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Keni Styles – Superman Stamina

What’s Included:
1) Secrets of Superman Stamina Revealed
2) Superman Stamina In Action
3) The Superman Stamina Interactive Trainer
4) Bonus: 5 Types of Orgasms
5) Bonus: Her Best Lover Ever
6) Bonus: Oral Sex Magic
Retail Price: $97
Course Description

“Superman Stamina” from Keni Styles provides information on how to eliminate premature ejaculation issues of men.
List Of Topics Covered:

  • How to avoid using the “v” drug
  • How to give a girl orgasms before sex
  • Making your ejaculations more powerful
  • Mentally preparing yourself before sex
  • What not to think about during sex
  • Getting a girl to think you are perfect size for her
  • Male pornstars and performance drugs – the truth
  • Blocking out failures memories with women
  • A method outside the bedroom that makes a girl overly horny
  • Explanation of the direct link between your balls and brain
  • Increasing your sex drive to keep up with hers
  • Eliminating premature ejaculation psychological baggage
  • How to manage dating a girl that you failed with in the past
  • What pornstars know about staying hard and lasting for long durations of sex
  • Areas outside of the bedroom that are possibly messing up your sex life


  • Deep penetration positions
  • A total control position
  • Secrets of instant erections
  • When and how you should “release”
  • A special technique to increase your stamina
  • Changing your techniques to last longer with women
  • Pornstar secrets for increasing your physical stamina
  • How to train yourself each time you have sex with your girl
  • How to master non-verbal communication in the bedroom
  • A technique that delays your orgasm and keeps you hard
  • The best position to build rhythm to a powerful orgasm
  • Video demonstration of Keni giving Krissy a real orgasm
  • A method to ensure that you won’t lose your erection during sex
  • A variation on doggy-style that puts you in hard-pounding control
  • Special thrusting patterns that allow you to have maximum stamina
  • The sexual position to avoid if you have a history of poor stamina
  • How to prevent yourself from pre-mature ejaculation when she is on top
  • Managing the “slow down” to make sure she doesn’t lose her orgasm
  • Foreplay techniques to triple the chances of her having an orgasm during penetration


  • Guidance through the Male Arousal Ladder
  • Exercise to last as long as you want during sex

And many more…


Our programs are all about sexual education for anyone, with focus on demonstrating various sex techniques on our sexual professional pornstars.

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