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David DeAngelo – Love: The Final Chapter

What’s Included:
1) Love: The Final Chapter Video Seminars
2) Love: The Final Chapter Audio Seminars
3) David DeAngelo & Nathan – Value Regulation as Evolution Presentation (PowerPoint)
4) Love Physics Presentation (PowerPoint)
5) Geoffrey Miller – Sexual Evolution and Costly Signaling Presentation (PowerPoint)
6) The Magic Rapport Formula PDF
Retail Price: $297
Course Description

Real Love Is Within YOUR Reach… Here’s Every Life-Changing Technique, Concept, And “Magic Secret” You Need To Find (And Keep) The Relationship Of Your Dreams With A “Total-10” Woman in Love The Final Chapter
Do you feel like something important is missing from your life?
Something that makes it feel like a dark cloud hangs over everything you do? Something that casts a shadow over everything ELSE in your life, from your self-confidence and motivation to your social life and personal success?
If any of this sounds familiar, here’s my best guess about what that missing “something” is:

It’s a passionate, fulfilling LOVE RELATIONSHIP with an amazing woman.
Am I right?
If so, it’s not because I’m psychic.
It’s because I’ve been there.
There was a time that I was absolutely CONVINCED that I was doomed to live out my life alone.
I had ZERO hope that a great woman would ever find anything attractive about me. I was CERTAIN that no high-quality woman would want to date me, let alone hang around for anything that could remotely be called a “lasting relationship.”
Most painful of all…
I truly believed that NOTHING WAS EVER GOING TO CHANGE FOR ME… that this lonely, unhappy, desperate existence was all that I had to look forward to in life.
Not good.
If you know anything about me, you know that I eventually made a decision that would change my entire life, not to mention the lives of hundreds of thousands of OTHER men…
I decided that I was going to TAKE ACTION in a VERY big way…

Here’s How I Finally Won The “Big Game” In Love… And How YOU Can Do it, Too
For most of my life, I thought that once I had dating and attraction figured out, I’d finally be happy.
I mean… what could possibly make a guy feel more “fulfilled” than getting more dates than he could handle with smoking-hot women?
So, I started learning in the fastest, most obvious way that I knew how: by watching and learning from OTHER guys who were already “Masters” at succeeding with women.
I observed. I studied. I discovered.
I saw the “magic secrets” they were using to get women… secrets that I couldn’t have figured out for myself in a million years… and then I put those hidden secrets to work for ME.
And, man, did it work. BIG TIME.
Soon, I had more dates than I could handle. Life was good, and I quickly started to “give back” by sharing these dating secrets with every other guy who needed them.
The rest seemed destined to become “Double Your Dating” history…
… until something totally SHOCKING and UNEXPECTED happened:

I Still Didn’t Feel Happy… In Fact, Not Even Close.
Sure, I was having mind-blowing physical relationships with as many women as I wanted. Even with the actresses and models I’d fantasized about being with my whole life.
And, needless to say, I was VERY proud to teach my millions of “students” around the world how to do it, too.
But, in reality, I still wasn’t happy.
And, the toughest part was, I couldn’t really figure out why. I just knew I still had that empty, “something’s missing” feeling…
Of course, they say the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”… and that’s exactly what I was doing.
I went through one woman after another, and (no matter how attractive and nice they were) it never felt like anything was getting better in my life… that is, until something happened that stopped me in my tracks and hit me like a ton of bricks:

I Met The ONE Woman Who Was PERFECT For ME… And Instantly Felt Something That Went FAR Beyond Just “Chemistry” And Physical Attraction
Suddenly, I felt like I couldn’t get enough of being around this woman.
She knew how to support and understand me… including all of my hopes and dreams… like no one else could.
All I wanted to do was be with her, share with her, and learn from her.
Most of all, I only felt HAPPY when I was with her.
Now listen closely… this part is the whole key to changing YOUR life just like I did…
No matter how hopeless you feel about finding love right now, one thing is CERTAIN:
At some point, the woman who’s just right for YOU will come into your life… also known as YOUR own “most amazing woman in the world.”
And when it happens to you (maybe it already has) the only question that will matter is this:

Will YOU Know How To Make Her Fall For You? Or Will You Do Something Wrong And Totally BLOW It?
I can’t sugar-coat this.
The stakes couldn’t be higher.
The answer to this question is the whole ballgame when it comes to YOUR future happiness and what’s missing from your life TODAY.
When YOUR “most amazing woman” finally comes into your life (or if she already has) you must know exactly WHAT TO SAY AND DO NEXT, or you’ll just destroy the single greatest opportunity you ever had to find happiness.
In other words, do everything right, and your dreams will come true.
Mess up, and there’s no greater tragedy in life.
In fact, to get personal for a moment…
When I think back on meeting, marrying, and starting a family with my own “most amazing woman,” I can’t imagine anything more nightmarish than having possibly blown it with her.
It would have been the ultimate disaster… all of the wonderful, passionate, fulfillment in life that would never have happened!
But here’s the thing… I also learned that it takes something totally different to make “the one” fall for you and want a relationship… a whole NEW set of concepts, mindsets, tools, and techniques than it takes to just meet women and get dates.
(Painful and embarrassing note: when I tried using my “Double Your Dating” techniques upon meeting my future wife, she just laughed at me! Ouch.)
That in mind…
Want a sneak peek at what YOUR future holds?
Is it a life-changing relationship with an amazing, Total-10 woman? Or just more misery, loneliness, and heartache? Here’s the quickest way to find out:

3 Questions That Predict EVERYTHING About Your Future Happiness In Life And Love
Buckle up, here they come:
Question #1: Do you believe that it’s not only “possible” to find and keep your own “most amazing woman” at last… but that it’s actually GUARANTEED and INEVITABLE once you make a few changes in how you think and act?
Question #2: Do you believe that ANY man can learn how to create a relationship grows more passionate, intimate, and strong over time (instead of falling apart in anger and conflict like MOST relationships do?)
Question #3: Do you believe that YOU can start learning how to do ALL of this right now… I’m talking TODAY… more quickly and effortlessly than you ever thought possible?

You guessed it…the answer to ALL of these questions is “YES” (even if you aren’t quite convinced about it yet).
To prove it to you beyond a doubt…
If you do nothing else that’s possibly life-changing e today, I want you to take away one radically NEW IDEA with you.
It’s simply this:
Love is real. And you really CAN change your life by learning how to find and keep it…
… but first you have to decide to TAKE ACTION and make it happen.
As always, I want to be the one to help you do it!

Introducing The Culmination Of EVERYTHING That I’ve Ever Taught About Success With Women And Relationships… My Ground-Breaking, ALL-NEW “Love: The Final Chapter” Video Program
This is huge:
“Love: The Final Chapter” is an intense, in-depth collaboration with today’s top relationship experts, my most intimate friends, my valued students, my live audience, and…
… my own “most amazing woman”… my beautiful WIFE, who also happens to be an acclaimed, world-class relationship expert herself.
I have to tell you, as we rolled cameras to film this program, something jaw-dropping happened:
In “Love The Final Chapter,” we went big.
We brought it all and left nothing on the table.
The program became shockingly honest and raw.
Nothing was left out… all of the hardest-to-talk-about, intensely intimate stuff was exposed.
We dove deep into all the biggest conflicts, challenges and problems we face in love as men.
We went into crystal-clear detail about how to use ALL of the tools, techniques and answers that I’ve used so seriously in developing my own relationship.

Above all, “Love: The Final Chapter” is like nothing I’ve ever done before because it delivers the FINAL WORD on how to find LASTING, FOREVER LOVE at last.
Now, let’s get very specific:
Naturally, “Love: The Final Chapter” kicks off with complete summary of what I’ve taught up to this point… what works for creating ATTRACTION and CHEMISTRY with great women in the first place, including how to meet amazing women, get lots of dates, and close the deal.
And then we launch into it.. the heart-and-soul of this ALL-NEW program, including:

  • The obstacles that stop most men from finding lasting, fulfilling, passionate LOVE with an amazing woman … and how YOU can overcome each and every one of these obstacles effortlessly by doing just ONE thing.
  • Why your choice of a forever mate is the single most important choice you’ll make in life – PLUS a step-by-step guide for making the RIGHT choice and ensuring that she desperately, passionately wants YOU in return.
  • The secret “superpower” most men don’t know they have to get everything you want in life and love. (Tragic fact: 99% of guys have no clue what this superpower is, let alone how to “wield” it to get everything they want)
  • How to harness the most attractive masculine quality we’re ALL born with as men. This quality is the natural “ATTRACTOR” of great women to relationships… all you have to do is learn how to bring it out of yourself. HERE’S HOW…
  • A step-by-step guide to becoming a “more evolved” man… the ONLY kind of man who can effortlessly make a great woman PURSUE a relationship with him. (HINT: This quality is “hardwired” to make a woman want to “reproduce” and make more humans with YOU.)
  • Once you’ve created a relationship with your dream woman, here’s how to overcome EVERY PROBLEM you’ll come up against. From first days to old age, here’s how to make sure your relationship grows closer, more passionate, and stronger over time.
  • Plus so much more…

Add it all up, and “Love The Final Chapter” truly gives you the “master keys” to unlocking success at something far bigger and more important than just meeting women and getting dates…

This Program Is Called “Love The Final Chapter” For A Reason…
It’s truly my FINAL WORD on the subject… the ultimate, one-and-ONLY place you’ll find EVERY answer, tool and secret you’ll ever need to make an amazing, Total-10 woman fall in love and want a lasting, fulfilling, passionate RELATIONSHIP with you.

Your friend,
David DeAngelo

David DeAngelo

One of the things I’ve realized is that dating a supermodel isn’t going to automatically change your life and make you “happy” on the inside. In fact, if you believe that attracting a woman will be the answer to all of life’s problems, I’ve got bad news for you… But I can also tell you that learning how to successfully meet women anytime, day or night, in any situation will bring you HUGE benefits.

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