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Vin DiCarlo – The Attraction Code

What’s Included:
1) The Attraction Code
2) Secrets of Sexual Tension
3) Objection Game
4) NoFlakes!
5) DiCarlo Escalation Ladder 2nd Edition
6) Get Your Girl Back Sample Chapter
Retail Price: $49
Course Description

This program provides an explanation of and instruction on Vin DiCarlo’s approach to attracting women, also known as “Natural Game”. It is primarily mindset and attitude based (inner game & confidence skillset).
This is Vin DiCarlo’s introductory product for people starting to learn his dating system.
Bonus items include:

  • No Flakes! ebook
  • Objection Game ebook
  • Secrets of Sexual Tension ebook
  • DiCarlo Escalation Ladder, 2nd Ed ebook
  • Free chapter of “Get Your Girl Back” ebook

List of Topics Covered:

  • My Very First Thoughts about Attraction
  • There’s Always the Dating Lottery
  • The Early Frustrations I Faced as a Pick-Up Artist in Training
  • My First Encounter with a Super-Natural
  • Throwing My Routine “Cheat Sheet” Out The Window
  • If You Really Want This, There Is One Thing You MUST Do
  • How to Read This Book
  • How Much Casanova is in YOUR Blood?

Chapter 1: Social Status, Dominance and attraction

  • The Difference between What Attracts Men And What Attracts Women
  • Attraction Code Clue #1: Secret Traits
  • What is Status?
  • Attraction Code Clue #2: Dominance and Status
  • Patrick’s Story 1: Being Average ain’t so Bad Or is it?
  • A Brief History of Dominance
  • Attraction Code Clue #3: Leadership Abilities
  • What Does this Have to Do with Sex?
  • A Tale of Two Gentlemen
  • Attraction Code Clue #4: A Thinking Man’s Game
  • A Glitch in the Matrix
  • Patrick’s Story 2: Eyes Wide Open

Chapter 2: Origins of the Attraction Code

  • Is Your Mental Software Obsolete?
  • Attraction Code Clue #5: Technology is Winning the Race
  • Tonight on the Discovery Channel…
  • Attraction Code Clue #6: Sex Differences
  • The Origin of Social Behavior
  • The Amazing Effects of Mega Memory
  • Attraction Code Clue #7: Mind Your Thoughts
  • Patrick’s Story 3: “What’s He Got that I Don’t?”
  • The New Alpha: Take Me to Your Leader
  • Attraction Code Clue #8: The Nature of Focus
  • Act Civilized
  • Attraction Code Clue #9: The Consequences of Sex
  • Putting the Fear of God in You
  • Effects of Society on Modern Women
  • Patrick’s Story #4: “Why Won’t She Answer the Phone?”

Chapter 3: Female psychology, how to View Women, and Why The attraction Code Works

  • Women Don’t Make Sense… Or Do They?
  • What I Learned About Women in Physics 101
  • A Robot With Boobs
  • One Team, One Dream
  • Patrick’s Story #5: The Hump
  • How Women See Men
  • Attraction Code Clue #10: An Emotional Response
  • Is it True What They Say About People Who Read This Book?
  • Freudian Slip
  • She Can’t Get No… Satisfaction
  • How to Measure a Woman’s Attraction to You
  • A Blueprint of a Woman’s Behavior
  • Attraction Code Clue #11: The Final Test
  • Patrick’s Story 6: Social Intelligence
  • Relax It’s Only a Test
  • Women’s Tests Disarmed 1: Receptivity Tests
  • Women’s Tests Disarmed 2: Windows of Opportunity
  • Women’s Tests Disarmed 3: Challenge Testing
  • When in Doubt, Shrug
  • Patrick’s Story 7: It’s a Physical Game
  • Understanding the Attraction Spike
  • Reflex Compliance
  • “Flip the Script”
  • Backwards Rationalization and Cognitive Dissonance
  • Patrick’s Story 8: The Brick Wall
  • How to Manage Sexual Tension
  • How Fast Should You Escalate to Sex?
  • The Five Potential Dangers of Fast Escalation and How to Deal with Them
  • Patrick’s Story 9: Unsolved
  • The Code Awaits

Chapter 4: The attraction Code

  • The 4EP Model of Personal Expression
  • The Attraction Code Defined
  • The Dangers of Becoming an “Inner Game Junkie”
  • Patrick’s Story 10: Oh Yeah… Logistics
  • How to Develop Powerful Intention and an Attractive Core Identity
  • The Eleven Immutable Laws of an Attractive Identity
  • The End of Natural Game?
  • The Quick and Dirty Guide to Manufacturing Confidence
  • Patrick’s Story 11: Sex is about Us
  • Focus I’m about to Hand You the Instruction Manual for Your Mind
  • Is Your Attention A Leaky Faucet?
  • A Proof They Don’t Teach in Math Class
  • The Mind is Like a Vacuum And Yes… Tat’s a Good Ting
  • Yoga for the Pick-up Artist
  • How to Use ‘Shaping’ to Influence a Woman’s Behavior
  • Tree Bullet-Proof Methods of Shaping or, Obedience School for Women
  • The Difference between Shaping Relationships by Accident and On Purpose
  • “Flip the Script Part II”
  • The Secret Mindset for Accelerating Physical Intimacy
  • How to Attract a Woman You Are Already Friends With
  • Developing an Invincible State
  • Patrick’s Story 12: Broken Promises
  • The Three Frictions: Attention Fixation, Social Pressure, Intention-Violation
  • Behind the Scenes of DiClassified Drills and The FSE Feedback System
  • The Highest Level of State Control
  • The Little-Known Connection between Pick-Up and Heavy Metal
  • Transparency and Freedom of Expression
  • The End Result of Internalizing the Attraction Code
  • Patrick’s Story 13: Liberation

Resources for Further Study

  • Appendix 1: The Hard-Core Science Behind Attraction
  • Appendix 2: Relationship of I-LoC to Dominance

And many more…

Vin DiCarlo

I am a dating advisor and coach from Connecticut. My advice is based on "Structured Natural Game". Most of my products teach men how to successfully approach, flirt and date a woman based on her personality type.

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