve spent my last three amazing years with.
All throughout that time I also worked continually to educate myself in every type of self-actualization and spiritually-enriching knowledge that I can get my hands on, and I’ve incorporated it into everything I do.
People have asked me for years now why I kept pushing myself this religiously. What kept’s me going? Where have I found my motivation?
For me, it’s been the simple fact that I take Real Social Dynamics very, very seriously (it’s my new “shot” at life) and I’ve always wanted it to be the very best that it could be.
Whenever I run a program I know that if I fail to produce a bona fide “transformation” and “life-altering change” in the person I work with that he might go back to living in a stifling black cloud like I used to be in.
As funny as it might sound, I feel a passion and urgency for what I do that a lot of people might think is blown out of proportion because they really can’t relate to where I’m coming from.
Anyway, over the years I’ve had to keep myself constantly challenged and one of the ways that I’ve done that is take my “success with women” job to a higher level.
My own skills with women have been about as sharp as they could possibly be for several years now, but what’s kept me super-motivated has been developing better and better systems of teaching other people to do the things that I’m able to do.
The art and science of teaching the RSD programs has been like this constantly evolving puzzle for me, and every weekend I go into teaching programs with the mindset of “How incredibly good can I get this guy to become in the next three days??”
I’m constantly trying to break my own records, and at this point there’s barely a single thing I do in the same way in terms of teaching that I was doing 5 years ago.
In the past two years I’ve been able to get the results of the people I work with to unprecedented higher levels.
I’ve been able to accomplish this by changing the focus of what I teach from “Show them how it’s done on the surface and then give feedback” to an intense curriculum of hardcore “Deep, Identity Level Change” that brings about the most incredible transformations you’ve ever seen.
I love the sense of personal-power and self-esteem that I get when I walk home at the end of teaching a program, and I just sit there and think about the transformation that I’ve produced in the people I worked with.
Again, it might sound funny to you but I feel like it’s a higher level feeling of deep contentment and relaxation than I could get in any other way because I *created* it and it is *real*.
Anyway, my latest project that I’m the most excited about is release of “Transformations”.
It’s a program in which I’ve laid out one of the most awe-inspiring dating-skills “reality-checks” that I could have ever offered.
I mean, this is a program that will rock you to your very core.
This is very different from a “Bootcamp” or any other type of experience, because all the step-by-step “plateau-breaking” methodologies to cut years from your learning curve and get explosive gains with women are being laid out to you in vivid, meticulous detail.
It’s really “got it all…”
In a year’s time, there is no doubt in my mind that when you talk to the most skilled, lifestyle-upgraded superstars in this community… they will reference “Transformations” as being one of the core catalysts of their success.
In “Transformations” I’ve offered you my very best. I’ve really come clean on a lot of issues that I know will produce real increase in your life, and it’s the most personal program that I’ve ever done.
If you take your success with women seriously, you *need* to get yourself a copy of this program.

I’m totally psyched for you to see it. Here’s a short breakdown of what to expect…

  • Deep insights in using the operating system of the human mind to quickly “fix” inner issues that are holding you back from ultimate success with women to create a PERMANENT lifestyle change.
  • How to AVOID the ugly curse of “victim mentality” and remove the stress from your life that is preventing you from having success with women.
  • How to make quick decisions in every situation that life throws at you … greatly speeding your transformation to a powerful and respected man.
  • How society and education systems prevent you from developing your NATURAL INSTINCTS for success and how you can reverse that process to become the man you are MEANT to be.
  • Have you ever noticed how people and the “latest and greatest” fads always seem to contradict themselves? Develop the skill to “learn how to fish” for yourself and cut through the MILLIONS of messages that you receive from family, media, school, and work and gain the confidence to think clearly and effectively knowing that you have PURPOSE.
  • Proven ways to BREAK FREE of the deadly limiting beliefs and fears that are holding you back from success with women and life by living in complete ALIGNMENT.
  • Simple techniques to load your mind with tools to replace your insecurities with CONFIDENCE that women notice and men envy.
  • The most common “flaw” that early in our human development prevented normal guys like us from ever becoming “real” men and how hammering this ONE THING into your mentality will change you from the core outward affecting every decision you make in your life.
  • How to replace the “magic pill” mentality that limits your ability to get the most out of ALL situations you encounter in life and usher in a strong ‘habits’ that will bring positive changes that will follow you throughout your life.
  • Tips and perspectives from people who ‘make it’ and those who consistently never do.
  • The hidden link between your upbringing and the fears that are holding you back from seeing TRUE perspectives that bring strong positive forces into your life.
  • Surefire techniques to help you reframe society programming about physical limitations.
  • The greatest challenges guys face in their paths to becoming REAL men why most “give up” and settle for mediocrity.
  • Live life to the fullest by igniting your passion for fascinating life experiences that will comfort us as we GROW as humans ensure we are never left “standing still”.
  • Ever frustrated how women say they want a man who “knows where he’s going in life” and don’t know what exactly what they mean? Learn the “secrets” of knowing how to discover “where you’re going” in life so women know you are the purpose driven man they desire without ever actually having to say it.
  • Avoid ever having feel as you are communicating ‘neediness’ by learning the abundant lifestyle by building an AWESOME lifestyle that will draw people to your life like “moth to flame”.
  • A process for becoming a “modern-day renaissance man” that women constantly describe as their “ideal man”.
  • How to PUNCH THROUGH that vicious cycle of defeat and permanently eliminate it from your life.
  • A very specific exercise and formula for overcoming each and every fear you have with women.
  • How to keep and maintain power without giving it away to anyone.
  • A detailed explanation of the inner beliefs of men who are ULTRA successful in dealing with men and women and how to cultivate these beliefs within yourself.
  • Destroy “approach anxiety” with tools to create your own unshakable inner confidence to approach a woman in any situation without getting nervous and without fear of rejection.
  • How to take control of your life to always ‘be on’ and sustain a constant source of fulfillment.
  • Powerful success stories on how to make all of your own rules and live the life you’ve always dreamed about.

Finally, the absolute *coolest* presentation you’ve ever seen…
The RSD CREW up on stage all together, offering you a window into a reality that most people will never know exists.
This is the red-hot session that will make it blatantly obvious to you what it means to get successful with women, and get you “in-the-know” about the commonalities that all guys who are skilled with women have.
There’s nothing else like it. Check it out…

  • DEMYSTIFY day game from night club and bar game.
  • Building STRONG emotional connection to decrease ‘flakes’.
  • Expert advice and examples of changing venues to create more solid connections with women.
  • How avoid wasting your valuable time by PRIORITIZING and ultimately FILTER women you choose to go out with.
  • Reactions to relationships with women that live long-distance.
  • Learn to deal with communicating in loud night clubs through LIVE DEMONSTRATIONS with audience members.
  • The importance of “One last set! One last set!” before ending nights and changing seemingly bad nights into nights of glory.
  • Controlling ego and natural responses us guys have when women flake.
  • Insider secrets to planning dates so that you give women powerful impressions that says all the right things about you.
  • Deep insights into using physiological changes in your body to generate positive internal states.
  • Befriending and dealing with tough door men and bouncers to night clubs and bars.
  • Expert advice on long term relationships that will prepare you with the commitment and reality of the situation.
  • Discover the real purpose and biggest advantage of learning to be good with women. It might not be what you are thinking!!
  • Step by step advice for transitioning smoothly following through in an interaction.
  • Insider secrets on favorite times to call and the ESSENTIAL keys to successful phone game.
  • The K.I.S.S method for fool proof phone game.
  • Advantages and perfect timing for texting women on the phone after meeting them.
  • Dealing with job environments that inherently frame you in “beta” positions.
  • Unraveling “community” concepts so you can make the most of what you learn in you development of getting better with women.
  • Showing women the right amount of interest without coming off as “needy”.

Studying “Transformations” While Going Out Regularly Will Produce Extreme Results
OK now let me level with you here.
If you like what you’ve learned from RSD so far (via our newsletters, blog, forums, previous presentations, and 2 hour free audio), then this program is guaranteed to be the absolute best you’ve ever seen.
This is the earth-shaking “next level” that you’ve been waiting for.
However there’s a catch…
This is a program that’s designed as a supplement to your own work in going out and working to improve.
That means that to benefit from the truly life-changing shifts in reality that it has to offer you, you have to go out regularly and actually make the day-to-day effort to implement everything that you’ve been taught.
“Transformations” and ALL Real Social Dynamics programs are produced for guys who actually live this lifestyle.
Any program that you see from us is specifically geared for people who work on improving themselves… a lot.
It’s spoken in a language where when you’re actually *doing the work* will resonate with you more than anything else you’ve ever experienced.
As a condition of getting your hands on this program, you have to set an absolute, inviolable standard for yourself that you will commit to implementing what’s been taught to the fullest extent.
I don’t care what level you’re at, or what level you’re trying to get to.
You have to have a clear vision of what you want to get out of this, and commit to finding the value within the experience.
If you do, it will be one of the most valuable resources you’ve ever been exposed to…

No Matter How Good You Think You Are, Or How Much You Currently Suck At Attracting Women…
The best way that I can put it to you is like this…
Real Social Dynamics has been around for a long time.
I’ve personally taught more live programs than any other “dating coach” in existence (virtually every single weekend for over five years – which is also why my products take so long to come out).
Over the years I’ve worked with everyone from the most “super advanced” players (including several celebs, athletes, and some of the richest “international playboy” types you’ve ever met) to the most “hard case” and “emotionally dysfunctional” people on the planet.
I don’t care who you are… How good it is that you *think* you are, or how much it is that you brutally suck.
If you’re ready to venture “outside the box” and try out something entirely new then you really can change your entire life.
Starting today…
Virtually every top “Pick Up Artist” you’ve ever heard of has sought out my advice or tried to hire me (or hire the members of my team)… and that’s because I offer them the *deepest* and most *hyper-advanced* hard-knock education on “success with women” and “mastery over the self” that they can possibly find.
I’m all about the hard-to-find subtleties, and super-fine distinctions that most people can never spot, but that give them a huge explosion in their results the split-second that they can get them internalized.
I’ve got to urge you again to check out the list of rabid testimonials, because you need to clearly understand what the stakes are for you.
Because the stakes are massive.
Most guys come into this whole “game” and *self-sabotage* their chances of making any real change before they even start.
They take on all sorts of nasty social habits that turn women (and people in general) off of them and I later have to spend a day or two “unwiring” them when they decide to “snap out of it” and take my program.
Luckily though, there are still some people who are smart enough to figure out that just because you’re in a position where you *want* to improve, no real change will “magically” happen for you until you’ve got the key *principles* and absolutely *crucial knowledge* to find your way through this very personally-challenging path to reaching your absolute highest potential.
And you know what??
All the crazy talk that you’ve heard about what life is like on “the other side” is absolutely true.
Your lifestyle really does get pretty friggin’ exciting when you’ve finally got a total abundance in your life, not only of women, but of personal happiness and self-fulfillment.

The key points are these:

  1. I’ve already helped thousands of people to get their “success with women” life together.
  2. I’m the only world-class dating coach to offer both live and in the field Bootcamps on a weekly basis, as well as do-it-yourself “learn at home” options.

So at the end of the day, you have an entirely new mode of existence to get out of this.
This is about *your* life and *your* progress…
What’s being offered is a fast-track way of getting handled, as quick and easy and humanly possible.

Get The “New RSD’s” Ground-Breaking Approach To Getting You The Next-Level Results You’ve Been Searching For
Just get your mind straight on this fact: Your life will NOT take off… until you get your skills with women juiced up with a new level of “congruence” and bona fide “transformation”.
This is a path that you might figure out on your own if you spend the next several years wading through it in the dark like I did…
But really, that’s like being the guy who takes a week off of work to build a coffee table or a cabinet when he could have gotten a *better* version from the store for only a couple of hundred bucks.
It just doesn’t make good sense, and it’s a total de-valuation of your own time…
This is a totally unique package, and we’ve never offered anything as comprehensive as this before.
It’s going to get you on the fast-track to reaching the “next-level” in your results with women… so don’t even think about putting this off, if you’re eager to start getting the results you want.
Look, given the value this program is stunningly inexpensive…
We’re offering it for $247 for the online video course.
Take this first, small, easy step that will empower you — finally — with pro-level strategies, outlooks, and step-by-step methodologies that will attract women to you in a massive, uncontrollable flood.
Oftentimes I’m asked why I offer so much for so little, and it’s because back when I started this there was nothing even remotely like it available.
I would have done anything to get my hands on this kind of advice and proven methodology… because it would have short-cut my learning curve by 3-5 years.
Instead, I had to push through years of trial and error, and making every mistake possible, taking brutal lessons… and eventually getting to where I’m at now.
So don’t screw around here…
Jump on this opportunity while it’s hot in your mind and take advantage of all the ridiculously insane lifestyle upgrades that it has to offer you.
Regardless of the absurd amounts of value that this program has crammed into it… you really can get started as soon as you get it.

And as you’re on your journey, you can apply all the more advanced secrets that you discover.
This is truly an absolute “go-to” resource to getting yourself to that “ultimate destination” that you know you’re capable of.
If you aren’t ready for it, that’s fine. What you’re taking a pass on here is 20+ years of extensive-research and catalysts to “deep identity level change” (ie: more success with women, and more success in your life).
You might be someone who has taken to learning this material passively. Maybe you have a big “identity” about how you’re a guy who doesn’t get kick-ass programs like this.
Well now is your chance to come at it *actively*. It’s a chance to get your hands on the proven secrets that took us years to de-code and figure out.
This a program that blows away anything else you’ve ever heard about or seen.
It’s chalk-full of value and covers a VAST range of cutting-edge ideas, but regardless of all the information being pounded into your head it’s still FUN because it’s about YOU and getting YOUR LIFE together
Seeing and understanding how this kind of success REALLY gets done is totally inspiring. This isn’t work — it’s more like reviewing the itinerary of the BEST trip you’ve ever planned for.
If you’re looking to hit a higher level of “mastery with women” and “mastery over the self”… every second you spend working with this package will REAWAKEN you to that awesome sensation of being in the zone…
So prepare to have your mind blown… And your entire mode of existence changed forever.
It really is *that* awesome.
– Tyler

Real Social Dynamics

Real Social Dynamics (RSD) is the world's largest, international dating coaching company. RSD specializes in dating advice, image consultation, public representation, and integrating clients into social scenes.

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