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Kezia Noble Bundle Pack

What’s Included:
1) Attraction to Seduction | Video
2) Maximum Impact | Video
3) Deep Connection | Video
4) The 10 Hook Lead System | Video
5) Acceleration Event | Video
6) Online Game | eBook
7) What Girls Want Men to Wear | eBook
8) Bonus: The Text & Phone Game | eBook
9) Bonus: Same Night 3some Close | eBook
10) Bonus: How to Get One-night Stand with Kezia Noble | eBook
Retail Price: $500+
Course Description

Here is just some of the skills and techniques that you will obtain from these DVDs:

  • The skills to approach women with confidence
  • The ability to be sexually direct with a woman
  • Knowing how to deal with her reactions
  • Turning a potential negative situation into a positive outcome
  • Seducing a woman without coming across as creepy or sleazy
  • Discovering the REAL REASONS for why some girls think some guys are creepy
  • How to compliment women
  • The ability to seduce women on a NON VERBAL level
  • Reading the signs women send and knowing what to do
  • Understanding her indicators of disinterest
  • The ability to spot her indicators of interest
  • The ability to seduce women whilst keeping inline with your own personal principles
  • The secrets that make the BAD GUY irresistible

Master the art of confident body language, and seduce her with your eye contact, timing and vocal tonality!
These groundbreaking DVDs will show you how to:

  • Understand and apply the secrets of the alpha male
  • Develop a strong PRESENCE that makes INSTANT impact
  • Gain immediate respect from others
  • Master the art of ‘seductive and alpha’ charisma
  • Utilise attractive and confident body language to get exactly what you want
  • Maximise your success rate with women
  • Use your body language to seduce women
  • Know the difference between what women SAY they want and what they REALLY desire
  • Develop the power to turn women on and give them what they crave for
  • Unleash your inner confidence
  • Build a strong sense of attraction with beautiful women
  • The skill and ability to create that ‘chemistry’ sensation

Actual demonstrations is something that I know men out there always demand, theory is good, but seeing the theory put in to practice is even better! “Master the techniques that male dating coaches could NEVER give you”!
What can deep connection and this DVD set do for you?

  • Help you make a powerful and positive impact on her.
  • Force even the most unresponsive or difficult of women to respond to you POSITIVELY
  • Make her see you as someone worth getting to know MUCH more
  • Make her want to see you again and again and again
  • Make all the other distractions around you both become out of focus, and put you firmly in focus
  • Allow you to build up an almost instant sense of trust with her
  • Will make her respect you
  • Will make her completely fascinated by you
  • Will give you an invaluable insight in to the female mind
  • Will produce super interesting and inspiring conversations
  • Will help you read any woman no matter how much of a shield she puts up.
  • Will provide you with enough conversation material, that you will never be scared of ‘running out of things to say’ or ‘dead ends’ or uncomfortable silences’ ever again.
  • But most importantly, mastering the art of deep connection will get you the results you want!

Have you had enough of ‘running out of things’ to talk about with women you like?

  • Do you want to finally end that feeling of utter frustration you get when you run out of things to say with women after 5 or 10 minutes, or even after the opening line?
  • Do you want to get rid of those bad conversation habits, such as interrogation style question or having dull and uninspiring conversations that fizzle out so soon?
  • Do you want to learn how to get a woman’s full attention?
  • Do you want to learn the secret psychology of the woman’s mind?
  • Do you want to transition from the opening line to a full-blown interaction quickly and smoothly?
  • Do you want to finally understand why women react in a certain a way, or respond to something that always has you completely confused?
  • Do you want to learn the art of displaying high value and using it to its fullest advantage?
  • Do you want make a strong and positive impact on a woman within 1 minute?
  • Do you want to be a master of conversation?
  • Do you want to create a solid base/platform/structure so that can you apply routines so that they don’t come across strange or fake?
  • Do you want to build up comfort in seconds, so that you can sexually escalate much faster than you are presently?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions then you are ready to learn the 10 hook lead system and master the art of conversation once and for all.

OVER 200 MEN from all over the world attended this incredible one off
8-hour seminar. If you were not lucky enough to attend this amazing event, where some of the worlds most successful PICK UP INSTRUCTORS gave their standing ovation talks, then here’s some great news! Three of the best talks that took place are now available for you to watch again and again..
If you want to:

  • Demonstrate high value in the most powerful way possible
  • Master the secrets of how to attract women in any scenario
  • Obtain outstanding fashion advice that is simple to apply
  • Get a no holds barred insight into the female mind

Then the Acceleration Event video is for you
Kezia, will give you the ultimate female opinion, and prides herself in giving men the HONEST truth that other female dating coaches are too scared to hand out. And it’s the absolute truth that guys need in order to get REAL results with women.
In this video Kezia gives an inspiring and effective talk on how to ‘demonstrate high value’ in the most powerful way possible.
Kezia will reveal the secret ‘5 steps’ that every guy should understand and master in order to demonstrate his high value and high standards that will ultimately maximize his chances to secure a date and build attraction with any woman he chooses.
These 5 steps cannot be found anywhere else.
This talk from Kezia alone will get you amazing results!

More and more beautiful women are signing up to online dating websites every single day than EVER BEFORE!
Unfortunately, the majority of the men who are on these sites haven’t a clue on how to take full advantage of this amazing opportunity!
If you want to be one of the men who DO actually succeed in maximizing their chances of attracting these beautiful women who are on these sites, who are actually seeking men! Then here is the answer for you. Read these following questions and answer to yourself HONESTLY yes or no:

  • Are you tired of not getting enough responses and dates from your current online dating strategies?
  • Are you done with reading an hearing vague advice and tips on online dating that give you ZERO results?
  • Are you sick of the over exaggerated claims and quick fix techniques from dating coaches self acclaimed online dating experts, only to find that those techniques didn’t work?
  • Have you tried and failed with so called ‘copy paste’ messages that pick up artists gave you, only to find that they produced NO results?
  • Does your lifestyle and job mean that you lack the time to go out to clubs and bars every single night of the week?
  • Does your current online dating profile fail you?
  • Do the messages you send women fail to express your unique character?
  • Do you want to attract beautiful women without having to always go out?
  • Do you want to make the minimal amount of effort in order to attract women in to your life?
  • Do you want to discover how to invest minimum time and energy in order to possess the maximum results?
  • Do you want to know what women want and how to get it?
  • Do you want a clear no nonsense insight into the female mind?
  • Do you want to know the games and tests girls give guys and win?
  • Do you want to master the art of messaging women online and increase the potential of receiving hundreds of positive responses just waiting for you in your inbox?
  • Do you want to know EXACTLY how to maximize your online dating profile in order to attract an abundance of women?
  • Do you want REAL results with women you meet online without having to lie or pretend to be someone you are not.
  • Are you ready to unleash powerful secrets and techniques that will improve your online dating success dramatically?
  • Are you ready to secure multiple dates from an abundance of women, just by applying the structures, techniques and patterns that this e-book contains?

If you answered YES to just ONE of these questions, then this e-book is for you.

The ULTIMATE Style Guide For Men

  • Be the VERY best you can be
  • Maximize your impact
  • Make a statement with your style
  • Establish a positive impression the moment you step into a room
  • Have women want to talk you
  • Generate admiring looks from people without saying a single word
  • Know exactly how to utilize all your assets
  • Eliminate the chances of getting instant rejections
  • Increase women’s curiosity
  • Maximize your style to the most powerful level possible
  • Discover the ‘inside’ secrets of the most stylish men in the world
  • Obtain the insights of what women find sexy and attractive
  • Realize what turns women off in regards to style
  • Have the ability to your style yourself in a way that remains congruent with your personality and lifestyle

YES. This ebook contains all these points and MORE!

Are you ready to learn the secret of how to turn numbers into dates?

  • Do you get girls numbers but for some reason you can’t turn those numbers into follow updates?
  • Do you ever find your self asking yourself “If she gave me her number then why doesn’t she want to meet up with me again?”
  • Are you sick of girls not responding the WAY YOU WANT them to respond when you phone or text them?
  • Do you want to learn how to get the girl to respond almost instantly your text messages?
  • Do you want to know the secrets that will SEAL YOU THE DEAL?
  • Do you want to eliminate flakes and cancellations FOREVER?
  • Do you want to get a powerful and honest insight in to the female mind?
  • Do you want to know the techniques that get the girl interested in you AFTER you’ve obtained her number?
  • Do you want to learn HOW TO TURN HER ON via texts without coming across sleazy?

Kezia Noble

Kezia’s rise to success as the leading dating expert for men has been meteoric. Her reputation for giving incredibly insightful advice combined with her outspoken, honest and extremely direct feedback,earned her the name of “The Bitch With A Heart” - an expression she openly welcomes.

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