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Jason Capital – He Just Gets Me

What’s Included:
1) He Just Gets Complete Training
2) Unannounced Bonus – Field Reports
3) Bonus Video – For Motivated Customers Over The Age Of 40+
4) Bonus eBook – 25 Best Cold Reads
5) Bonus Training – Where To Go
Retail Price: $47
Course Description

Discover Why One Popular Men’s Magazine Called These 3 Stealth Seduction Techniques…
So deadly WE’re not even sure how Comfortable we feel using them.

RIGHT NOW, as you read this, a fascinating scene is being played out literally hundreds of thousands of times around the world…
Just within earshot, there’s a group of young women. All their attention is focused on one of their own.
This girl’s got ‘that look’ in her eyes. She’s got that knowing smile on her face.
Her friends are saying…
“I don’t know why you’re with him!
He’s such an asshole!”

She just smiles, brushes off the comment, saying…
“I don’t know, he just… gets me!”

Those my friend, are the magic words.
Because what she’s really saying is… her guy ‘gets’ her, in a way NO OTHER GUY EVER HAS. Or can.
And her friends aren’t gonna change her mind one… little… bit.
Think about that.

She genuinely feels she has an unbreakable, special bond with her guy.
Even if he IS kind of an asshole.
Now, what if YOU could ENGINEER those types of powerful reactions in any girl you choose?
Right now, I’m going to show you EXACTLY how to do that… literally any time you want. 3 different ways.

So that, within minutes of your first meeting, she starts staring at you in awe, with the words on her lips…
“How do you know that?!!”
She’s incredibly intrigued by you… she wants to connect with you… and she feels, deep down, that you’re a masculine, wise, clever, intuitive guy who is aware and present in the moment.
She thinks shit must be really good in your world…
She may even begin to think she just found The One… the guy who ‘gets her’ like nobody else.
Because you’re demonstrating an understanding of her reality in a way nobody else has ever come close.
That means she’s willing to submit to you on an unconscious level.
And as you can probably imagine, that’s a great position to be in.

When you have that kind of genuine connection she quickly begins to crave you… becomes infatuated, even OBSESSED with you…
How powerful is it when she genuinely feels she has an unbreakable, special bond with a guy? You may have even seen this happen before your very eyes. She’ll never leave him.
What if you could engineer those types of powerful connections with any woman you choose?
The way to do it is with seductive ‘cold reading’. Rather than explain what that means, I’ll simply demonstrate it for you, right now, with these 3 simple examples.

I urge you to study these 3 particular case studies at length because they not only demonstrate, but they hold the keys to how you can engineer similar intense connections with women.
Now you may have heard of cold reading before but it has probably been missing a critical component…

What is that one missing component? Seduction.

  • Cold reads alone AREN’T going to get you laid.
  • Cold reads AREN’T going to get you in with that girl.
  • Cold reads are definitely NOT going to make her come to the conclusion that “he just gets me”.

You know what does? SEDUCTIVE cold reads.
Seductive cold reads are a specific way of cold reading a girl that make her mind come to the conclusion that you understand BOTH of her realities.
These realizations about herself are shocking. They land like a nuclear dirty bomb…

Reality #1: The “normal” side everyone else sees.
And Reality #2, “the shadow side.”
Those of you who don’t know what a shadow side is… basically Carl Jung, a famous psychologist and a crazy smart dude, had this theory that we all have hidden desires. This theory has been validated over and over again. These are things you may or may not know you have inside of you as a part of your personality.
Some of it’s conscious. The majority of it’s totally unconscious…
But why do you think it’s so damn powerful when she concludes, understands and sees all the parts of herself?

Number One
Because you seem to know her on a deeper level than everybody else. Everyone else only sees her on that one level, on that normal level. What she puts out to the world.
Some guys and some girls might know deeper things about her. They might know some parts of her “shadow self.”
But when you pull this stuff out really EARLY ON in an interaction, with someone you just met and you’re saying things about her that are just triggering all these shadow sides to her, she’s going to instantly conclude you just get her.
On a deeper level than anyone else.
And that’s EXTREMELY powerful as well as attractive.

Number Two
She begins to submit to you unconsciously. And inside, that’s what she really wants. She wants to submit to you sub-consciously.
She may be a strong woman. She’s a smart woman. She can handle herself. She can handle her own shit.
She is not submitting to the world at large.
But when it comes to her man?
When it comes to her guy she’s sleeping with? She desperately wants to submit to him. It’s the MOST GRATIFYING THING IN THE WORLD for her when you can allow that to happen.
And for you, the best part is you get to be that one who deserves it.

You can just use your imagination as to where this all might might lead…
As promised, let me share with you three of my most powerfully seductive cold reads right now.
The first one I told a girl really early on in the process.
It’s for right when you first meet a girl. What should you say?
This seductive cold read is what you say, THIS is what you do. Line by simple… easy… line.
Do this and a woman will be blown away.
The second seductive cold read I’ve got for you is for when you’re deeper into the relationship.
You can use this cold read with someone you’ve been talking to for 20 minutes, or you can use it with someone you’ve known for a few hours. It’s up to you.
You use it to begin to start the seduction. She’ll begin to think you “get” her.
And the last one is where you want to turn up the sexual heat.
It’s a crazy story. One which I’ve never shared publicly. It’s mind blowing and probably one of the most intense ones you can use.
Just be clear I’m not sharing these to show you how great I am…
I’m doing it because I want to show you how powerful cold reading is and at the same time, how easy it is when you know how to do it.
It’s like riding a motorcycle. Looks hard, but it’s really easy once you know how. And when you know how, you’ll never forget for the rest of your life.
Let’s get started…

Number One – Seductive Cold Reading #1: Miss Too Cool for School
(Use This Snap Cold Read Jaw-Dropper As An Opener)
Imagine this:
A really loud bar in Austin, Texas… pool tables, multiple levels to the place… lots wood furnishing, and tons of people and activity.
Not exactly the most conducive place for conversation, but I’m Jason Capital and I can seduce anywhere, time or place. (Hang around me long enough and you can too.)
So I open up this really cute girl, and she’s being kind of aloof. A model-type.
“Miss too cool for school.”

And me being who I am, I’m thinking “yeah, that’s so not going to happen, I’m gonna do something about this right now.”
And I did.
I pulled out this insightful snap cold read. Snap cold reads are one of one of my favorite types of cold reads early on in an interaction. (Remember… I want YOU to use this in your conversations. Try it!)
I playfully kind of stare her down. And with a smirk on my face here’s what I said to her next:
“I don’t know why, but I feel you’d be really good at LYING…”
Yeah, I said that. And guess what? Right then and there, her eyes lit up.
I was amazed.
After a bit more chit chat, I did a little some playful disqualifying. Fun. Teasing. Challenging kind of stuff.
“Like… I don’t know if I can even trust you. Go ahead and tell me something really embarrassingly true about yourself right now.”
She lit up after this too. And she actually DID reveal something embarrassingly true about herself.
She told me how a couple days ago someone was waving to her and was like saying “Come here, come here!”
And then she started to walk over, she was like “What do you want?” And he said “I wasn’t waving at you, I was waving to the person behind you.”
Ba-da-bomp. Embarrassing. Pretty funny too.
Then, to magnify the connection, I told her something really embarrassing about me and we got to laughing together. She was getting into it. (Note: Are you starting to see the seduction process in play here? Honesty and vulnerability ratchets up connections big time.)
I knew I had her when I asked her one of my favorite things to ask a girl which is of course…
“What kind of drink do you want to buy me right now?”
And at that point, she bought me the first many Jose Cuervo’s.
So let me quickly summarize a bit here.
Can you begin to see not just the cold reading technique, but how to weave a cold read into your conversation naturally? It’s not hard and it really does give you instant authority, credibility and status in a woman’s world.
Opening with a snap cold read amplifies the entire connection 10X
Now you’re probably wondering, how did I know to say that to her? To cold read that first impression from her?
We’ll discuss that in just a moment. Read on…

Number Two – Seductive Cold Reading #2: Miss Type-A Personality
Use This Cold Read After You’ve Opened Her Up and Talked to Her for a Little While
So I’m at this hot spot in West Hollywood.
Have you ever met a “Type A” personality girl, who takes herself and her job very seriously? But you know in her heart, she wants that free, relaxed “go with the flow” side of herself to come out sometimes?
This girl was way hot, way smart and way uptight.
I could tell she just needed something she finds difficult to give herself… Permission.
She needed permission that you don’t have to be all uptight all the time. Like “you’re not at work anymore. You can relax. You can be free to go with the flow.”
So I pulled out my seductive cold reading skills and here’s what I said:
“Even though you have a good job and are probably really happy with it, it’s obvious, it’s written all over your face, part of you still wants more. Part of you wants deeper, richer, more exciting, more adventurous experiences on a regular basis… God, it’s so clear on you.”
Then I challenged her.
And of course, with me, Jason Capital, the adventure begins right now… 😉
Now what’s going on with this? What makes this work?
Well initially, I’m acknowledging her and her life. I’m what they call “pacing” her.
Then, (and you’ll discover this is super important,) I’m breaking her down into parts or sides. When you know how to do this a little bit more, you’ll realize why this had such an impact on people.
Just to be clear, 99% of the population has these same issues, but few are aware enough to acknowledge it.
Now with this girl, she just about exploded with excitement because now she allowed to herself, because she had permission, to be free and wild a little while.
In her mind, she’s thinking inside her mind…
“Oh my God! This guy gets me. This guy REALLY gets me.”
And yours truly, Jason Capital, was the catalyst of all that.
So then I asked her…
“What are you going to do about that?”
And not surprisingly, she really didn’t have a good answer.
So here’s what I did…
I took her hand and we got out of there and we had an adventure. Turns out, right outside there was an outdoor playground and a swingset 100 feet away. How convenient!
So I lead her over to the playground, we had some fun on the swings and then more sexual adventure was unleashed after that.
Can you begin to see how you can integrate seductive cold reading into YOUR game?
Go ahead, make these yours. Use them as you wish.
Because they work like crazy.
For the life of me, I can’t figure out why guys like pickup lines, when cold reading does so much more for you in such a short period of time. They’re 10X more powerful than any other single pick-up technique.
All it takes is a little knowledge and understanding of how to do it.
And if trying to mastering the game, they simply MUST be in your arsenal. Especially this next one because…

Number Three – Seductive Cold Reading #3: MISS SOCIAL BUTTERFLY
(Use This Cold Read When You’re going in for the Close)
I’m at an upscale Santa Monica lounge.
This lounge is the kind of place where I think everyone is retarded, caring more about what others think than what they think of themselves.
I meet a social butterfly. She’s all over over the place, introducing people, trying to control the situation, keep track of her friends, yada yada yada.
I start talking to her. I start small. In cold reading sometimes you want to start small.
I tell you more on why later. But suffice to you don’t want to “scare the cat away”, you don’t want to freak her out.
“You’re obviously this social girl everyone gets along with. But you clearly have another side to you.”
She bites, she say “What do you mean? What other side do you see?”
I warn her.
I do a take away telling her “You really don’t want me to tell you, you don’t want me to answer that question. I’m not sure you can handle it.”
Basically I’m setting the hook. Challenging her.
She bites harder. She start shaking my shoulders, saying “No, tell me! Tell me right now, I gotta know!”
She asked for it. I told her this…
“You’re Miss ‘I’m Gonna Take Care of Everyone’” I tell her. “But you do it for the wrong reasons. You don’t do it because you’re so concerned about everyone else. They’re your friends. You already know they can take care of themselves.”
“You do it because you want to manage everyone else’s impression of you. And it pisses you off.
“Because deep down, you don’t care what they think. You just want to let go of it all and have fun and do what you want. When was the last time you had really good, passionate, uninhibited sex?”
She fumbles for an answer. She didn’t know what to say.
So I say “Like I can clearly tell exactly what you need. You tell everyone what to do all the time, but you just want a real man to tell you what to do so you can relax and open up and let yourself be filled with a thrilling experience.”
At this point, she’s stunned. Shell shocked.
To be honest, I was rather shocked too it landed so powerfully. But I’ve cultivated my heart and intuition about women. I know how seductive cold reading works.
I know how to deliver my message for maximum impact.
Let’s just say when you have the skill, you can do this too.
So I ask her “Do you even know what I’m thinking about doing to you right now?
She begs me to tell her. “Tell me, tell me what are you going to do to me?”
So I describe it to her in detail. (I told her I wanted to take into the bathroom to fuck her brains out, but I couldn’t because I knew the owners of the club.)
At this point, she’s unleashed. Total feminine emotion pulsing throughout her body.
She rushes me into a corner, pretty much MOUTH RAPES me!
“Who said you could kiss me?” I asked. More kissing ensues.
Then suddenly, she backs off. In tears. “I hate it. I hate it. I hate controlling everyone. I hate taking care of everyone…”
Then she looks at me and says “I don’t know what it is about you. I don’t even date guys like you. What is this?!!”
Basically, she’s freaking out.
I smile as I say “Hey, shut it! Just. Shut. Up.” Laughing. More deep kissing.
This point she stops, backs away and says…
“Just take me anywhere, I don’t care where… just take me.”
And that’s what I did. I took her.

I just gave you 3 ways to develop unbreakable, deep, irresistible bonds with ANY woman of your choice
using seductive cold reading.

I mean… seriously… do NOT underestimate how seductively powerful this technology is.
When you study these case study, getting past all the superficialities, you’ll discover a power communication structure, few in the world appreciate, let alone understand.
Now, can you do this?
Yes, of course. You’re goddamn right you can. Otherwise I wouldn’t have put this page together.
Seductive cold reading isn’t about her being attracted to you or enjoying your company or even her feeling the urge to jump into bed with you (though that’s definitely part of the deal)…
This is so much more than that.
You’re affecting her on a deep, deep level with this technique…
This is a sneak-peek of a full-blown video course I plan to release sometime in the future for around $247 bucks.
But right now, this is your chance to get an insider’s look into “He Just Gets Me”.
You’ve just seen 3 of my cold reads.
But how would you like to learn TWENTY TWO more?
You’ll discover 22 of my most deadly, most revealing, most jaw-dropping ‘mind blows’.

In ‘He Just Gets Me’ course:

  • I’ll show to create your own seductive cold reads on the spot with any girl and in any situation…
  • My Best 25 specific in field cold reads
  • Plus, you’ll discover what’s going on ‘under the hood’…

He Just Gets Me will blow your mind – THREE DIFFERENT WAYS.
You see, the psychology and strategy behind cold reads is absolutely fascinating. There’s a disarming brilliance to it that makes devastatingly effective.
So one earth-trembling mind blow will happen when I pull back the curtain and show you how I do it…
… then I’ll reveal the simple, easy-to-follow, step-by-step cold reading mechanics…
… and the final mind blow #3 will happen when you’re in the field and you see how easy it is for you to do it yourself.
Starting at the very beginning, I’ll explain in DETAIL…

  • What cold reading is and what it can do…
  • Why cold reading works 97% of the time (and why the other 3% doesn’t matter)…
  • How seductive cold reading works EXACTLY…
  • How you can put these 25 stealth strategies to work within the next 3 hours…

Plus the 3 different types of cold reading…

  • There’s one for attraction…
  • One for connection…
  • And one for getting down ‘n dirty…

I’ll also show you when to use the 3 different types AND…

  • How to construct your own perfect cold reads…
  • Then I’ll show you how to apply them in any situation.

There lots more. You’ll also discover…

  • How to pace a girl and take control and lead a seductive cold read with a girl…
  • Never again wonder how to make a powerful, memorable first impression on a woman…
  • What to do when a cold read you make fails. Yes, there will times you will get it wrong. And here’s what to do–without skipping a beat…
  • Why you want to make bold statements instead of asking penetrating questions. This flies in the face of what other people into the game will tell you…
  • 5 ways to cold read for gauging attraction level and closing the girl at exactly the right moment. You’ll never again wonder whether or not you should go in the for the first kiss or the close…
  • How understanding the “Citizen Kane effect” will help you get laid…
  • How to demonstrate you understand her inner world just as well and as much as she does…
  • 7 ways to amplify your cold read using subtle physical and verbal sub-communications…
  • How to magnify your status, credibility and authority over her world with each and every statement you make…
  • How to create an internal sexual pressure cooker in her, where ultimately she must unleash her sexual desires with you…
  • How to ease into a cold read slowly and gently when you’re just starting out learning this powerful skill…
  • Why your spontaneity is key to closing her…
  • How not to freak her out when your revelations are so on the mark its creepy…
  • 5 ways to make every statement you make sound even truer…
  • How to break a woman’s psyche into parts and sides so that a woman immediately recognizes your statements as being true…
  • 3 ways to deal with when she disagrees with your cold read…
  • The type of eye contact that works best with cold reads. Staring deep into her eyes? A soft, masculine gaze? Delivering while looking away? A penetrating stare into her third eye for revelations? Which one works best?…
  • Can you integrate hypnotic language patterns with cold reading? You bet and here’s how…
  • How use masculine certainty to create the actions you want in a woman–the best part is she loves it when you do this!…
  • Which is better, cold reading and connecting? Or cold reading and challenging her? You learn both, but one is better than the other.

There’s so much more. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Jason Capital

I'm the BEST. Get my stuff, if you want to fuck.

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