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2GTS 2.0 + 6 Months Sexual Mastery Club

What’s Included:
1) Sex Initiating Massage
2) Foreplay Secrets
3) Multiple Orgasm Methods
4) Stamina Bonus
5) Sex Positions
6) Her Best Lover Ever
7) Animalistic Orgasms
8) Sex Secrets That Men Don’t Know
9) Monique’s Guide To The Female Body
10) Adriana’s Guide To The Female Body
11) Gracie’s Guide To The Female Body
12) Casanova Kissing Secrets
13) Secret Sexual Signals
Retail Price: Base Course $194
+ Mastery Club 6 Months * $47/month
Course Description

DVD Program with coaching from porn star girls Monique, Gracie, Lexie and Adriana. 2 Girls Teach Sex 2.0 consists of 7 unique programs, each designed to give you mastery of a different part of the sexual experience.


Our programs are all about sexual education for anyone, with focus on demonstrating various sex techniques on our sexual professional pornstars.

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  • Full 6 Months Sexual Mastery Club

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