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2 Girls Teach Sex 1.0

What’s Included:
1) Multiple Orgasm Methods
2) Forbidden Sex Secrets
3) Advanced Sex Techniques For Guaranteed Orgasms
4) Shawna’s PornStar Sex Secrets
5) Secrets of Squirting Orgasms
6) Bonus: Animal Orgasms
7) Secret Training Manual
Retail Price: $97
Course Description

In this set of videos, topics include:

  • How a woman instinctively knows about the spots on another girl’s body to touch
  • How to touch women and putting the techniques into practice to satisfy your partner

List Of Topics Covered:
DVD #1 Multiple Orgasm Methods

  • Intro to videos
  • Seminar with Tori Black and Jazzy
  • How many can she have
  • How much time between orgasms
  • Foreplay orgasms
  • Never miss an opportunity
  • Four types of orgasms
  • A common mistake
  • Demonstrations with Shawna & Jessica

DVD #2 Advanced Sex Positions

  • Warming her up
  • The jockey
  • The bodyguard
  • The cross
  • The screw
  • Forbidden fruit
  • The scissor
  • The lotus
  • Vietnamese oyster

DVD #3 Forbidden Sex Secrets

  • Setting up your bedroom
  • Spice up “doggystyle”
  • Sex locations that will turn her on
  • How to talk dirty to your woman
  • Why women hate inexperienced guys
  • Things a man must know about a woman
  • A deadly mistake 77% of men make in bed
  • The right time to get emotional with a woman
  • The common sex technique women secretly hate
  • The 7-word sentence that puts her in the mood
  • How to smoothly move from one position to the next
  • How to introduce kinky stuff into your experiences
  • The ways women like men to be romantic in bed
  • The 3 things you must do before you get in your bedroom
  • The main rule to be observed for women to have an incredible orgasm
  • The order of positions to give her the best chance of having multiple orgasms

DVD #4 Secrets Of Squirting Orgasms

  • Information about squirting orgasms
  • Where to touch on a woman’s body to get her to squirt
  • Live and explicit demonstration of how to give a woman a squirting orgasm

DVD #5 Shawna Sex Secrets

  • How long a guy should last in bed
  • Three different techniques for foreplay
  • Five kissing secrets used by French men
  • How guys in porn learned to be good at sex
  • How to finger a woman while she is still dressed
  • Inside the mind of “Hottest Girl in Porn 2008”
  • How to turn your girl into a screaming porn star
  • The 3 types of orgasms you can give her before sex
  • Why stamina does not matter if you don’t have proper technique
  • How to get your woman to do Shawna’s favorite sexual position
  • Addressing your “cumming too fast” thoughts and your stamina
  • Three reasons why foreplay should not stop until she orgasms
  • The simple sentence that relaxes her and gets her ready for sex
  • What prevents women from powerful orgasms and how to remove it
  • The main mistake guys make both during porn sex and in real life
  • A 4-step massage that initiates sex even when she is not in the mood
  • How to take an ordinary bedroom accessory and turn it into a sex toy
  • Why confidence is “biologically proven” to be the biggest turn on for girls
  • The doggy style grip to create a bad boy image and increase her animalistic pleasure

And many more!


Our programs are all about sexual education for anyone, with focus on demonstrating various sex techniques on our sexual professional pornstars.

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