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Gabrielle Moore – Remote Vibrations

What’s Included:
1) Remote Vibrations Video
2) Remote Vibrations eBook
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Course Description

“Using A Remote Vibrator For Hands-Free Pleasure And Trembling Orgasms”
Once Upon A Time, Vibrators Were Something…
Strange and foreign to most men and women. However, attitudes are changing and technology as well! It has been sexual gratification which has driven much of our technological advances in the past century, from photography and video all the way up to robotics and modern haptic devices, so it is not a surprise to see something as innovative and fun as a remote control vibrator.
One of the best things about remote control vibrators is the kind of cooperative effort they encourage with sexual partners. Because the functions of this vibrator are split between two different devices – the vibrator itself, and the remote control – you and your lover get the sense of having a real partnership around bringing her to orgasm. One of you gets to physically control the location and pressure of the vibrator pressed into her flesh, while the other controls the on/off function and the speed of the motor.

  1. WE’LL SHOW YOU A HILARIOUS WAY… To make every stoplight count when you’re driving together…!
  2. WE’VE COME UP WITH 7 DIFFERENT… Games you can play with her using the remote vibrator that will drive her insane with orgasmic ecstasy…!
  3. WE’LL SHOW YOU A VERY SIMPLE… Activity you can do with her that not only looks incredibly sexy, but you’ll also get to learn how to use the remote vibrator on her in a way that feels really good…!
  4. IT’S IMPORTANT TO DO THIS STEP… Because you want to make sure the vibrations are at a level that’s pleasurable to her. Not too weak, not too intense… just perfect. This little exercise will show you how to find out what works for her…!
  5. YOU’LL ALSO LEARN HOW TO… Use the remote vibrator to bring her over the edge during sex. This really adds another dimension to the pleasure you’re giving her…!
  6. FINALLY, WE’RE GOING TO… Show you how to integrate the remote vibrator with the bondage we teach you in a previous module to stimulate her all over and take complete control of her orgasm…!

Gabrielle Moore

I am a lawyer-turned bestselling sex advice expert. Over 500,000 people across the planet subscribe to my daily online tips.

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