We don’t usually offer refunds after a product is downloaded, because you technically “consumed” the product. But our system keeps all the logs, so we can always check if the product is downloaded, and in case you decide you don’t want it without downloading it, we can refund you. We can’t refund you if you didn’t like the product or if it didn’t really help you. We can’t vouch that all the products on our store can help you or will help you, since, after all, they are “self-help” products. Most of their effectiveness depends on yourself and how you apply it. Also, please keep in mind that different authors and coaches teach different methods and styles that helped them personally and a lot of other people, but it can’t be guaranteed that their products can help everybody. We can’t guarantee your satisfaction with a technique/method, but we can guarantee low prices and the chance to always be able to try a new product and not burn your wallet.