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Jason Capital – 77 Ways to Make Her Want to Fuck You

What’s Included:
1) 77 Ways to Make Her Want to Fuck You eBook
2) The Dude Crusher Method eBook
3) How To Get Hotter Women eBook
4) Adventure Reports eBook
5) The Orgasm Club With Jason Capital and Jason Julius eBook
6) The Charm Bible by Jason Capital eBook
7) The Subliminal Switch Video Training Series
8) VIP Customer Bonuses
Retail Price: $77
Course Description

Jason Capital has written an explicit book with 77 different methods for making a woman want to F@#k you. The book includes methods, tactics, and techniques for attracting, seducing, and bedding down any woman you choose.
The book covers a variety of seduction methods, ways to increase the pleasure of orgasms, and how to use text messaging to get sex. Many of the methods attempt to boldly address the psychology of “playing the game” and getting a woman to have sex.
Purchase includes The Dude Crusher Method – additional advice such as a technique for ensuring a girl pays attention to you and ignores other guys, and routines for dealing with ultra-aggressive competitors and how to humiliate them.

What if you had so many different, success-certain ways to attract, seduce and bed-down any woman you choose… that you literally became a walking pussy-magnet?
Let’s not dick around here.
You’re reading this page because you want to know one thing. How to make your object of desire want, need and demand to fuck you.

You’re going to be able to…



You see, I’ve just written a new book entitled
“77 Ways To Make Her Want To F@#k You”

But there are 3 things you should know…

  1. Number One – It is very explicit and NOT for the easily offended. We have received “hate mail” from outraged feminists for Methods #17 and #62, specifically.
  2. Number Two – It is very expensive. And therefore not for guys too scared to implement the methods, tactics and techniques described within.
  3. Number Three – Each one is GUARANTEED to work. I’ve personally not just tested, but PERFECTED each method. My 140,000 clients and I have already used them to fuck tens of thousands of the hottest women in the world, from Playboy Bunnies to innocent librarians, and every other vagina in-between. There’s a decent chance a hot girl you know has been fucked by a customer of mine.

So if you’re NOT serious about making every woman in the world think
you are a walking f@#k-magnet… it’s probably best you don’t invest at all.


  • A little-known ‘takeaway’ strategy to put animal attraction on steroids. (Method #2)
  • A “fun ‘n’ filthy” tactic to produce screams of orgasmic pleasure. Using this bold maneuver expresses your dominance and drives her WILD. (Method #12)
  • The Secret Seduction Triad that instantly (and very subtly) makes you alluring, entrancing and irresistible. (Method #1)
  • How to make your girl experience what it’s like to have mind-blowing sex with you… before you even take your clothes off. (Method #9)
  • This single sentence gets her heart-pounding instantly. Combine it with a “tension glance” and moisten panties in seconds. (Method #4)
  • The Secret Of Sexual Serendipity. Don’t freak out! It’s not mystical, magical or superstitious BS… sexual serendipity is a powerful force available to you right now. Here’s how to tap into it… (Method #32)
  • Why offering ‘just the tip’ is the fool-proof way to unleash her inner sex animal. (Method #8)
  • Why playing The Blame Game is the fastest and easiest way to Stealth Seduction. (She won’t know what you’re doing until she’s glued to your dick.) (Method #22)
  • How to “text” the sex INTO your relationship. The simple text game that seduces FOR you. (And don’t be surprised if she’s hammering on your front door an hour later!) (Method #14)
  • Why getting it on in public lights her fire quicker than kerosene. (Method #24)

Did you know, when female bank tellers are held at gun point, they are ALSO secretly turned on? It’s true.
And I’ll Show You How To…

This is the exact type of thing you’ve always wanted but have never been able to find in other so-called seduction manuals.
In 77 Ways to Make Her Want to F@#k YOU Nothing is Held Back!

  • How to leverage the current ‘Pussification’ of younger guys to make her see YOU as the dominant, alpha male. A man who will fulfill her every need in the bedroom. (Method #3)
  • Rapport Reversal: My flat-out favorite way to quickly turn a girl on. As quick and easy as a drunk stripper at 2am. (Method #30)
  • The secrets of the ‘deep spot’ (the hyper-sensitive and anatomically disguised little pleasure point she WISHES you would discover for her) (Method #18)
  • The often-overlooked power of The Adventure Advantage. Every girl is a sucker for this but it’s NEWS to most men. (Method #19)
  • The 3-step sequence to have a girl anchor positive, intense emotions with you. The result? She instantly becomes more open to letting you into her life… and her bed. (Method #41)
  • This astonishing ‘soul sex’ strategy reduces your object of lust to a quivering, sex-crazed wreck. (Method #20)
  • And… when you get REALLY good at “The Pink Elephant Trick” you’ll find you can use it on any girl at any time. And you’ll want to. Best part? It’s a fun little sexual tension-escalator for both of you. I guarantee you’ll be using it A LOT… (Method #41)

And we’ve only scratched the surface. Here’s another taste of the…

…inside what people are already calling the ‘street-smart seducers bible’…

  • Say this sentence to quickly move her from flat-out disinterested to suddenly, undeniably turned on! (Method #24)
  • Wanna know the world’s most powerful aphrodisiac? Hint: it’s NOT chocolates, roses or oysters.(Method #47)
  • Advanced secrets of non-neediness. Why a ‘schoolboy’ trick is the #1 way to radiate irresistible attraction. (Method #23)
  • Plug-in sensual seduction language to your repertoire. Swipe my personal list of ‘turn-on words’ guaranteed to make her hot and horny. (Method #31)
  • The art of Escalate And Release. Use this on every single girl you seduce. Mastering this skill turns her into a sex-mad hellcat ready to pounce! (Method #54)
  • The ‘Hank Moody’. A downright magical escalation technique “inspired” by Californication. (Method #37)
  • Use With Caution: The devious “friendship killer” that immediately escalates sexual tension. (Method #43)

It’s ALL about the push-pull. The playful back and forth to seize her interest and escalate her attraction to you effortlessly.
Take just a handful of these 77 sure-fire seducers and you’ll see how EASY it really is to get crazy-hot women literally throwing themselves at you…


  • How to make her accept you’re going to kiss her. Believe there’s nothing she can do about it. And know it’s what SHE wants. (Method #29)
  • How to trigger a simple ‘brain hack’ so deceptively powerful, her mind will flood with ‘pantie-soaking’ images of the two of you between the sheets. (Method #30)
  • The Traffic Light Seduction Secret passed onto me by “The Don” — a shadowy seduction master. (Method #24)
  • How to use Robert Cialdini’s legendary “principle of commitment and consistency” to make her sexually attracted to you – on demand. (Method #34)
  • The Command And Challenge technique shared with me by a true underground seduction expert. I never believed this would work… until I tested it! (Method #33)
  • The Hot Girl Truism. Understand this to make obscenely beautiful women subconsciously SUBMIT to you. Plus, a few ‘trigger words’ to immediately place you head and shoulders above your competition. (Method #54)
  • The “blood sucker” technique to automatically make her sexually escalate ON YOU (Method #41)

Methods So Effective Experts Predict They’ll Be Illegal Within 12 MONTHS!

  • The REVERSE Ass Grab. Still don’t quite understand why… but this turns her on like nothing else. (Method #35)
  • 3 little questions guaranteed to trigger a physical reaction so intense… so undeniable… she’s desperate to jump into bed with you. (Method #36)
  • How using ‘sensual language’ can make her heart-pound. Plus a proven ‘never fails’ script you can use as soon as tonight if you want. (Method #11)
  • How to indirectly share sexual ‘tidbits’ that make her believe you’re amazingly confident (and awesome) in bed. (Method #39)
  • A secret ‘dark side’ technique that takes her from soul-crushing disappointment to elation, excitement and erotic satisfaction (with you). (Method #19)
  • How to produce a stream of ultra-seductive hypnotic language on demand… and… fill her mind with dirty thoughts about YOU. (Plus how creating ‘barriers’ intensifies her attraction to you) (Method #12)
  • How telling a girl you’re NOT going to kiss her will make her BEG and PLEAD to be kissed. This is the kind of sexual tension secret that girls WANT you to know. (Method #45)
  • The Babe Ruth. Drop this into conversation and watch it land like an atom bomb. She won’t be able to focus on anything but the thought of planting her lips on yours. (Method #43)
  • The genius of The Fake Argument. Take her on an unpredictable emotional rollercoaster. One that creates intense HEAT between the two of you. (Method #45)
  • The Pick Her Up Pickup technique. Shamelessly stolen from the world’s best closers. (Method #46)
  • How to transmit ‘sexual chemistry codes’ so she becomes INSANELY attracted by your body movement. (Method #15)
  • The Pick Her Up Pickup technique. Shamelessly stolen from the world’s best closers. (Method #46)
  • How to transmit ‘sexual chemistry codes’ so she becomes INSANELY attracted by your body movement. (Method #15)
  • How to mix role playing with future pacing so she ALREADY feels like you’re her boyfriend (even if you only just met!) (Method #49)

Regular clients of mine will tell you I’m a BIG fan of the “push-pull” technique.
There’s something wired deep inside the female brain that NEEDS to be kept on its toes.
Get too close too often? She loses interest.
Keep her at arm’s length for too long? She loses interest.
But find a balance between the two?

You’ll find out exactly how to master this tricky strategy and become a sexual POWERHOUSE inside ‘77 Ways to Make Her Want to F@#K You.
Plus there’s so much more…

Jason Capital

I'm the BEST. Get my stuff, if you want to fuck.

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