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2GTS – Ultimate Fantasy

What’s Included:
1) Oral Sex Magic
2) Orgasm of The Month
3) Rear Entry Made Easy
4) Threesome Code
Retail Price: $197
Course Description

Oral Sex Magic
This video sex guide teaches you how to give women the hottest sexual experience. It is designed to show you the secrets of full body orgasm, as well as creating the best orgasm possible. List of Topics Covered:

  • Four kinds of oral orgasms
  • How long to go down on her
  • Where to kiss before you go down on her
  • Seven oral sex secrets that men do not know
  • Two toys to make a woman immediately orgasm
  • Using variations of 69 to create stronger orgasms
  • Fingering techniques for a more intense foreplay orgasm
  • How to make your girl excited before going down on her
  • 3 steps tongue flicking pattern to cause multiple orgasms
  • A technique that gets your girl to love going down on you
  • How to get her excited about doing naughty new things
  • Convincing her to want to give you oral sex every morning
  • How to create harder and faster orgasms using your hands during oral

Rear Entry Made Easy
This instructional video course with seminar and live demonstrations shows you how to encourage a woman to have anal sex with you and how to give her anal orgasms from it. List of Topics Covered:

  • How anal orgasms work
  • Anal sex toy demonstrations and supplies
  • Considering the ‘no mess of anal sex’ factor
  • Putting your woman into the “Bad Girl” mindset
  • How to finish off anal sex to get the best result
  • How to eliminate your girls fear of anal hurting her
  • A common lube to avoid due to its burning sensation
  • Demonstrations of the best ‘anal sex’ positions to attain orgasm
  • Giving girls multiple anal sex orgasms (demonstration by Tori Black)
  • The duration of sex that works best with anal (different from vaginal intercourse)
  • What to say to bring up anal sex with your girl in an interested and curious way
  • Foreplay that helps to make your girl feel comfortable the first time you try anal
  • Using anal sex to increase your woman’s mental and psychological sexual stimulation

Threesome Code (3some Code)
The Threesome Code (3some Code) program is for the people who want to have fantastic sex with three people.
It is designed to show you how to get your girl or man interested in and have fun with it. List of Topics Covered:

  • How to pick up another girl
  • What toys to use for threesome
  • Locations to find girls for threesome
  • Best five threesome positions
  • How to do foreplay during a threesome
  • A smooth rejection to start a threesome
  • Techniques to tell you if a girl is into another
  • Five mistakes guys always make it at the first time
  • Making sure a girl feels comfortable to bring out her naughty side
  • The kind of girl that you should not bring into your relationship
  • How to get 2 girls fill full with each other and with you at the same time
  • How to make your girl pick up the girl that you want to have a threesome with
  • Starting a conversation with a good topic that gets her excited about playing with another person

And much more!


Our programs are all about sexual education for anyone, with focus on demonstrating various sex techniques on our sexual professional pornstars.

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