• 01 – girlfriend game
  • 02 – Who Are You- The NOOB
  • 03 – Who Are You- The BOYFRIEND
  • 04 – How To Keep Her Attracted
  • 05 – When She Has Problems
  • 06 – Open Relationships
  • 07 – Threesomes
  • 08 – When You’re In A Shit
  • 09 – She Doesn’t Want
  • 10 – I Don’t Have Enough Time
  • 11 – Jealousy
  • 12 – Long Distance
  • 13 – GF Text Game

RSD Max – Girlfriend Game

What’s Included:
1) Inner Game Debunking Myths
2) How to get a Girlfriend
3) Monogamy & Polygamy
4) Problems in Your Relationship
5) Advanced Girlfriend Game
6) Bonus: Girlfriend Text Game
7) Bonus: “The Girlfriend-Getter” Action Toolkit included in all chapters
8) Bonus: RSD Max coaches Relationship Manifestos (7+ Hours)
9) Bonus: 2 Derek Interviews
Retail Price: $497+
Course Description

Welcome to Girlfriend Game

Before I started with game, I didn’t really know anything about attracting girls. I didn’t know what to say, I didn’t know what a ‘set’ was, or what it meant to ‘pull’ or ‘close’ I didn’t know any of that.
I only knew one thing:
I wanted a girl I could spend time with, a girl that UNDERSTOOD ME, a girl that I could just be myself with.
All I wanted was to feel accepted, loved, and respected.
I thought:
“Hey, I’m a GOOD GUY!”
“If I could just get ONE GIRL to see how awesome I am, everything will be fine…”
“I just haven’t found the ‘right one’ yet!”
Deep down, I knew I had so much to give!
But there was something stopping me from letting it out.
I had to force myself to go out, and when I finally did…
Instead of finding that ‘perfect girl’, I would get ignored, friend-zoned or made fun of. I didn’t know what to do, and no matter what I did, I just couldn’t figure it out.
I would go out, only to watch all the other guys get the girls. These guys were just IDIOTS and DOUCHEBAGS, and yet they were getting laid and I wasn’t.

It was so unfair!
“So this is what I have to do… this is who I have to BECOME?!?!”
It just felt so wrong, I was caught in a whirlwind of confusion and frustration.
You probably feel the same way, and let’s face it, you are in the game because of 3 REASONS:

  • 1. You feel disrespected and disappointed – a. Girlfriend Game will help you heal past trauma, make you feel empowered again, and help you regain control of YOUR LIFE.
  • 2. You want to get a girlfriend, or you had one and it didn’t work out… – a. Girlfriend Game will help you get a 10 out of 10 girlfriend that turns you on, supports you, and hustles with you, side-by-side.
  • 3. You want to sleep with lots of women… – a. Girlfriend Game will help you get experiences you could otherwise NEVER HAVE – open relationships, threesomes, multiple girlfriends, you name it.

No matter what your goal is, you find yourself stumbling around, just trying stuff…
“Maybe I’ll say this… Maybe I’ll try that…”
Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t – you watch our videos, you pump yourself up, and you go out, and…

You fail, and you fail, and you fail.
But amidst the failure, every now and then you get a little taste of success – a smirk on the street, a kiss in the club, a same-night lay.
And little by little, you find yourself getting better… and better… and better.
You get one girl, then the next, then another – you keep improving, until one day… something magical happens.
You wake up, you look over, and she’s right there, laying next to you… and for some reason – you don’t want her to leave.
You don’t know what it is – but despite everything you know about game, you want her to stay, you want to make her your girlfriend.
Everything is awesome at first – you spend all your days and nights together, you have amazing experiences…
Then a few months go by, and you notice something:

  • The sex isn’t as good as it used to be – she used to be DYING to f*ck you! You basically had to pull her off of you, and now she’s never in the mood… what happened?
  • Instead of romantic nights together, you have arguments over and over again about things that don’t even matter.
  • Rather than continue to grow – you start to feel stuck, as if she’s holding you back… and you can’t help but wonder if you’re holding her back too.

Then as quickly as it started…

You lose her, you lose all of the time and effort you invested, and what’s worse:
You lose that awesome version of yourself that got her in the first place… It’s just GONE.
You fall into the darkness – you hide, you vent, you let out the frustration, and hopefully…
You grow in the process.
It might take days… or months… or years… but eventually – You decide to try again.
But this time, it’s different.
The “pimp it”, “approach hard”, “sleep with lots of girls” method – you already tried that, and it got you some results. But when it came to attracting, getting, and ACTUALLY KEEPING a girlfriend…

So the question is:
What is preventing you from making the same mistake?
What is there to stop you from repeating the same pattern of going out, getting a girl, thinking everything is awesome… and then having things fall apart right in front of your very eyes?
What is the GUARANTEE that THIS TIME you’ll get it right?
I’ve basically seen it all at this point:

  • My personal experience of 8 years in the game and 5 years of coaching has taught me that what got you the girl in the first place, and what keeps her – are two completely different things – you need to combine both skills to get maximum results.
  • The combined DECADES of training between RSD instructors has shown us that – getting the right kind of girlfriend is the absolute best thing you can do for your game, no matter where you are currently.
  • The 10’s of THOUSANDS of client’s experiences have proven to us time and time again that as long as you know the right things to do – anybody can become the person that they want to be – we have seen high-level success replicated over and over again!

In the movies, a relationship is filled with kisses, flowers, puppies and rainbows – but in reality:
The mainstream relationship is A WASTELAND of DESOLATION and DESTRUCTION – with good men wandering around like ZOMBIES… stumbling around hoping they knock into something that will bring them back to life.
If you’re reading this page right now, you’re extremely lucky – because if you weren’t – you would be walking head-first into a TRAP, and you wouldn’t even know it!

The Trap of ‘The Mainstream Relationship’

  • It Starts With…
    • Both people begin the relationship without being a full, complete, or self-reliant person – neither person has any idea what they actually want, so they get into the relationship because it ‘seems like a good idea’ .
    • Both sides project their insecurities onto each other, this leads to codependency, neediness, and clinginess building on top of the low self-esteem, self-worth, and self-image.
  • In the Relationship…
    • The downward spiral of insecurity and lack of clear goals eventually leads to control, clinginess, and negativity inside the relationship.
    • The negativity begins to surface as drama, arguments, yelling, beta-ization, and emasculation – as soon as the man is no longer able to trigger attraction, the sex stops, leading to more frustration and eventually – cheating.
    • The more the relationship continues, the more both sides feel drained and exhausted, and want to spend less and less time together.
  • It Ends in…
    • Since attraction is dead, the only way out now is through breakup, separation, or divorce – which leads to emotional trauma, financial ruin, or even bankruptcy
    • You lose your partner, but more importantly – while in the relationship, you’ve lost the skill and confidence to get a new girlfriend.
    • This leads to sadness, depression, pain… feelings of inferiority, of not being good enough, and in some cases even suicide.

Why does it have to be this way?
Isn’t there a better way forward?
Isn’t there SOMETHING WE CAN DO to…?

  • Avoid the trap! – Don’t get stuck in a relationship with a low-quality girl that sucks the life out of you.
  • Avoid the trap! – Don’t keep waiting for that ‘magical girl’ to come along… YOU gotta go out and get her.
  • Don’t allow yourself to fumble around while your standards slowly die and you fall asleep on your dreams, secretly hoping you’ll bump into SOMETHING that will wake you up.
  • Avoid the trap! – Girlfriend Game is your wake-up call, your beacon of hope, your shining light
  • Avoid the trap! – Girlfriend Game is specifically designed to help pull you out of any negative relationship patterns you have, avoid future traps, and set you on a path to live an epic life with a beautiful girl.

STOP SETTLING for a “Mainstream Relationship”

Here’s what it means to have a “GG Relationship”:

  • It Starts With…
    • She is beautiful, smart and supportive – she is exactly what you’re looking for, and she never gives you drama or causes stress.
  • What you’re like in the relationship…
    • You feel like a man – you are happy, confident, the world is out there for you to conquer, you are invigorated, inspired, and motivated.
  • The relationship…
    • You and her are both getting exactly what you want out of the relationship, you pick each other vs just randomly stumbling into it.
    • You grow together, support each other, and empower each other along the journey – becoming bigger than the sum of two parts.
    • Every day – you have new experiences together, every moment is fun and interesting.
    • Every night – you experience unstoppable attraction and hot, mind-blowing sex.


  • Drama, Negativity, Constant Fighting, insecurity, and neediness
  • Neither person gets what they want out of relationship, nothing seems to ever work out
  • Beta-ization, loss of attraction, no sex
  • She does not support you and is controlling, annoying, and bitchy
  • Cheating, Divorce, or Bankruptcy


  • Positivity, Motivation, Collaboration, comfort, and Happiness
  • Both people get what they want out of relationship, every shared experience is fulfilling
  • Man-to-woman, burning attraction, Hot Sex
  • You are both empowered, improving daily, on a path of achieving your dreams
  • Feelings of Security, Love, & Abundance

Regardless of where you are right now – Girlfriend Game is the best thing you can do for your game, PERIOD.
Girlfriend Game:

  1. Is the first pickup program that helps you game her, get her, AND keep her.
  2. Will provide you a roadmap to becoming a self-reliant, sex worthy, deep, and love-worthy.
  3. Will give you a relationship that is fun, sexy, interesting, and a pleasure to wake up to every single morning…

Girlfriend Game will…

  1. Get you a high quality girl, while helping you avoid the crazy gold-diggers that will take your money and/or ruin your life.
  2. Show you how to maintain the alpha frame in the relationship, while she stares at you with bambi eyes every single time she sees you.
  3. Help you get a girlfriend that supports your game journey, goes out with you, and helps you pull threesomes.
  4. Give you the tools to handle multiple relationships with several girls at the same time – many of them will even want to have threesomes with you.
  5. …and all that, while making you immune to jealousy, so you never have to be afraid of other guys snagging your GF.

With Girlfriend Game, you will be literally Creating Your Own Reality with The 4 Becomings:

  • Become Self-Reliant – Become truly independent, wipe away insecurities so that you are NEVER needy, clingy, or desperate EVER AGAIN.
  • Become Sex Worthy – Master the frames about sex that aren’t taught anywhere else, become a TRUE KING in your kingdom, and have her DYING to f*ck you!
  • Become Deep – Master the skill that separates the best-of-the-best from the rest – and become the deepest man she’s ever had a chance to meet, keeping her OBSESSED.
  • Becoming Love Worthy – Become truly love worthy, obliterating the walls and roadblocks that have led to self-sabotage in the past.

So, are you ready to break out of the trap of the mainstream relationship?
Instead of getting ‘average’ girls… You can wake up next to a 10… EVERY SINGLE DAY.
Instead of frustration and confusion… You can have happiness and abundance.
Instead of having to dumb yourself down… You can actually be who you are.
It’s time to come into your power as a man, and become the ULTIMATE TRANSFORMER of LIFE and GAME!

It’s time… for a GG Relationship!

If you’re a beginner…
Girlfriend Game will lay a solid foundation for every relationship you will have moving forward – preventing you from experiencing pain, humiliation, and heartbreak

If you’re intermediate…
Girlfriend Game will wipe away the doubts you may have about getting a girlfriend, and ACCELERATE your game at a rate you would otherwise never be able to attain

If you’re a advanced…
Girlfriend Game will help you tap into the crazy results you previously thoughts were impossible, and get you executing on them CONSISTENTLY.

I know you’re excited, so let me show you exactly what you will find inside Girlfriend Game:
Inner Game: Debunking Myths
First – we will debunk every mainstream myth you’ve learned about relationships and dating.
This is the antidote to every single false assumption, misconception, and mistake you have EVER made in your relationships.
We will eliminate the useless belief systems that are preventing you from attracting a perfect 10, and reverse the YEARS of limiting social conditioning that is literally keeping you shackled to the rock of mediocrity.
On top of that, we will give you the 3 Critical Self-Assessments that will reveal which paradigm you are in, and how to get to the next level:

  • The Noob
  • The Player
  • The Boyfriend

How to Get Her
We will lay down the CORE principles to becoming a sex-worthy and love-worthy alpha male that women lust over and want to be with.
We will introduce you to The 4 Becoming’s that will forever alter your path as you move forward through life, making you:

  • Become a powerful force in your own universe
  • Have women naturally gravitate towards you because of your alpha male presence
  • Put you straight on the path in to your ideal 10/10 relationship.

This is the KEY to get a girlfriend and keep her addicted to you.
In addition, you’ll finally understand how to find the right girlfriend for your current lifestyle and save yourself the pain and emotional trauma that most guys face when choosing the wrong relationships. Some other things you’ll discover is how to attract the girl of your choice, pass shit tests, and unveil the true personality of girls before committing 100%.
If you are looking to switch from a causal relationship to a more serious one without the consequences of failure… we cover that heavily in this section as well.

How to Keep Her
This section we cover the entire framework of what creates long-lasting, attractive, sexy, and epic relationships. This includes knowing what your current or future girlfriend desires in a relationship. What turns her off and how to create passive attraction that not only excites her but gives her a sense of a relief she’s with you.
You’ll also learn how to train your girlfriend with positive reframes and discover the influence your girlfriend also has on you, but perhaps you never knew! PLUS, how to game while being in a relationship and why this is actually a great thing.
Learn how to give your girlfriend toe-curling sex even if you’re not that experienced in bed. Do what I tell you and she’ll never want to leave your side ever again…

Monogamy & Polygamy
We dedicated an entire section to monogamy and polygamy. We will define what polygamy is and whether it’s right for you. Moreover, we go in depth into open relationships that are win-win for both parties and how to set them up correctly.
PLUS, if you were ever thinking on having your girlfriend do threesomes with you, this section will break down how do just that and how to make it a fun experience for her and yourself. Happy hunting.

Problems in Your Relationship Bible
The Crucial what-to-do’s when conflict arises in your relationships. This section will define exactly how to deal with any situation and know how to come out on top.
We have over a dozen videos explaining every last nuance about what to do when there are problems in your relationship. You will learn the secrets of how to be 2 steps ahead of any conflict and never let those issues catch you off guard again.
This is the ultimate relationship Bible that will relieve any future conflicts from crushing you or your girlfriend. Diving into the most common problems that always ruin our relationships:

  • Dealing with fights
  • When she denies sex
  • When there’s another guy
  • When she or you need distance
  • When she has problems: How to deal with that
  • What to do when you don’t have enough time for her
  • When she still has feelings for her ex…

And so much more!

Entire ADVANCED Girlfriend Game Section
Finally – an honest break down of what to do when you feel lost in your relationship. This section is the Taekwondo of navigation deep relationship problems. There has never been such a thorough and raw breaking down of what to do when…

  • You need to Break Up With Her
  • How to Get Over Break Ups
  • Jealousy
  • Long Distance Relationships
  • Enhanced Communication Tricks

RSDMax Coaches Relationship Manifestos
On top of all that, we have added 7 hours of the best content from the best PUA’s in the world. These Coaches are hand-picked by myself because they’re the best I’ve ever seen in my entire life.
They will share their experiences managing open relationships and how they’re getting multiple 10s to want to be with them all the time.
Imagine this: I give you the key to a room with 4 of the best PUAs in the world in it. They sit down with you in a circle and download everything they know about relationship-game straight to your brain.

2 Derek Interviews
The secret RSD instructor who never shows his face and has an INSANE backlog of stories doing game. Derek is the guy that every other RSD Instructor looks up to. He’s dating international models all over the world, who all want to lock him down as “their man”.
We dive deep into how he attracted those international models, kept them obsessed with him, and how he manages a high level Harem.

Girlfriend Game isn’t just about the her, it’s about becoming the KING of your kingdom. The value is insane / jam packed / etc.

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