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Real Social Dynamics – Flawless Natural

What’s Included:
1) Flawless Natural Video
2) Flawless Natural Audio
Retail Price: $269
Course Description

Discover The Hidden Code For Becoming “Flawless” With Women From The Most Leading Edge, Highly Sought After Secret Weapon In The Dating Universe Today
Tim’s Super Practical “Total Natural Method” Will Reveal To You The Frightening Unstoppable Effectiveness Of Attracting Beautiful Women With Effortless Ease

FROM TYLER (July 2, 2008):

Alright so it’s Tyler, and today I want to speak directly from me to you on what it means to become a Flawless Natural.
For me this has been about as close to the “holy grail” as I’ve ever encountered in all my years teaching personal transformation and success with girls. So it’s a friggin’ big deal.
Now right off the bat, that’s a pretty outrageous claim.
The word “flawless” probably arouses all sorts of over the top imagery up in your mind, like some sort of fictional movie character with the ability to lure literally any woman he wants into his bed on command.
Of course, that could never exist in real life, but in my opinion the ACTUAL REALITY of being a “Flawless Natural” with women is a hundred times more exciting and profound.
What I’m talking about is having possession of a super practical, no B.S., technical and philosophical “total method” for ABSOLUTELY OWNING IT with women and in life…
Where every separate aspect of your entire personality comes together seamlessly in a self-perpetuating cycle of pleasure and peak state – and you bring a blazing inferno of PURE AWESOMENESS with beautiful women and everybody you meet.
“Flawlessness” is like that X-Factor of charisma and charm, which separates those who zoom ahead from those who struggle endlessly and never seem to get a foothold in being truly successful.
And if you know where to look, you’ll discover a systematic M.O. for becoming flawless that’s been employed by the elite since the beginning of time.
…being flawless means having your own UNSTOPPABLE FLOW of rhythms, expressions, jokes and mannerisms which automatically strike people with a “snapshot” of what they could be like themselves if they weren’t stuck in their own everyday nonsense.
…being flawless means having an easy to be around and addictive energy, because nothing but pure glory and positivity is allowed to enter into your personal “realm”.
…being flawless means interacting with women with the LID OFF OF YOUR CORE, where all the filters of insecurity are gone and you are infinitely outward and expressive.
And probably most important of all…:
…being flawless means reconnecting to your deeper purpose for approaching women, and conveying your core masculine sexuality in a way that is direct and playful, sophisticated and smooth.
Now that’s just scratching the surface, of course…
This is a simple and easy set of ideals, but this rabbit hole also runs far DEEPER and FURTHER BENEATH THE SURFACE than it initially appears.
Think of “flawless” as like a powerful “hidden code” for staggering benefits and results – where you can internalize it super easily once you understand it, but it refuses to jump out and reveal itself to you on its own.
For the person who adds this cutting-edge method into their repertoire?
Sheer life changing ecstasy.
I’ll be dead honest with you though…I vaguely recognized all this on my own, but it wasn’t until I stumbled upon an expert uniquely qualified to pull the wool off of my eyes that it finally went CLICK in my head.
Discovering these master secrets (and countless more that make up the entire “flawless” methodology) can potentially be an instant QUANTUM LEAP in the dating lifestyle that you enjoy.
But to really “get it” and reap the outrageous advantages, you need access to a combination of subtle wisdom that’s very hard to find.
You need a mentor, a guide – who visibly possesses this level of enlightenment themselves so you can absorb the knowledge through osmosis and pick up on the vibe.
More important though, you need a veteran master teacher who can burn this into the deepest parts of your brain, to leave your mind reeling in the elation of clarity and glow of total understanding.
That’s why today I am revealing to you the person who I consider to be UNQUESTIONABLY and HANDS DOWN the “go to guy” for exploiting this untapped potential in yourself.
This is THE DUDE who in many ways stands a model and supreme ideal for “the way the game is meant to be played”.

Meet The Man Who My Best Dating Insights Between 2005-2008 Were Directly Modelled After…
So unless you’re a newbie to the study of “success with women” (or you’ve been living under a rock), you are aware of Tim and his legendary status within the dating community.
Tim has been doing for this a LOOOOOONG TIME.
What makes him so freaky and unusual is that he is scary talented right out the gate.
But then on top of that, he has spent over half a decade sharpening his skills into the ultimate “watch and learn” EPIPHANY INCLUDING SPECTACLE.
Witnessing Tim in action is seeing a man in his prime, like watching a Michael Jordan or a Tiger Woods doing what he does best.
This is the guy who can walk up to the hottest girl in the venue with utterly unwavering confidence, crack a kid-like smile and say “Hey, I’m Tim…” and have her blushing and giggling like a bimbo-ditz.
There is not a person alive who can hit the streets for a bit of “pick up” with Tim and not be instantly converted to his natural style and approach.
I’ve heard countless reports from slack-jawed students, describing him as “Walking through the club making out with girls like he’s eating chicken wings and tossing them over his shoulder for the next piece…”
Dating industry instructors and insiders from both RSD and other organizations alike most often describe him as “Literally flawless” and “The way the game is meant to be played…”
See, a lot of the time dating gurus who reach Tim’s level of ability inadvertently get trapped into a static reputation – where they spend more time worrying about other people’s opinions than continuing to sharpen and evolve their own skills.
Tim is the exact opposite of that…
As you’ve probably figured out, this is a guy who could CARE LESS about all the hype and hoop-la surrounding the dating community.
He continues to teach purely out of a deep love for women, the enlivening emotional rush of social interaction, and the joy of sharing the potent insider secrets that have taken him years of “in the trenches” field experience to discover on his own.
That is what makes Tim, in my personal opinion, the most leading edge “pick up artist” (horrible word, I know) in the industry today.
He is a true veteran professional, who will put you on the fast track to reaching all of your goals and dreams.

Nailing Tim Down To Reveal This To You Was Not As Easy As You’d Think
Now this past year has been an insane rollercoaster on more levels than I could have ever foreseen…
With Tim’s introduction in RSD’s “Transformations” program last year the demand for his time and attention was at an all time high.
Then Tim hit me with a stunner: He was taking a year off to return to Australia and tour as a DJ of electronic and house music (his other passion prior to coming to RSD).
My sales team was on the phone with me frantically every other day, desperately twisting my arm to put pressure on him to come back.
I bugged him a few times to see if it was possible, but as Tim’s long time buddy I supported him in whatever path he wanted to pursue.
Anyway Jeffy was down in Australia visiting with Tim, and returned to the United States with one simple assertion: “Tim is never coming back…”
Jeffy isn’t easily impressed, but apparently Tim had become somewhat of a local celebrity and was living the type of wild and exciting dating lifestyle you would normally only witness in a movie or on TV.
(Tim on tour as a DJ was borderline absurd – like an NFL star coming back to play High School football and barrelling down the field effortlessly with 10 kids hanging off of each limb).
So fast forward to about six months ago…
Tim calls me up, and says he feels he’s left unfinished business with RSD and he wants to come back.
As funny as it sounds, he tells me stories of watching guys trying to approach girls from up in the DJ booth (in ways he usually finds horrifying and incompetent), and how it’s been gnawing at him to no end.
I’m basically floored, and flushed with enthusiasm.
My reason for this is a very simple one: I am a devout believer in what the man has to teach.
With Tim’s return, I set him to take over the Real Social Dynamics Superconferences in London, Sydney, New York, and LA – for the fact he’s such an explosive presenter he’d need an event all to himself.
And then of course, as the raving reviews started pouring in people were freaking out like “You guys NEED to record this in high definition!!”
Initially I didn’t want to put it out because I like to reward the folks who fly in and make the painstaking effort to attend.
But I also knew the public momentum of Tim’s “Flawless Natural Method” had taken on a life of its own, and if I didn’t make it available I’d be dealing with an angry mob.
In the end, the factor closest to my heart is that hidden up in Tim’s head is a wickedly “elite level” of dating wisdom that is a crucial cornerstone to RSD’s legacy.
I myself have reaped the glorious benefits of having Tim as a model and mentor on my own path to mastery for many years, and it was blatantly time to let the cat out of the bag.

Tim’s “Total Method” For Reaching The Super Abundant Level Of Choice With Women That Most Guys Only Fantasize About In Their Most Testosterone-Fuelled Daydreams
(As Opposed To LIVING It In Real Life)
So what wondrous goodies does Tim have in store for YOU??
Over the past six months Tim has been hard at work developing an entirely new “Total Method” that will finally reveal to you the sheer shocking effectiveness of natural game.
Tim has taken it to the next level here – where beyond being a LIVING MODEL for what he teaches and an OTHER-WORLDLY instructor of success with girls…he has now created an ultra refined “transfer method” of uploading it from his head to yours.
We’re talking about a super practical step-by-step breakdown of his entire unique approach that makes it instantly implementable and easy for you to use.
It’s called the “Flawless Natural Method” – and it consists of Tim’s THREE never-seen-before components to take you light years ahead in your results: 1) The Flawless Attitude, 2) The Flawless 5 Step Method, and 3) The Flawless Ecosystem.
This is a lot of TAKING YOU BY THE HAND and teaching you the step by step OUTER TECHNIQUE from open-to-close.
As you can expect from Tim, it’s very light on theory and focused instead on teaching you his secret framework that will blow up your immediate response from women literally the same night you put it to the test.
Tim is a man about simplicity, conciseness, no nonsense, and going straight to the point.
He is a legend among dating community insiders because in spite of the devastating dominance of his approach (and deity-type results), his success with women is so NORMAL and DOWN TO EARTH.
Tim does not believe in being flashy just for the sake of being flashy…
He approaches the girl and states what’s on his mind, unleashes a barrage of personality which creates a rhythm for the duration of the night, and then simply says “Let’s go…”
Simultaneously Tim is the man most fearless and daring with women you will ever witness.
The dude knows precisely what he wants, steps up, and TAKES it – much to the woman’s fascination and delight.
(This is where the whole “the way the game is meant to be played” reputation originated from – because it is every man’s ideal for their own skills).
The power of Tim’s method lies in teaching you to tap into your CORE MASCULINE INTENT and combine your undiscovered skill for bringing a surge of positive energy (aka – the WOOO!) with your innate FURY of passion for the women who attract you.
And the freakiest part of is…when you’ve got this down rejection no longer exists (you’ll see what I mean).
You simply DON’T HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT because you bring nothing but pure value and positivity by using the “Flawless Natural” methodology.
Tim is about reconnecting you to your deeper purpose for approaching women, and tapping into that as fuel for your approach.
He will unveil to you the hidden roles that you and the girl play within a social interaction, and how to hit a rhythmic sweet spot that leads you both towards harmony (aka – flirtation, happiness, and passionate physical ecstasy).
You will forge a mental link where seeing the girl generates an internal reflex of instant charisma, and then ride the wave from “open to close” with effortless ease.
This is a TOTAL METHOD which means you will know EXACTLY WHAT TO DO.
Tim is about to enlighten you with his ultimate hidden code for unlimited success, and these secrets will rapidly change your dating life in ways you can only dream about today.

Discover The Hard To Find “X-Factor” That Allows You To Generate Charm And Charisma In Infinite Supply
See, most people think of success with women as having TWO main layers.
The first is the layer of “inner confidence”.
This allows you to approach the girl with a “full cup” of your own internal happiness instead of as an “empty vessel” waiting to be filled.
It empowers you with an unshakeable foundation of self esteem to see the girl you want and STEP UP – as well as the core centeredness which shines through and makes her trust you instinctively as a man.
From there you have the second layer that is “outer technique”.
This is the subtle skill of grabbing the girl’s attention away from whatever she’s busy doing – and blasting through the various social barriers that are preventing the two of you from hooking up.
It arms you with the step-by-step skill of leading the interaction with the girl you like from “open to close” – so it also plays an important role in your success.
But what most folks fail to realize is that there is a THIRD absolutely crucial layer that consistently separates the successful elite from the poor suckers who flounder.
And that is the “X-Factor” or “Special Sauce” that is likeability and charisma and charm.
This is what transforms you into a guy who is FUN TO HOOK UP WITH and ADDICTIVE to be around.
It is such a rare quality because it is more of an ON-THE FLY FREQUENCY or SUBTLE VIBE that you have to tune into.
You can think about it like this…
When a buddy of yours introduces you to new people, do you automatically assume that you’ll be accepted and well liked??
Or when you go to apply for a job, are you certain the employers will think it would be fun to have you around??
Or let’s say your roommate has a girl coming to the house and she’s bringing over a cute friend, do you instantly know it’s going to be “ON”??
Well, being FLAWLESS means there is NO QUESTION any of these every day social scenarios are EVER an issue for you.
You’re coming from a position of LOGICALLY knowing you have the CONTAGIOUS TYPE OF PERSONALITY that is addictive for people to be around.
This comes from your own style of rhythms, expressions, jokes and mannerisms that grip your mind in a “happy reality” and prevent anything but pure glory and positivity from entering into your “personal realm”.
And the coolest part…
When you reach this level you can approach girls with an UNWAVERING UNREACTIVE CONFIDENCE that comes from a total anticipated response of warm and attracted response.
Once you’ve got this ability, you’ve got it PERMANENTLY.
It’s a load that has now been taken off of your mind, and you never have to think about it ever again.
That’s why Tim’s “transfer method” for uploading it from his head to yours is so devastatingly effective.

Tim transforms you by 1) exposing you to hours of unstoppable charisma, 2) his step-by-step “total method” that will teach you everything you need to know, and 3) LIVE IN FIELD VIDEO FOOTAGE of himself out meeting women himself.
You will rapidly internalize the years of “in the trenches” dating wisdom from every angle possible – and discover a newfound level of social success that you can enjoy every day for the rest of your life.

You Will Hyperventilate And Gasp For Air As Tim BURIES You With A Half A Decade’s Worth Of Dating Genius
The Flawless Natural Method is a six disc program that’s bursting at the seams with over half a decade of Tim’s knowledge and experience.
Tim’s presentation has been polished over many months of preparation to ENLIVEN you like nothing you have ever experienced.
It is raw, uncut, and specifically designed to explode your reality of what’s possible and shortcut your learning curve by as much as several years.
Here is a disc-by-disc breakdown with preview of what you can expect…

Disc 1
While Tim was away from what he affectionately refers to as “pickup land,” he began having hardcore realizations about his own game as a natural.
Disc 1 is all about exactly that – REALIZATIONS.
Tim, being a guy who truly appreciates everything he has in his life, took note on all the epiphanies he had while “living the dream” of total sexual abundance while he was touring as a DJ in Australia.
As he came back to RSD, Tim showed me his collection of newly found insights and it hit me – hard.
In Flawless Fundamentals he is handing you a carefully constructed, no-nonsense way to experience the same epiphanies he had, in the very first piece of his flawless natural system – The Flawless Attitude.
I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.
Have a look…

  • Eradicate any trace of robotic “pickup tactics” that become unconditionally dwarfed by a smooth “Woosh” of unadulterated, women flocking charisma. Rest assured, you’ll never, EVER be considered “one of those pickup guys” for the rest of your life.
  • You’ll learn how to unleash the fury of your deep masculine intent by fully connecting to your core purpose. (Hint: Its already inside you and desperately begging to be unchained)
  • Discover how to embrace the delusional sense of coolness that will skyrocket your game light years beyond every other man on the planet. This single stand-alone secret will give you that heart-throbbing “edge” that every woman lusts after.
  • The one sure-fire way to take ANY Girl — in ANY venue — from complete disinterest to breathtaking attraction in the shortest time humanly possible.
  • Hear the epic tale of Tim’s journey from unprecedented sexual abundance to his unexpected return to RSD…and why he came back to share his ground-breaking nuggets of pickup gold (Hint: Its NOT for reasons you’d ever expect)
  • You’ll be spoon fed the explosive powers of “Wooo!” that will snap your state into a magnetic power-house of sexual desire that no woman can resistno matter how hard they try.
  • You’ll be filled with the power of pure-radiance – this next-generation power will be broken down into instantly usable terms, allowing you to experience it’s see-it-to-believe-it potency for the first time.
  • You’ll learn how to amplify your attractive magnificence with a Flawless Attitude, manifesting a deep identity level change that women can detect from miles away…without saying a single word.
  • You’ll Learn How to unlock the blueprint of your “ideal woman” buried deep in your subconscious, and finally KNOW…once and for all…exactly what you’ve been craving your entire life (And more importantly, how to finally make your “dream girl” a full blown reality).
  • You’ll recognize (with undeniable, ultra-compelling evidence) why routine-based “pick up” shrivels in the overshadowing presence of a flawless natural, and experience it first hand, the next time a gorgeous woman crosses your path.
  • Discover the brilliance of “getting your creep on” with a shocking new approach to an age old concept. (Note: This is NOT AT ALL what you think it is)
  • Learn how to express your “core purpose” by giving yourself permission to be the cool, confident, and irresistible man you’re destined to be. This epiphany alone will shed years off your learning curve and boost you into a life of unimaginable sexual abundance.
  • Tim will strip away anything you “think” you’ve ever learned about meeting women and replace it with the cutting edge dating technology crafted strait from the field, specifically with your success in mind.
  • EXPOSED – Innovative medical breakthroughs allow you to finally grasp full control over the “Champ vs Chump” dichotomy wreaking havoc on the male brain. Tim will drill into your skull the ability to access your “Champ” at the flick of a switch, rapidly transforming you into the “sex worthy” man you’ve always dreamed of being.
  • How to stop “trying” to Pick Up… and finally get into that dangerous super-seducers groove where the set runs itself.
  • See the dynamics of the ‘Flawless Natural’ broken down into a simple, immediately usable diagram which lays out – in three childishly simple steps – all you need to do to unlock that core sexuality that all women crave.
  • REVEALED – The four simple words that shatter the chances of your competition the very instant he attempts to approach your girl, not matter how “good” he thinks he is.
  • You’ll be filled with the power of pure-radiance – this next-generation power will be broken down into instantly usable terms, allowing you to experience it’s see-it-to-believe-it potency for the first time.
  • You’ll hear the tales of mind bending transformations that shook Tim’s students to the core within mere minutes of adopting his method, pounding your brain with proven, step-by-step techniques to forge their success as your own.
  • You’ll Be Stunned At The explosion this seminar instigates for your self-esteem and your confidence will soar beyond all expectations, making you the NUMBER ONE TARGET on every girls radar.
  • The “introduction” opener that scandalized the Dating Industry and freaked out the competition (but opens EVERY girl… and will forever).  A prime example of how a simple tactic can work over and over again, year after year, and never, ever get stale.
  • Embrace Your Pure Self With a reframe tactic of such pristine power that it will permanently transcend the inhibitions you have to being a cool, chilled and hyper-sexy man. 
  • How to finally figure out how your Unique Natural Attraction works… both in your dating life, in your every day world, and in the head and heart of everyone around you!
  • How to sucker-punch yourself when you just can’t seem to break free of lame routines.  And hurry to that intense mindset where your mere presence is transformed into wondrous miracles of pure seduction power.

Disc 2
If you’ve been searching for the corner stone of “Natural” game, then look no further.
After the bombardment of “ah ha” moments you had in disc 1, this disc will pull them all together and lay out a solid groundwork of the entire flawless natural mindset.
(The core-concept building blocks that put this system into action).
I found myself making sense of all those little pieces of the puzzle that didn’t quite fit right…even after years of experience.
For those coming from less experience, this disc will most certainly sand down any rough edges, giving you that extra-smooth shine of what it means to become “flawless” yourself.

  • Tim will shower you with instantly applicable tools to generate a mesmerizing state of pure sexual intent. (Hint: This is something all women unconsciously search for in every single man they meet)
  • You’ll be spoon-fed simple, side-splitting ways to blast yourself fully into ‘state’ – you’ll experience the full fire of your unchained masculinity as and when you want to see a woman melt with laughter and lust.
  • Tim will rip into your internal core and yank out that “killer instinct” mentality you need to attract women at the deepest, most primal level of their soul. Once this happens, “sexual scarcity” will be a thing of the past.
  • See the crazy power of the Cyclone! An opening gambit that will make whole groups of women explode into fits of giggles and sexual chemistry.
  • Experience what it’s like to “ride the first wave,” igniting your primal masculinity to hurdle you at every girl you desire, making your approach seamlessly easy and effortless.
  • The power of becoming ‘spontaneously lovestruck’. Tap this power deep down inside you and explode your sexual state at women, breaking through all social conditioning (and firing them up with insatiable lust!).
  • Eliminate ‘ping ponging’ from your game where you bounce from girl to girl without making a real connection – you’ll hook hard attention immediately and channel it rapidly toward sex, driving your life into sexual overload.
  • Learn how to ignite your “inner man” by unleashing your core primal seductive instincts. Witness as women melt in your presence while you radiate the ultra-magnetic glow they have been waiting for their entire lives.
  • You will uncover the single rock-solid principle that is…without question…the most fundamental “make it or break it” factor in human attraction. Dialing into this secret alone will catapult your game light years ahead of your friends.
  • You will hear the audacious story of “King Leer” and see first-hand how a subtle change in your frame can devastate your relationship…and specifically what to do to prevent it.
  • The power of ‘Lording’ the club will be yours – you’ll generate that playful positivity that renders you totally invincible in the most intense social environments.
  • Obtain the invaluable “vision of self” exercise that will identify your core purpose, magnifying your value ten-fold and launching you into a world of attractive majesty.
  • Learn how to blast through the “20 minute threshold”… thrusting your state into an unbreakable plethora of confidence, which is guaranteed to last all night long.
  • Learn how to immediately recognize the difference between “player vs spectator” and ensureyou will never be stuck watching from the sidelines (as other guys take YOUR girls away) again…for the rest of your life.
  • Be enlightened with the official, iron-clad definition of the word “player”…and learn why women absolutely love it (once you finally know what it means).
  • Annihilate all game-stopping mental barriers, projecting your true inner self in ways that you never even fathomed. You’ll finally experience what its like to have women melt in the throbbing sexual presence of “being yourself.”
  • You will learn how to “overwhelm the venue,” turning the tables on any social anxiety you’ve ever had and exploding your charisma with such vigor that every girl in the venue can’t help but turn and notice you.
  • Acquire a deep level understanding of the “state butterfly effect” and understand – once and for all – how your state actually works in a nightclub.
  • You will learn how to captivate a woman – with this “just released” seduction gem – so efficiently that you can quite literally make out in mere SECONDS from meeting her (as opposed to minutes…or even long, painful hours.)
  • Radiate such visceral levels of presence and fun that you turning everyone around you into spectators, standing slack-jawed at your magnetic charisma while women flock to you in droves.
  • For the first time, the ‘pre-approach mindset’ of a true seductive champion is laid bare – you’ll know EXACTLY what to have running through your head in those crucial moments when you approach a women to be assured your words will hit like a guided missile, riveting her attention on you.
  • How to quickly turn your hidden attraction skills into red-hot nimbus of glory… even if you are a COMPLETE newbie… become an amazing “Sexworthy Man” and create TOTAL sexual abundance in your life.
  • Tim will deconstruct the entire interaction, so it becomes obvious why you succeed… and also obvious how you can ever-so-simply tweak every part of your personality to superhero levels!

Disc 3
If you’re the kind of guy who likes to find the latest in “outer-game” techniques and tactics that you can use immediately, then this disk will be especially eye opening.
Disk 3 contains an abundance of the best “hand-crafted” tools Tim has been developing over his years of experience. He calls it the “Vault of Tim”.
(The unique thing about these “gambits” is that they are literally timeless, in that they will never get old, and that they are so “natural” that you’d swear they weren’t even “pickup” related).
You’ll see what I mean…

  • Discover a shocking new way to transform any “obstacles” you may encounter into hyper encouraging cheerleaders that desperately want you to hook up with their friends. (Warning: This elite tactic will produce results faster than anything you’ve ever experienced. Please use with caution).
  • Watch as Tim gives you a simple, live demonstration of how to walk up to any group situation and have the entire group – the girls and the guys – love you and help you to get that girl!
  • Banish ‘running out of things to say’ from all your future interactions with women – with this simple shift in perspective you’ll find yourself engaging women in fun, electric conversationsthat lead you both into a sexual mindset.
  • See multiple, live demonstrations of the exact approach necessary to spark instant sexual chemistry on the dance floor, hooking the sexual attention of the hottest girl there, even if she’s totally surrounded by other guys!
  • Unleash the power of “spin and in.” This straight-from-the-trenches dance floor gambit will quickly eliminate all “creepy-ness” from your dance floor game once and for all.
  • Embrace the secret to living in line with your evolutionary drives – connected to your true masculinity you will trigger passion and lust deep inside them, leading to an explosion of hard attraction that only grows stronger with time.
  • You will be presented the key to unlocking your “inner man”…injecting you with the fervour of a kamikaze pilot, super-charging your primal sex drive and saturating your presence with an undeniable sexual lust. (Note: If you want your words dripping with sexual intent, this section is MANDATORY).
  • BEHOLD – the three simple words that cut-to-the-chase so rapidly (and with such spot on accuracy) that you will have women stopped dead in their tracks, ready to go home with you that very second. Knowing this simple, yet immensely powerful phrase will jump-start your natural game beyond your wildest expectations.
  • You’ll also learn – and see – exactly how to approached mixed groups of guys and girls in a way that immediately establishes your dominance and control of the situation while expressing nothing but positivity and fun.
  • Hear the inspiring story of Tim picking up a “17” at a club in Europe. You will learn, step-by-step, exactly what it took to take this stunner home in minutes. After divulging in this “ah ha” igniting tale, picking up a “perfect 10” will be easier then tying your shoes.
  • Amplify your vocal projection with this little known, “insider secret” exercise, making sure your voice is…not only heard…but welcomed, accepted, and hyper-attractive to every girl you approach. (Note: This exercise is so potent that girls will notice a difference before you even open your mouth)
  • REVEALED… The One Secret that will blast you above millions of guys relentlessly trying… and failing… to take home stunning women.  Your magnetic presence will pull them toward you – whether you’re trying or not!
  • You will learn how to “pursue a girl harder then any other guy on the planet” with such intense, masculine fury that their primal feminine drive thrusts themselves at you with uncontrollable, animalistic passion. Get this down and you will have better sex then you ever thought possible.
  • Tim will rattle the cages of your limiting beliefs, causing you to stomp out that little voice inside your head that says “but I can’t” once and for all. Rest assured, you will never be stifled by social conditioning again.
  • You will learn how to set off the hidden “triggers” of your core purpose, forcing you to intensify your natural charisma and unleashing a new wave of sexual fury.
  • Discover the power of the ‘animation range’ – this simple, killer insight will open up your comfort zone, exploding the limits of what you can do when talking to women (this one thing will slash huge chunks out of your learning curve).
  • Your jaw will drop as Tim blasts your creativity into new horizons, allowing you to smashthrough social barriers and fully take charge of your seductive potential. Your new insight will “fill in the cracks” of anything previously holding you back from reaching that “next level” of dating success.
  • You will learn (in explicit detail) the “inner mechanics” of Tim’s famous Rosetta Stone, which – until now – has never before been released in such unbelievably easy and practical terms. Watch in amazement as women hang on your every word, once this critical “almost cheating” tactic is put into action.
  • How to keep interest hot and intense throughout the night, so there’s never a chance for your girl to disengage
  • Witness as Tim programs your brain with the “must see it to believe it” ability to channel your masculine fury into an unstoppable tsunami of sexual desireYou’ll laugh as the women who’ve rejected you in the past…barley even recognize you anymore.
  • EXPOSED – One surefire way to project your erotic desires – with Tim’s “presentation of dominance” – that will send girls spiraling in a trance of pure sexual bliss within the first seconds of meeting you.
  • You will learn how to seduce with a “Don Juan” like smoothness, evaporating all guess-work out of “what to do” with any woman you meetboosting your confidence from the beginning of your night, until the very end.
  • Present and magnify your dominance using only your conversational tone – once you have this handled you’ll be able to hit that exact tone that grabs – and holds – sexual attention from women.
  • OPENERS from Tim’s “vault of secrets” are handed to you on a silver platter. Using these “tried-and-true” phrases will guarantee that certain “edge” in your personality women they’ve been begging for.
  • Why your success with women depends on some basic “street smart seduction secrets”…and how to master them quickly, even if you’ve led the most boring life in town.

Disc 4
After Disc 3 you’ll find yourself so “in the zone” that you’ll be ready to hit up your favourite venue immediately.
But…if you thought the techniques in Disc 3 were awesome (and they are), you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.
Disc 4 dives deep into the Flawless Method, pulling out the most advanced techniques Tim has ever released.
You’ll get a full grasp on your physical escalation and hidden ways you’ve never thought of using your voice. Even the most advanced guys will experience a shift in their game before this disc is even over.
(And if you ever wanted a full-fledged lesson how to use “The Claw” you’ll get it here…specifically by the man who invented it).

  • UNMASKED – The one key catalyst of natural game that you cannot live without. Master this and you will blast open up a new world of sexual purpose. (Hint: This is almost a “no brainer” once you discover what it is)
  • INTRODUCING The Keylock Of Glory – This “next generation” technique rapidly projects your masculine intent, sending the girl swirling in a whirlwind of heart-throbbing passion. Having this “must learn” technique in your arsenal will multiply your closing rate exponentially.
  • Identify the two painstakingly common words that DESTROY the sexual charge you’ve worked so hard to create, and finally be able to consciously avoid them once you learn what they are. (Hint: You will laugh at yourself once you realize how many times you’ve said them before).
  • Learn how to transfer the theory of ‘being higher value’ into a feeling in your body that you never need to think about – and watch how women instantly respond to you like you’re their favorite rock star.
  • Discover the portal to a permanent state of confidence and wellbeing that makes women instantly receptive to your words, jokes and touch – you won’t believe the ease, comfort and sexual tension that women can’t help but feel in your presence.
  • THE CLAW REVEALED – This once mysterious RSD enigma is broken down in child-like simplicity by the man who invented it, equipping you with the most powerful physical dominance rearing tactic known on Earth.
  • Hear a story that illustrates beyond all doubt the depth of women’s desire to be taken, and the power of a strong masculine presence (Hint: This true story is literally full porn-star crazy… and is just a taste of the lifestyle you can expect when you tap that spontaneous power inside yourself).
  • EXPOSED – Tim’s previously “insider only” technique MAKES SURE any woman you talk to early in the night still comes home with you hours latereven if you don’t see her until closing time. This simple yet ultra-powerful tactic can be used consistently, and never get stale.
  • Watch live “in the club” footage of supercharged dance floor game – you’ll see how, within seconds of approaching a beautiful woman in a nightclub she is kissing and climbing all over him (hint – it’s something YOU can replicate)
  • You will learn how to avoid the “You Vs Me” pitfall that can be the kiss-of-death in your conversations with women. Recognizing this poison BEFORE it happens will generate a playful vibe that glides smoothly to a sexual conclusion.
  • Discover how to use the power of a simple, everyday word that can defuse any negativity in a situation, seize control of the interaction and get all eyes on you.
  • Hear an amazing set-piece gambit from Tim’s past which can instantly set up a sexually charged “bubble of love” that makes a sexual encounter a near inevitability.
  • BREAKING NEWS – The “Praying Mantis Claw” exposed. This never-before-seen escalation tactic will instantly eradicate any woman’s sexual inhibitions and make them realize that they are coming home with you….tonight.
  • Learn how to change the mindset of “what do I do?” to “what do I want?” quickly, and get bombarded with ways to go after what you want…and know how to get it.
  • INTRODUCING the Bubble of Love. This “you and me” collaboration will joyfully set any woman into the role of your desire…while immensely enjoying every moment of it.
  • You will learn how to jump-start her undying intrigue with the dominate power of Tim’s “Pounding of Passion.” (Hint: This rapid fire results-driven tactic will shock you the first time you use it)
  • You will be injected with the “#1 Rule” of role-paying to smolder any possibility of her saying “it won’t work out between us.” This alone will help you avoid those heart-wrenching nights where you ask yourself…”what went wrong?”
  • Watch another breathtaking in-field clip of Tim making out with a stunning girl within minutes of meeting her with a full breakdown of every element involved… so you can understand, and replicate the form of the perfect Flawless Natural.
  • You will acquire the missing link separating the “entertaining guy” from the cool, suave, sexworthy man women swoon for. Grasping this shocking realization will save you years of frustration and failure.
  • Tim will shower you with one word “gems” you can use to instantly put women in the “intimate sexual connection” state where pulse-pounding sex is only moments away. (Hint: This is the state their hearts have been aching for their entire lives)
  • Discover the simple tweaks in your tonality that allow you to ask absolutely any question you want – no matter how boring you think it is – and erupt with mind bending, attraction amplifying results
  • Exposed! The exact tonality – and mentality – behind Tim’s notorious ‘introduction opener’. You’ll learn how to introduce yourself with such power and conviction that women will immediately respond (even to the point of an instant makeout!)
  • How to ignite passion, with just a few well-chosen power words aimed right at the sweet spot of your girls.
  • How to confidently “close” deals with obscenely-high value women. (The key to Big Time success.)

Disc 5
By now you’re mind is probably racing a mile a minute. But the most valuable thing about Disc 5 is that it brings about an entirely new way of looking at women, and how they wind up coming into your life.
I’m talking of course about the Flawless Ecosystem. Tim will walk you through the exact steps of how to structure your life so that women naturally trickle in (without any extra effort on your part).
This is truly the “next level” in dating skills, and is by far the most innovative approach to creating a “sexually abundant” lifestyle I’ve ever seen.
Check it out…

  • Hear the keys to running rock-solid ‘phone game’ – to such an extent that when your number lights up on her phone she’s ecstatic and excited to hear your voice.
  • ACCESS The Radiant Method Of ‘Total Belief’ – a core RSD secret weapon which empowers you to make 100% successful approaches which melt her resistance and leave her putty in your hands
  • Tales from Tim’s bootcamp – you’ll discover how to generate instant rhythm and sexual intent in minutes, wherever you are. You can use this simple tool to jump-start your evening at any point, renewing your magnetic presence.
  • Unlock the power of your self-expression and learn to play the room like a rock-star. Women will be spellbound and fascinated by even the simplest of your conversations once you understand this top-level secret.
  • You will learn how to develop your own “Rythem 10 to 2,” an intricate, interlocking “playing field” secret Tim reveals for the first time. Knowing this strategic, “map-like” mindset will maximize every second you spend in the club.
  • Learn how to adopt “Harmony Win/Win” – a revolutionary seduction mindset that guarantees you will never get “rejected” again.
  • Tim will unload his “Text Message Vault” into the palm of your hands, cascading you with “ready to use” text messages that have snagged him boat-loads of gorgeous, high value women (and will do the same for you!)
  • Explore the Flawless Ecosystem: A girl-generating lifestyle YOU will be able to construct on your own. Watch as women float into your life out of nowhere, with little effort what-so-ever once you put this groundbreaking system in place.
  • Learn how to obtain VIP status at your favorite venue without breaking a sweat. This “women cultivating” method will ensure your status to sky-rocket around town.
  • Tim shares with you the single, most electrifying construct you can make at home that gives you rock-solid purpose every single day. (Hint: This little known secret has been kept underground by the most successful people on the planet – until now).
  • You will learn how to develop your own rhythm that thrusts you into a confident vibe that women adore. Kiss inconsistency and sporadic (and unattractive) movements goodbye forever.
  • Tim breaks down his personal resource for dealing with bouncers at a club, making sure you’ll get in EVERY SINGLE TIME.
  • Equip yourself with the magic of Tim’s “Last Resort” techniques and tactics. You’ll be stunned when that girl that never answers your call finally replies.
  • Realize the “deep smoothness” that lies inside you – you’ll radiate cool as you glide into a room, transitioning effortlessly into conversation and crazy sexual adventures that will amaze you and everyone you know.
  • Hear a crucial distinction that cuts to the heart of what it really takes to master the powers of attraction that lie hidden inside you.
  • Develop skills at physical escalation that are smooth as silk and drive women crazy – you’ll charge all of your interactions with crackling sexual tension, and breeze through any resistance like it’s not even there.
  • Discover the perfect harmony of playfulness and sexuality that you need to get that girl to be your ally in her own seduction.
  • You’ll also realize how to detect – and trigger – that look in a girl’s eyes that says ‘take me home now”.
  • Finally put an end to any “awkward silences” with this incredible new take on male/female conversation. Once this concept is mastered, any “silence” you experience will only make her lust after you more.
  • Tim will lay out the timeless corner stones of attraction, showing you once-and-for-all, how to get a girl to want to be with you as much as you want to be with her. This longtime missing piece has finally been unearthed, giving you the finishing touches to catapult your game to the top.

Disc 6
And when you pick up a copy of the “Flawless Natural Method” today Tim has included the additional bonus disc for you entitled FLAWLESS FOREVER.
Even after cramming 5 discs of life-changing value into his seminar, Tim was STILL extremely adamant that you deserved more.
That’s why he’s included a very special “Q and A” session to tie up any (as if there WERE any) loose ends to his system, answering any remaining questions that might still be lingering in your mind.
Disc 6 addresses multiple “from the field” situations from guys who want to discover the secrets – just like you – who have directly applied his Flawless Natural system and wanted even MORE success than they already have.
This hyper-specific breakdown of core Flawless Natural concepts is just the thing you need to fill in the cracks and solidify your brand-new Flawless Natural lifestyle.

  • You will learn how to access “core enjoyment” while escalating with a girl. This frame is so important that, if ignored, will shatter your chances at taking her home (and this one thing that most guys miss entirely)
  • Tim will break down what fuels you to tap into your core masculine intent…getting you in line with your true motivation and supplying you with that primal sexual nature that women would kill for.
  • You will never have to “look for the next tactic” again. Tim will show you how to vibe with women smoothly – and consistently- in a beautiful dance of sexual majesty.
  • Learn how to “Go full sexual” on a girl WITHOUT any resistance or second guessing what-so-ever.
  • How to finally align yourself with your purpose, bestowing you with everything you need to drive your interactions with“auto-pilot” smoothness and charisma.
  • Tim will transmute the way you view “picking up women” in general, embracing your first “I want this” instinct, turbo-charging your approach before the any negative thoughts get in your way.
  • Learn how to dial in your sub-communications – with laser guided precision – to the point where her friends cheer you on as you swoop her up off her feet.
  • Tim will re-program your mind to stop shooting yourself in the foot when it comes to approaching large groups – both girls and guys – and force you into the zone where they alllove you, no matter what.
  • Embrace how to remove all judgments you have– on you AND the girl- shattering all condemnations in your mind blocking you from radiating your flawless lust-fueled brilliance.
  • Learn how to maintain your position of the aggressor without giving the impression that you are “chasing” her. Attaining this subtle tweak in your game will up triple your closing rate overnight.
  • ANNOUNCING the “golden rhythm”: This “mental gear shift” will fine tune your escalation, allowing you to get as physical as you’d like without ever “creeping” her out.
  • You will learn how to talk to a girl with “core congruence,” yielding you the power to leadevery conversation you have.
  • Learn how to keep the conversation moving forward (when she’s talking about nonsense) in a way that radiates your value beyond the standards of “attraction.”
  • Discover Tim’s spin on “giving value” and actualize – for the first time ever – just how much core value you have to give. (Note: This is MUCH easier then you’d ever anticipate)
  • Tim will teach you how to keep that rock-star level of enthusiasm and glowing personality (that women craverock-solid strong until the early morning.
  • EXPOSED – How to turn your voice into an ultra-powerful weapon, making girls instantly mesmerized by your presence (even with the loudest club music blasting in your ears)
  • Discover what NEVER to do with a girl, avoiding any kind of awkward situation that leaves you reeling for days. (Hint: The answer to this question is guaranteed to shock you at the core of your being)
  • Tim will fine tune your inner calibration, balancing you at the center and forcing you to ride every conversation like a smooth ocean wave.
  • You will learn how to open your “flawless mind”, where nothing you do or say matters and your core masculine intent flows through you like a rushing river. (Hint: Women will pick up on this instantly and bask in your newly found sexual glory)
  • Tim will drill into your brain the true meaning of “having love for women.” Tap into this natural flow and watch as women begin to turn their head as you walk by on the street.
  • Discover the inner-circle exercise known as the “house builder.” This “ah ha” inducing workout will pump you with that much needed push to get your game to the next level.
  • Tim will eradicate any sort of “purposeless” action from your personality, enhancing your animal magnetism 10-fold (Note: You will get results instantly the first time this mindset “clicks”)
  • You will learn how to avoid deep, emotional subjects in a club and snap your girl back into the fun, adventurous state where sexual nature thrives beyond her control.

WARNING: Do Not Study The Flawless Natural Method Unless You Have A Deep Love For Women And Are Willing To Take It To The Next Level
OK now let me level with you here…
If you like what you’ve learned from Tim so far (via his video blog, written articles, teleconferences, and past speaking performances), then this program is guaranteed to be the absolute best you’ve ever seen.
This is the earth-shaking “next level” that you’ve been waiting for.
However there’s a catch…
This is a program that’s designed as a supplement to your own work in going out and working to improve.
That means to benefit from the truly life-changing shifts in reality it has to offer you, you have to go out regularly and actually make the day-to-day effort to implement what you’ve been taught.
The “Flawless Natural Method” and ALL Real Social Dynamics programs are produced for guys who actually live this lifestyle to the hilt.
Any program that you see from Tim is specifically geared for people who work on improving themselves… a lot.
It’s spoken in a language where when you’re actually *doing the work* it will resonate with you more than anything else you’ve ever experienced.
As a condition of getting your hands on this program, you have to set an absolute, inviolable standard for yourself that you will commit to implementing what’s been taught to the fullest extent.
I don’t care what level you’re at, or what level you’re trying to get to.
Clueless newbie or advanced mega playboy, it doesn’t matter.
You have to have a clear vision of what you want to get out of this, and then commit to finding the value within the experience.
If you do, it will be one of the most valuable resources you’ve ever been exposed to…

Real Social Dynamics

Real Social Dynamics (RSD) is the world's largest, international dating coaching company. RSD specializes in dating advice, image consultation, public representation, and integrating clients into social scenes.

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