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Gabrielle Moore – The Three-Dimensional Lover

What’s Included:
1) The Three-Dimensional Lover Video
2) The Three-Dimensional Lover Audio
3) The Three-Dimensional Lover eBook
Retail Price: $47
Course Description

“How To Become The Man That Women Secretly Crave And Fantasize About In Bed!”
Dear Friend,
How would you like to become the type of man that women read about in their favorite romance novels? The type of man they think about as they touch themselves, working themselves into an orgasmic fever as they fantasize about being ravished by a man who can make her swoon just from walking into a room.
That is one of the most powerful “”images”” a woman can create for herself. And secretly, she deeply craves a man who can make her body feel as good as she just imagined it… the feeling of being so free that she feels as if she is floating in near total ecstasy.
When you can create that type of persona, when you can show up for your wife or girlfriend on a daily basis with that amount of confidence and presence… you’ll suddenly have a woman in your life who will do anything with you, for you, to you… who will follow your sexual lead where ever you feel like taking it.”

  1. THE DEEP, SECRET FANTASY… That most women through the world have. You’ll be able to tap into her primal wild side once you understand it.
  2. THE ONE WAY SHE WILL BECOME… Helplessly overpowered by the pleasure of the experience that you give her. She’ll process emotions she didn’t even know were there.
  3. THE TOP “TOOLS” TO BRING INTO… The bedroom and how to use them to make her feel totally fulfilled sexually.
  4. THE SIX ROLE-PLAYING SCENARIOS… That will unlock her deepest sexual fantasies. Use these for an evening that neither one of you will forget.
  5. THE BEST TIME TO USE THE… Missionary position. And no, this is not the same missionary that is part of most routine, boring sex lives!
  6. THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT THING… You MUST do in order for her to fully surrender to the orgasmic bliss that these fantasy experiences produce. You absolutely cannot skip this step if you want to take her to the deep places that she really wants to go to.
  7. THE ONE THING YOU CAN DO… While she is preparing for sex that will blow her mind. It’s a fantasy she probably already has, but most likely has never shared with you because she’s too nervous.
  8. THE ONE FANTASY THAT MOST WOMEN… Share, but will never reveal because it just seems so dangerous.
  9. HOW TO FINALLY BE ABLE TO… Do all the crazy and taboo things you have always dreamed of and why that will allow you to regularly have the best sex of your life.
  10. SIX PUBLIC PLACES THAT… Are great for a mid-day romp. Surprise her one day and give her a memory she’ll never forget.
  11. THE BEST TIME TO BE… Rough and rowdy… and when to take things slow and soft. She’ll be swept up in a river of romantic bliss that will linger with her all day long.
  12. THE TYPE OF MAN EVERY… Woman secretly wishes for… and how you can be that man tonight! You’ll have more sex, more often and for longer than you have ever experienced before.

Gabrielle Moore

I am a lawyer-turned bestselling sex advice expert. Over 500,000 people across the planet subscribe to my daily online tips.

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