• jason, capital, social, god, vip, conversations, speak, seduction, friends, hot, girl, hierarchy, circles, high status,
  • jason, capital, social, god, vip, conversations, speak, seduction, friends, hot, girl, hierarchy, circles, high status,
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Jason Capital – Social God VIP

What’s Included:
1) Module 1 – Your Introduction To The Social God System
2) Module 2 – Your Social God Vision
3) Module 3 – The Social God Paradigms
4) Module 4 – The Social God Hierarchy Of Meeting Women
5) Module 5 – The Complete Social God System, Step-By-Step!
6) Module 6 – Social Circle Seduction
7) Module 7 – The Social God Hot Girl VIP Method
8) Module 8 – The Social God Closing Ceremonies & Parting Words
9) Module 9 – Recommended Reading
10) Bonus 1 – How To Make Anyone A Good Friend with Adam Lyons
11) Bonus 2 – Accessing High-Status Social Circles with Greg Greenway
12) Bonus 3 – The Deep Attraction Bonus Seminar with Jason Capital
13) Bonus 4 – The Social Muscle Cycle – The Shy Guy Solution!
14) Bonus 5 – Social Value Alchemy
Retail Price: $197
Course Description

Jason Capital offers a program for transforming your social life based on his experience and expertise. He teaches you how to create a social circle in which you are the center of attention. It builds upon deliberately building a strong, vibrant, expanding social circle in order to become a Social God. The strategy is based on taking action and intentionally expanding outside of the normal proximity of your social circle to invite others, thereby linking yourself to other social circles and upgrading your own.
If you want to have a really awesome life then it makes sense to surround yourself with really awesome people. If you want to date high quality women then having high quality women as your friends is going to be helpful.
As a general rule, we tend to be similar to the people we surround ourselves with. So if you were overweight and looking to get in shape, making sure you hang out with fit people is going to motivate you more than hanging out with other overweight people. The same is true for your social life, so the first thing you really need to do is define what kind of social life you want to have.

Bonuses include:

  • Deep Attraction Secret Seminar
  • The Social Muscle Cycle: The Shy Guy Solution
  • How To Make Anyone A Good Friend (with Adam Lyons)
  • Accessing High-Status Social Circles (with Greg C. Greenway)

List of Topics Covered:

  • Understanding the meaning of a true Social God
  • How to handle special approach situations
  • Learn major social circle leverage points and how to use them
  • Advice and ideas from Jason’s guests he considers Social Gods
  • Learn specific actions to accomplish specific outcomes (your Social God vision)
  • 17 primary strategies for operating your social circle for maximum performance
  • Approaching high-powered, influential people for business

And many more…

Jason Capital

I'm the BEST. Get my stuff, if you want to fuck.

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