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Marcus London – Penetration Orgasm Mastery

What’s Included:
1) Ultimate Penetration Orgasms 1
2) Conquer Your Stamina
3) Porn Star Vitality
4) Deep Impact Extreme
5) Ultimate Penetration Orgasms 2
6) Ultimate Doggy Style
7) Evolution of Sex
8) Multiple Penetration Orgasms
Retail Price: $194
Course Description

“How to Use a Little-Known ‘Caveman’ Secret To Make Her PERMANENTLY Addicted to Your Cock…”
Marcus London, Star of over 300 Adult Films. Director of 10.

Dear Friend-
I want to show you a ‘trick’ you can use TONIGHT to take advantage of MILLIONS of years of evolution – and make your woman addicted to sex with you on a PRIMAL level…
Making her feel the kind of intense, irrational craving that will make her do ANYTHING just to get a taste of you inside her…
The kind of craving that many of my students have said gives a man WAY TOO MUCH POWER over women…
But first I have to tell you exactly WHY this trick works…
It starts way back at the dawn of humanity…
A few million years ago.
Cave-man and cave-woman times…
Back in those days, women and men did NOT have ‘relationships’ or marriage.
(Ever wonder why divorce rates are so high these days?)
And your typical cave-woman would have sex with two types of men in her tribe:

1. The ALPHA of the tribe – the strongest man among the other tribesmen – man who took what he wanted, when he wanted it, including the women ‘belonging’ to the other type of male…
2. A safe, mild-mannered ‘nice guy’ who she KNEW would stick around and help her take care of the kids – kids he THINKS are his own…

And guess what?
Guess whose kids they actually were?
That’s right.
Those were the ALPHA’S kids!
How the hell could that happen?
The Alpha would only have sex with a woman maybe one day out of the month (he was busy banging all the other cave-women on the other days), while the ‘nice-guy’ would have sex with her almost every day…
But the ‘nice-guy’ would almost NEVER get her pregnant!
…While the Alpha would be knocking women up almost every time he had sex…
How could this be?
Well, I’ll tell you…
A woman’s body NATURALLY wants to reproduce with the STRONGEST man’s sperm…
It means her children will have the BEST chance of survival.
So, to help this, her vagina actually responds DIFFERENTLY to sex with these powerful men…
In a way that makes it highly likely that she’ll get pregnant that first time…
And GUARANTEES that she’ll come back for more sex with him, again and again.
Instead of the the occasional weak orgasm that sex with her ‘nice guy’ would give her,
Sex with the Alpha would make the woman’s pussy COMPLETELY submit to his cock with a very specific type of orgasm…

…Giving her PENETRATION ORGASMS that literally suck sperm up into her baby-making zone like a rocket-powered vacuum cleaner!
And – to make sure she would make MORE babies with this powerful man in the future, these powerful orgasms TOTALLY FLOOD her body and mind with a massively blissful cocktail of ‘endorphins’ – the body’s chemicals of pleasure and addiction…
…Making her physically addicted to his cock at the DEEPEST possible level.
…And, like any addict, making her willing to do ANYTHING to have sex with him again, whenever she could.
That’s great.
A history lesson.
But what does it have to do with YOU?
Well, in the past few million years, lots of things have changed.
But these basic facts of sex have NOT.
The only difference is… now, thanks to years of study and research, these powerful penetration orgasms are no longer solely the domain of the ‘Alpha’ man…
Now, ANY man can easily give ANY woman the most addictively POWERFUL penetration orgasms of her life…
And it has nothing to do with being a ‘natural’, being ‘well hung’…and it doesn’t even take that long to learn…
It comes down to just ONE thing… and I’d like to show you how to do it…
How to…

Give Her The Most Intense Penetration Orgasms Her Body Is Capable Of Experiencing!
My students and I are living proof that you can do it no matter what your size, age, or previous experience in bed… and even if you’re having trouble making your girl cum now…
I’m here today because I want to show you how to do it.
My name is Marcus London.
You may know me from the 120 adult films I’ve starred in, or the 11 I’ve directed…
Just this year, at the 2013 XBIZ Awards, I was honored to be nominated as Director Of The Year for one of my films.
I’m very proud of my success in the adult industry… but what I’m most proud of are the game-changing sexual instruction courses I’ve developed… and the success they’ve given my thousands of students around the globe…
I get letters every day from guys telling me how I’ve changed their lives by showing them how to have better sex then they ever dreamed possible!
When I’m not directing, or producing training courses, I’m doing private coaching sessions. My coaching clients make up a small group of the most elite lovers in the world… who happily pay me $300 an hour to get my latest sex secrets.

Let Me Quickly Tell You About Michael…
Just recently I had a student named Michael who feared his girl was going to LEAVE HIM.
She had all but STOPPED having sex with him. He was worried she was ALREADY cheating.
He wrote me, desperate for help.
I showed him just ONE of my 7 penetration orgasm techniques… and on his birthday… the one night he KNEW he would get sex with his girl… he surprised her with it.
Here’s the email he wrote me the next day:
You won’t believe what happened. I expected your technique to work, but I never predicted this! We start having sex, I switch into the position you told me, and her face changed to an expression I’ve never seen before. She then had the craziest orgasm I’ve ever seen any girl have… dug her nails in my back so hard I almost had to stop, but I bore down and kept going as she came more and more! Here’s where shit gets weird – afterwards she starts CRYING! Like balling her eyes out. I ask what’s wrong, she can’t even answer. I don’t know WHAT to do. I go refill our wine glasses, come back and finally she talks. Gives me this CRAZY tearful confession of how she loved me so much but was so frustrated that I wasn’t getting her off in bed, she was planning to DUMP ME after my birthday! But now she doesn’t know what to do (because the sex was so good!) So that’s where we are at now. We have a lot of talking to do (and of course I gotta make her cum some more!) but long story short I think you just saved my relationship! I love this girl Marcus and really can’t thank you enough.
With gratitude, -Michael”

Isn’t that AMAZING?
I think a lot of men underestimate just how IMPORTANT penetration orgasms are to a woman.
It’s certain to say, if a guy isn’t giving them to her… she is at least considering leaving him… whether she acts on it or not.
I’ve been wanting to put together a course on this crucial element of sex – the most crucial element – for some time now.
It was Michael’s story that finally got me off of my butt to do it!
That email is from 5 months ago, and I’m pleased to report Michael and his girl are not only still together…
They Are Engaged!
I’ve since taught him the rest of my penetration orgasm techniques and they are having hotter and wilder sex than ever before!
Now, I’d like to show YOU these techniques… so you too have the skills to give any woman the type of sexual experiences that makes her unable to even think of another man.

Why Are Penetration Orgasms So Important To Women?
If you’ve been on Shawna’s newsletter for awhile, you probably know about my other advanced training program, Squirting Orgasm Mastery.
In it, I show you how to give your woman a very powerful EJACULATORY orgasm that makes her squirt all over your bed sheets!
I’m very proud of that program. And I also LOVE making girls cum with my tongue.
But while do that is fun… it’s knowing how to make her cum DURING SEX that will have…
A Bigger Impact On Your Life Than ANYTHING
You Have Ever Learned About Women, Period!
Because it affects not just your time in the bedroom, but your entire relationship
There are 3 reasons why giving your girl orgasms during actual sex is critical…

Reason #1 – Your Girl Is Biologically Programmed To Want Penetration Orgasms
For a woman, the Penetration Orgasm is the most powerful, moving experience she can EVER hope have with a man.
All women know this.
It’s the reason she is so cautious about who she sleeps with.
She knows if a man gives her a Penetration Orgasm… she will start to become SEXUALLY ADDICTED to him… even if her MIND is telling her no!
The reason for this is because of a special chemical produced in a woman’s brain during sex, called, “Oxytocin”.
Scientists call this the, “Cuddle Chemical”, or the, “Love Chemical”, because it’s literally the chemical our brain produces that lets us know when we’re in love.
Little bits of this chemical are produced by a woman every time she…

  • Meets a guy she likes
  • Kisses a guy she is into
  • Has sex with a man
  • Snuggles up with a man

… and, when she is really in love… even when she thinks about him when he’s not around.
But there is ONE TIME when a woman’s brain literally EXPLODES with Oxytocin… and that is…
When She Has A Penetration Orgasm!
Why does her brain want her to have a penetration O so much?
This goes back to the SCIENTIFIC FUNCTION of the female orgasm.
Do you know what it is?
We all know the function of the man’s orgasm – to blast sperm up inside of the girl, and impregnate her.
The function of the female orgasm is not too different…
It’s to bring the sperm UP towards the egg!
The rapid muscle convulsions she experiences give the man’s sperm a “boost”… and increase her chances of getting pregnant.
Fascinating, right??
So when this happens, her brain becomes so flooded with Oxytocin she simply cannot think about ANYTHING else… but the man who gave it to her!
The brain does this because it figures that THIS GUY is the one who has the best chance of impregnating her!
Her brain WANTS her to stay with this guy… who is probably the father of her child!
It’s the way nature designed us. She is DESIGNED by nature to want to be with the guy who makes her cum!

Reason #2 – Penetration O’s Mean Intimacy
We all know women want different things then we men do in bed.
One of the biggest things they value is INTIMACY.
There is nothing a woman wants more than to look in your eyes while you hold her as she cums over and over.
Sure, a girl will enjoy it when you go down on her, or finger her to climax…
But it’s just not INTIMATE.
She wants you to hold her.
She wants to come with you INSIDE of her.
She wants the feeling of closeness that comes from this.
That’s why… no matter how hard you make her cum from other methods…
A woman will pick the penetration O as her #1… every time!

Reason #3 – The Penetration O Lets Her Know She Made The RIGHT CHOICE
Whether a woman even KNOWS IT or not… she is constantly “sizing you up”.
So remember how we just talked about how women are PROGRAMMED to want penetration orgasms?
Because of this, it’s the one way women judge men THE MOST!
Even if she loves every other thing about you… if you’re not giving her orgasms during sex… she will always subconsciously feel like something is off.
After all, it’s one of the things she is PROGRAMMED to look for in a great mate.
It’s a “sign” that nature designed to help her body know she’s with the RIGHT guy!
So if you’re not giving them to her, she will start to think you are the wrong guy.
Not good!

So those are the 3 reasons why women love, want, and need penetration O’s above everything else!
Yet despite this…
(and this is REALLY crazy…)
Only 25% Of Women Have EVER Had One!
Yes, you heard that right.
According to the results of over 33 DIFFERENT studies, compiled by a Harvard Researcher named Elizabeth Lloyd, only 1 out of every 4 women you meet has ever had an orgasm during penetration sex.
Can you believe that??
This means 2 things…
I have some “Good News” for you… and some “Bad News”…
Ok, I’ll start with the bad…
The Bad News is… with only 25% of women having EVER had a climax during sex…
It’s very likely that a woman has FAKED IT with you before.
But don’t get down on yourself Mate. It’s happened to us all.
Girls don’t want to hurt a guy’s ego, so they often fake it.
In fact, the same study said that 60% of women admitted to having FAKED an orgasm with a man.
Ok, enough of that. Let’s get to the GOOD NEWS!
I actually have 3 PIECES of good news for you!

Because so FEW women have had an orgasm during sex… that means you have an opportunity to look like a Champion… with 3 out 4 of the women that you meet!
Imagine the look on her face when YOU give her her very first penetration orgasm!
It’s a great feeling Mate. And if you don’t know it already, you will very soon!

When you are the one to give a girl one of these orgasms that she CRAVES so much… a magical thing begins to happen to her…
She becomes so thankful that you have opened up this new, sexual side of her…
She wants to return the favor!!

  • She wants to service and please your every need. Do anything in her power to make you feel pleasure.
  • Wanting to rub you up and down… and rub her hot, tight little body all over yours
  • Wanting to go down on you for HOURS
  • Ready to act out any and all of your wildest fantasies
  • Dying to kiss every inch of you
  • Wanting to lick you
  • Suck you
  • Fuck you
  • and treat you like her KING

Dreaming about you when you’re not around… begging you for your cock…
She becomes your own sexy little nympho who wants to make you cum over and over and over again… then afterwards bath you and cook you a nice meal!
You see Mate, it’s not just in the bedroom… but in every area of your relationship.
But… you gotta know how to make her feel like you deserve it.
Well, I know you might think since you are paying the bills or whatever, you deserve that type of treatment.
Hey, I agree!
But the reality is… the REAL way to unlock that, “do anything for her man” feeling is by…
Giving Her Penetration Orgasms That No Other Guy Can!
If you’re already in a relationship where the sex has gone stale, fear not Mate, it’s not too late.
All it takes is a few hot sessions to unleash a primal, sexual side of your woman you have probably never seen before. I’ve helped dozens of guys do it.
Ok, ready for the last piece of Good News?
I hope so… because this might be the best one…

Ok, so now you know that only 1 out of 4 women has ever had a penetration O at ALL…
You probably also know that women’s bodies are different then ours in that they can have different TYPES of orgasms.
You probably know how a girl can have clitoral orgasms, G-spot orgasms… and of course, ejaculatory, squirting orgasms.
But did you know that there are 4 OTHER TOTALLY DIFFERENT KINDS of orgasms her body can experience… and that you can give her ALL OF THEM through penetration?!
Yep, you heard me right.
If you think the look on a girl’s face is priceless when you make her cum ONCE during sex… imagine when you blow her mind by giving her 3 or 4 DIFFERENT climaxes all in a row!
That’s what separates the guys who are “good” in bed and the true MASTERS.
And now, for the best news of all…
I can show you how to…
Give A Girl ALL 7 Mind-Blowing Penetration Orgasms… Regardless Of Your Size, Stamina, Or Sexual Experience!
And it’s a whole lot easier than you think.
I’ve spent the last couple of months developing the most advanced sexual training course I’ve ever produced… called…

Penetration Orgasm Mastery
In it, I show you – via step-by-step, video demonstrations – how to give your girl all 7 different kinds of penetration orgasms… and a whole lot more!
The program breaks down into 6 sections…

The first section called, 
“Ultimate Penetration Orgasms”
In it, you’ll discover the secrets to making your girl cum so many different ways she’ll forget her own name by the time you’re finished! I show you exactly how to give her each the 7 different types of Penetration O’s… then several special “combo” techniques you have to see to believe!
You’ll also discover…

  • A simple but little-known ‘Tantric’ thrusting technique that hits 3 major orgasm triggers AT THE SAME TIME
  • Watch me use this technique to give Tiffany a 30 second long orgasm that’s so powerful, she almost passes out!
  • How to activate ALL FIVE of her senses to build towards explosive orgasms!
  • What to do with your fingers once you are inside of her that will DOUBLE her pleasure & make her think she’s with a very experienced lover!
  • How to give her ROLLERCOASTERS of multiple orgasms
  • Kissing secrets to make her CRAVE your cock… I’ve used these tricks on girls I’ve just met to go from 1st ‘make out’ to full-on sex in under 30 minutes
  • The ‘Feather Touch’ technique that gives her the most body-shaking, COMPLETELY overwhelming clitoral orgasm she has EVER experienced.
  • The ‘Pinball Wizard’ step-by-step orgasm sequence that builds her pleasure to deeper and more powerful orgasms each time she cums
  • The easy but strange position that LAZER TARGETS her little-known ‘deep spot’ resulting in the most POWERFUL vaginal orgasms she’s ever experienced
  • The ‘Daddy Long Stroke’ technique and exactly WHEN to use it to give her DEEP cervical orgasms… WARNING: Even if you’re on the ‘smaller’ side (like me), she’s going to feel you DEEP inside with this one, so be careful…
  • The special thrusting pattern to use AFTER she cums the first time… to set her off with ANOTHER climax within 60 seconds or less…

… and that’s just the 1st section!
I demonstrate everything techniques on some of the hottest girls in the business today – including Kirsten Price, Capri Cavanni, Brooklyn Lee…and the oh-so-nubile Bailey Blue.

The next section is called 
“Conquer Your Stamina”
Have you ever felt like you were going to bust after just a minute or two of sex?
Well this might surprise you, but…
I get this feeling ALL the time!
But I never cum early, unless of course I want to…
So why do I have such great control and stamina, even though I have a quicker ‘trigger’ than most 18 year olds?
It’s simple.
After having sex with over 1000 women and over a dozen years in the Adult Film industry, I have developed and perfected a series of MASSIVELY effective stamina techniques.
And in this section, you’re going to see these techniques IN ACTION, in the most extreme demonstration of sexual stamina ever recorded…
For this portion of the program, three of Adult Film’s HOTTEST girls were given a challenge…
And they tried EVERYTHING…
Wild positions, playing with my balls, talking dirty to me, riding me WAY too hard, and as you’ll see, a lot more NASTY things I’m not even going to mention…
But I made it!
I pounded each of them HARD for at least 10 minutes, BACK TO BACK TO BACK for a total of 30 minutes…
All this while explaining and revealing my ENTIRE arsenal of stamina secrets – and telling you EXACTLY what I’m doing to last as long as I want.
And if these simple tactics are effective enough to let me last through these girls’ EVIL attempts at making me bust early…
Think about what they will do for you!
You’ll discover:

  • My patented ‘dip and drive’ thrusting pattern that hits her HOTTEST orgasmic pleasure triggers while giving you the stamina to pound her to MULTIPLE penetration orgasms.
  • How to give her a body-quaking ‘blended’ orgasm in under 5 minutes by adding THIS twist on a common sex position.
  • The ‘Ejaculation Emergency Shut Off Valve’ to use at the very last second to SAVE yourself from cumming too soon… use this simple ‘trick’ to give her at least two more minutes of hard thrusting when you know she’s VERY close to a penetration orgasm.

… and much, much more!

The next section is called 
“Deep Impact Extreme”
and it’s all about achieving MAXIMUM PENETRATION – No matter what your size!
If you’ve seen my vids you know I’m on the smaller side myself. It makes NO difference when you know this
You’ll discover:

  • Why you may only be using 3/4 of the length of your penis. I’ll show you positions & thrusting patterns that’ll make her feel like you’ve grown several inches bigger inside her
  • “The Butterfly Effect” – My special technique for mixing up deep & shallow penetration to intensify your lovemaking, and to tease her toward mind-altering, multiple climaxes
  • Missionary variations for maximum penetration
  • The secret technique that allowed me to “make it” as a small guy in the adult film world! (Hint: it’s because I was one of the only guys who could give a girl REAL orgasms on camera… using this trick!)

The next segment I call 
“Pornstar Vitality”
and it’s all about what you need to do to prepare physically for sex – BEFORE you get into the bedroom.
Leading male pornstar Ryan McClane & I reveal what we adult stars do on a day-to-day basis to perform like CHAMPIONS… and how you can too!

The next section of the program is called 
“Ultimate Doggystyle Penetration”
If there is one position girls, LOVE… it’s doggy… and in this section I’m gonna show you how to MASTER it… and make her cum like no man ever has before!

  • 5 of my TOP SECRET doggystyle variations to control your stamina while at the same time stimulating her G-spot, Deep Spot – even her Squirt Spot!
  • What to do with your fingers while you’re in doggystyle that will send her over the top!
  • Why your bed is the single WORST place to get into her into doggystyle – and where you SHOULD do it instead
  • The “Captain Morgan” – a super-advanced doggy position that puts you at the perfect angle to give her multiple G-spot AND clitoral orgasms.

Along with several other moves too “taboo” to mention here!

This next section is called 
“Fuck Her Like an Animal”
and I gotta warn you mate – it’s the most extreme thing I’ve ever filmed.
In this one I’m gonna show you, step-by-step, how to give your girl that “bad boy” sex she secretly CRAVES.
If you’ve caught your girl reading 50 Shades Of Grey… you can tell her THAT’S NOTHING!
In this video I’m gonna show you how to aggressively dominate your woman in a way that makes her MELT.
I’ll show you my eye contact trick that gets her so hot, she’ll be begging you to fuck her savagely within seconds of using it… plus…
The BEST position to put her in that makes you seem dominant & powerful.
I’ll also show you how to give her the “Twister” Orgasm – my patented corkscrew technique that lets you hit every spot inside her vagina as you thrust, giving her such intense pleasure she’ll cum in seconds!
If you want to learn how to throw your girl around and make her BEG you for more then THIS is the section for you!
When you order NOW, you’re also gonna get two exciting, never-before-seen BONUS videos…

The first Bonus video is called, 
In it, my friend Kirsten Price shows you the secrets to intensifying your girl’s orgasms… and how to make her cum at your command
She demonstrates on the lovely Capri Cavanni… and by the time you’re done watching this one you’ll know how to make your girl cum whenever YOU say so… almost hypnotically!

The second Bonus is called, 
“The Get It Up Cure”.
In this presentation, I reveal the secrets we adult stars use to get stronger, longer-lasting erections – WITHOUT taking pills! You’ll get the fitness, nutrition, and mental focus tips that us pros use to get hard – and stay hard – at the drop of the hat.
By the end of this special, one-of-a-kind seminar, you’ll have all the skills needed to achieve the kind of erections that male pornstars use to drill the hottest babes on the planet, on command & for hours at a time! This is something I feel EVERY guy should know – if you’re taking pills now, it’ll save you a whole lot of money… not to mention it’s great to be able to fuck your girl whenever YOU want, and not have to rely on it!

OK… let’s wrap this up. Here’s what you’re going to get when you order now:
The Penetration Orgasm Mastery program:

  • Ultimate Penetration Orgasms – retail price, $97.00
  • Conquer Your Stamina – retail price, $97.00
  • Deep Impact Extreme – retail price, $97.00
  • Pornstar Vitality – retail price, $97.00
  • Ultimate Doggystyle Penetration – retail price, $97.00
  • Fuck Her Like an Animal – retail price, $97.00


  • The Orgasm Trainer – retail price, $97.00
  • The Get It Up Cure – retail price, $97.00

That’s 8 hours and 45 minutes of hard-hitting, advanced sexual instruction!

Every video also comes with it’s own “Hot Sheet” for you to download which summarizes the tips and techniques you learn. That way, if you want to reference it later, you can either watch the full video again, or just take a quick glance at the Hot Sheet to refresh your memory

The total retail price of this package is over $700…
Of course, if you were to learn this stuff from me personally, as one of my private coaching students, you’d pay $300 an hour… or somewhere in the neighborhood of $2000 to get all of these secrets from me
But as a part of this special release, you’re not going to pay $2000…
You’re not even gonna pay the retail price of the program, which is $699
In fact, you’re not even going to pay HALF of that amount!
As part of this very special, limited-time release offer, you can get the entire “Penetration Orgasm Mastery” package for just two payments of $97.00!
Yes, you heard me right.

You get EVERYTHING for just 2 payments of $97 bucks!
BUT…this offer won’t last long.
300 Access Codes to the program, and when they are gone, that’s it.
So if you want it at this price, you must ACT NOW.


Our programs are all about sexual education for anyone, with focus on demonstrating various sex techniques on our sexual professional pornstars.

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