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2 Girls Teach Sex Official Ebook + Extras

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What’s Included:
1) 2 Girls Teach Sex Ebook
2) 5 Reasons She’s Not In The Mood
3) Backdoor Sex
4) Guide To The 15 Minute Orgasm
5) How To Get Your Girl To Love Giving You Blowjobs
6) How To Give Your Girl A Sexual Mind Fuck
7) Revealing Her Sexual Personality
8) Stamina Report
9) The Best Of Shower Sex
10) Hottest Sex Positions of 2015
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Book Description

This ebook summarizes a lot of the advice provided in the 2 Girls Teach Sex portfolio of DVD products. It covers sexual positions, sexual techniques, and why they are important to your relationships with women (and attraction). List of Topics Covered:

  • Ok sex versus amazing sex
  • The tantalizing hand touch
  • A woman’s tell-tale signs of boredom
  • Shawna’s hottest foreplay techniques
  • The elusive pleasure zone on a woman
  • Her most sensitive hot spots / erogenous zones
  • The missing link between emotions and strong orgasms
  • A penetration technique that gives a new twist on thrusting
  • How to spot a “fake” and make sure it never happens to you
  • A graphic picture tutorial of an advanced version of the doggy style
  • Shawna and friends reveal their favorite sex positions, with details
  • Cheating the cheater: what causes a woman to cheat and how to avoid it
  • Three types of multiple orgasms and how to repeatedly give them to a woman
  • The science of sex: evolutionary findings about how women choose their mates
  • Being “The Man” vs. being mean: becoming her ultimate fantasy and developing confidence

And many more…


Our programs are all about sexual education for anyone, with focus on demonstrating various sex techniques on our sexual professional pornstars.

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