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Jason Capital – The Money Lines

What’s Included:
1) The Money Lines eBook
2) The Money Lines Audio
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Course Description

List Of Topics Covered:

  • Eye contact responses
  • Answering the age question
  • After the first kiss money line
  • What to say when a girl is getting out of line
  • What to say when she brushes against you
  • What to say when you see her staring at you
  • An answer when asked how you and a girl know each other
  • What to say when standing next to a girl at a bar
  • How to react when another guys is trying to talk to your girl
  • Handling drink and alcohol related questions
  • Responding when she wants to know where you are going
  • Making out in a bar on the first night you met money line
  • Responding to her question about her weight
  • How to react when she’s checking her make up in a mirror
  • Words to use when leading her into your apartment building
  • Responding with cool calmness when she tells you what she does
  • What to say when she starts asking for personal information about you
  • Assume the guy she’s with is her brother and play that into the conversation
  • Using comedy to balance vulnerability when revealing something embarrassing about yourself

And many more…

Jason Capital

I'm the BEST. Get my stuff, if you want to fuck.

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