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Lloyd Lester – Ejaculation by Command

What’s Included:
1) Ejaculation by Command Manual | eBook
2) Ejaculation by Command | Audio
3) Bonus: Longevity Supremo | Audio
4) Bonus: Longevity Supremo Affirmation Scripts
5) Bonus: Bedding Gorgeous Bisexual Women | eBook
6) Bonus: Beyond Supreme Stamina | eBook
7) Bonus: Emergency Tactics to Last Longer | eBook
8) Bonus: Female Orgasm Secrets | eBook
9) Bonus: Penis Supremacy | eBook
10) Bonus: Powerful Sex Foods and Stimulants | eBook
11) Bonus: Raunchy Sex Secrets | eBook
12) Bonus: 101 Romantic Ideas by Michael Webb | eBook
Retail Price: $79
Course Description

You get my complete step-by-step strategies and techniques to re-train and re-wire your mind and body so that you can have longer-lasting sex, and at the same time, give your partner a pleasurable experience she never thought was possible.
Everything is explained here in clear, concise and easy-to-understand instructions. The insights, tools and techniques in this program have been rigorously tried, tested and proven effective not only by me, but by thousands of other men who are now enjoying lovemaking that lasts so much longer than before.
Here’s a VERY partial list of what you’re going to learn inside this exciting new program:

  • How to overcome mental barriers to sexual endurance – develop iron-clad stamina and confidence by using these 9 specific techniques I am going to give you
  • A primal sexual technique that adds massive control to your arousal… and puts a woman over the edge with sexual excitement… she’ll have to have you RIGHT THEN AND THERE… and nothing will be able to stop her
  • 4 powerful breathing strategies that will amplify your staying power and prolong your orgasm for as long as you desire (97% of men screw up their breathing and end up ejaculating too soon)
  • Specific guided “love muscle” exercises to skyrocket your ejaculatory control and your ability to withstand intense sexual stimulation (The secret is in the step-by-step process, which you’ll learn in detail)
  • The “Pleasure Acclimatizing” technique to train and condition your ejaculation reflexes so that you will AUTOMATICALLY last longer without tipping over in a hurry (this is one of the stamina “secrets” that TOP porn actors use ALL THE TIME)
  • Have you ever blown your load even BEFORE penetration starts… and wondered how the hell that happened? Here’s the little-known and closely-guarded “Total Immersion” technique you can use to OUTLAST her during sex (it’s much easier than you think… when you know the secret)
  • An easy, secret “preparatory” shortcut you can use to permanently eliminate anxiety and nervousness whenever you have sex
  • The astonishing secret of tantric masters that practically FORCES your body to relax, prolongs your lovemaking sessions and makes sex much MORE pleasurable (So easy to learn you’ll use it THE NIGHT YOU LEARN IT!)
  • A covert “Hot Button” strategy that you can use right out of the box to boost your stamina and send incredible waves of sensation straight to her genitals (Unfortunately no man ever discovers this on his own… and must endure one premature ejaculation after another)
  • My 4 favorite “partner techniques” that will turbo-charge your ability to endure higher levels of sexual arousal (I’ve field-tested and refined each one… you’re getting ONLY the best)
  • How to completely reprogram your subconscious mind and escalate your natural ability to control your ejaculation with any woman… anytime… in ANY situation… without even thinking about it
  • Exactly what to do when you blow early (Most guys OVERLOOK this simple thing and LOSE a woman’s respect… Now, you’ll gain it and even draw her closer to you with just this simple strategy)
  • A surefire way to completely eliminate that “out of control” feeling you get when a woman touches your member (Use this trick to get yourself back on track FAST)
  • A proven penetration technique that will easily add minutes to your lovemaking… and you can easily do 100 thrusts of this without blowing early (It’s taken me a long time, but I’ve finally figured out a thrusting sequence that NO woman can resist. You’re going to LOVE this one)
  • The single most powerful strategy that will drive any woman completely wild in bed and lets you into her orgasmic world of pleasure… even if you’re a “minute man”! (If you only learn one thing from this program, this is the one that will get you results NOW)

Ejaculation by Command Audio
No time to read the book? Or you simply learn better by listening?
I’ve made the program downloadable in audio format, so it’s easy to listen along.
All you need is to plug it into your favorite MP3 player and start learning the key tips, techniques and strategies that I’ve laid out in the program.
This bonus comes with 14 high quality MP3 audio coaching jam-packed with the most powerful tips to last longer during sex.

Bonus: Emergency Tactics to Last Longer
This bonus gives you some instant “firepower” that you can use tonight!
This is where I reveal 15 tried-and-tested tactics you can use right away to put up a respectable performance in bed, and send her into a sexual frenzy!
I’ve also saved the best tip – your “wild card” tactic to last longer, so to speak – right at the very end 🙂
Here are just some examples of what you’ll learn…

  • How to fully utilize your “Refractory Advantage” to last 3 times longer. It’s fast and easy to do (Some call this “cheating”… but what your partner doesn’t know is not going to hurt… and to be totally honest, if she is able to come to an orgasm, she is NOT going to care either 🙂
  • A secret your sexual therapist will never tell you that allows you to boost your sexual stamina the very first time you try (If every patient knew this they’d be out of business…)
  • How to use the “Ring Of Endurance” to last longer AND simultaneously amp up your woman’s sexual arousal (it’s an embarrassingly easy fix…)
  • A simple, proven thrusting sequence to “keep the power” when you make love and guarantee that YOU are in charge… and the ball is always in your court when it comes to how long sex will last (This will also eliminate the need to stop thrusting when you feel close to coming. In fact with just a simple tweak, you can keep going until she gets an orgasm)
  • An simple “Cognitive Deception” trick that will quickly keep your arousal under control and gets her an orgasm TWICE as fast (Hint: it’s got NOTHING to do with thinking about baseball statistics or the ugly girl with yellow teeth in the next cubicle)
  • A powerful “delay button” that instantly FREEZES your orgasm and keeps you hard (Use this trick to quickly short circuit your ejaculation response… it’ll knock you so far down on the pleasure scale you couldn’t blow for a few more minutes… even if you WANTED TO!)
  • How to use an age-old arousal control technique to add 5 minutes to your stamina instantly and never again be embarrassed by an early ejaculation (surprisingly VERY easy to do once you know the secret behind it)
  • Two quick, easy techniques to “turn the tables” when you are on the verge of ejaculation (these work almost like magic in stopping an early orgasm)
  • One of my favorites! Powerful position tricks you can use to slow down your climax and send her erotic temperatures soaring through the roof (include specific maneuvers you can use right away to turn her on like crazy)
  • An almost magical “muscle relaxation” trick that will break your premature ejaculation curse, quickly and easily… literally FORCING you to last longer
  • A scientifically-proven “Slippery Slope” trick to boost your endurance in bed (This is a breeze to do… and you can use it again and again to keep yourself on track)

Bonus: Female Orgasm Secrets
This meaty eBook reveals powerful secrets that can give you the ability to make any woman explode with orgasmic pleasure… almost on command!
Here’s your chance to learn what only a few men know… and take a woman to the heights of ecstasy like she’s never experience before (not even when she’s pleasing herself privately!)
Now, you can easily unlock the “closely-guarded” skills, know-how and techniques of…

  • How to ‘prime’ and totally awaken a woman’s body so that she can start having more powerful orgasms, more frequently, and more easily!
  • How to give your lover the most amazing, mind-blowing orgasm she’s ever had! (This is not the ‘same-ol’ repetitive information that you see in those other sex-ed books and courses.)
  • How to use a secret technique that will have her trembling with exquisite pleasure whenever you want – almost on command! This is a power that few men have!
  • Learn secrets about a woman’s orgasm “process” that most women don’t even know about. (I realize this is hard to believe, especially for a woman, but it’s absolutely true…and it’s life-changing knowledge for both men and women)
  • How to find, and properly stimulate her G-spot, to create out-of-this-world, trance-inducing orgasms. (Many women can’t find their G-spot on their own. And out of those who can, very few know how to ‘activate’ it to create powerful “whole body” orgasms. You can be the hero, the one man that can help her realize her full orgasmic potential!)
  • How to master the most important piece of it all…getting a woman to completely relax her body and mind! Without it, most women just can’t have an orgasm at all, even if they’re trying by themselves. Learn easy but powerful techniques to get her body and mind completely ready for explosive, multiple orgasms!
  • Discover the one secret – about how her body really works – that will open up the floodgates of pleasure for her! (Most women don’t even understand this one fully…and it holds them back from experiencing the kind of orgasm they were truly meant to have – and really deserve!)
  • How to get her HIGHLY aroused without even touching her (I’ll give you the specific languaging to use , to get her incredibly turned on, or even get her to orgasm… just by using your words)
  • Why the “Mind Candy” approach is the absolute easiest way to turn her on and get her closer to an earth-shattering orgasm (when you hear this you’re going to be EXCITED… because you’ll know how to make her see you as someone very unique and special… unlike any other men she’s met before)
  • How to create an “Arousal Anchor” to lock-in her orgasmic experience for an instant replay the next time you have sex with her (this one is PURE GENIUS… and you’ll want to use it in every lovemaking session from now on)
  • The “Magic Touch” technique enhancer that will skyrocket her ability to have an orgasm (this is so POWERFUL it will breathe new life into your relationship… even if you’ve been with her for 5, 10, 15 or more years)

And that’s just a partial list of the secrets you’ll discover here!

Bonus: Raunchy Sex Secrets
This special report will turn even the most sexually-challenged person into a great lover!
(And if you’re already pretty good, you’ll still find hot tips to become even better!)
You’ll be amazed at just how simple and easy it is to master these techniques!
I can’t even begin to describe how these powerful secrets can supercharge your sex life!
Inside you’ll discover…

  • “Physical Escalation” – A proven step-by-step method to give a woman an absolutely wild time in bed, simply by learning where her hot buttons are (Follow these steps and she won’t stop until she has her way with you!)
  • A primal sexual technique, stolen from the animal kingdom, that puts a woman over the edge with sexual excitement (and exponentially increases the chances of BOTH of you having simultaneous orgasms)
  • Have you ever felt embarrassed by your small size… and wondered how you’re ever going to pleasure her with your tool? Here are the “little-known” sex positions you can use to pump deeper and give her exhilarating pleasure (several of which I’ve never shared before anywhere)
  • How to amp up the spontaneity, lust and raw passion in a woman and get her aroused and ready for intercourse just as quickly as men (NO foreplay is required… in fact there’s no time for it!)
  • How to pass the “kissing test” and learn to kiss like a pro! Use this psychological “magic trick” to make her feel sexy, feminine and extremely erotic when you kiss (even if it’s the first time you’re kissing her)
  • Doing this ONE thing turns ordinary sex into an extraordinary romp… this is THE KEY that makes sex dramatically MORE fun, intriguing, wild and adventurous (Unfortunately this is also the one thing almost all guys forget – or never learn in the first place)
  • How to start an all-day foreplay maneuver even while you’re miles apart. (When you do meet at the end of the day, expect major fireworks and explosions!)
  • One of my favorite ways to REALLY turn on a woman is with the “Mystery and Unpredictability” trick … and I’ll show you my favorite “move” you can use to tease and drive her nuts (before you even get to her private areas)
  • A simple gesture that magically AMPLIFIES the intensity of a woman’s orgasms

And MUCH, much more!

Lloyd Lester

Lloyd Lester began writing and publishing about sex at the end of the last decade. His activities are limited to writing and focused mostly on avoiding premature ejaculation. He is older than the average sex author or coach.

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