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Hypnotica – The Attractivator

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CAUTION: The Attractivator Will Exponentially Increase Contact, Communication & Sexual Encounters With Women

You weren’t born afraid of women, far from it. Throughout your childhood you loved being picked up by women, hugged and kissed by women and didn’t think twice about communicating with a woman or another female child. So where did it all go wrong? At what point did you suddenly stop being confident around women? Where did all this anxiety and fear come from that makes you apprehensive and uncomfortable around members of the opposite sex?
Somewhere along the line you learned these negative behaviors, and then, they manifested themselves so deeply in your psyche that you lost all consciousness of how they came into existence, let alone knowing how to reverse them. The worst thing about this condition is that it repels women and completely destroys your chances of successful female encounters.

Confidence is the key “attractor factor”. Confidence is the foundation of a man’s character. It is a man’s confidence that attracts women into his company, and the reason for this is buried deeply in the female psyche. Historically, men were protectors and hunters, and in early human communities women would seek men competent in these disciplines. Of course, if you ask a woman why she likes a confident man she might not be fully aware of the reasons and struggle to give you an answer, which serves as testament to this innate unconscious behavior.
The fact is a woman’s behavior in your presence is largely dependent on your confidence. If a woman senses fear, anxiety or insecurity, she will naturally be repelled.

 How To Reprogram Your Confidence
The only way to rediscover your innate connection with the female species is to roll the mind back. You must bring into your present awareness the fact that you were born fearless in the presence of women. You must accept that this is the natural mind-state, and that the mind-state you are currently experiencing is unnatural and detrimental to your happiness and success with women.
Once this has been established, you then need to start eliminating the negative behaviors and thought processes associated with being uneasy in the company of women. Once this negativity has been broken down you can then reprogram the mind using techniques conducive to cultivating high-level confidence.

The Attractivator = Effortless Confidence
Breaking down the barriers preventing you from cultivating high-level confidence around women isn’t an easy task on your own, but don’t worry. My 15 years experience helping men breakdown the negativity and achieve exponential success with women has helped me create an awesome, life-changing system named The Attractivator.
The Attractivator puts you on the fast track to rediscovering, re-cultivating and re-manifesting confidence. This tried and tested program resets your point of center, realigning you with your primal self, and then gives you the techniques and tools required to optimize your confidence and expand it going forward.

Here are just a few of the benefits you will experience using The Attractivator:

  • Feeling more relaxed around women
  • Effortlessly connecting with women who previously ignored you
  • Naturally attracting more women into your company
  • Effortlessly communicating with new women who enter your life
  • Experiencing an increase in sexual interest from women
  • Unconsciously opening more doors of opportunity in key life areas

Increase Your Success With Women Today
Imagine unlearning the fear of talking to women, approaching women and being in close contact with women. Imagine bringing into awareness a newfound level of confidence and self-esteem that instantly increases your success rate in both verbal and physical female encounters. This is entirely possible, right now, with The Attractivator.
This exclusive program has incredible knock-on effects too. Once you begin manifesting increased confidence you will see improvements in every area of your life. You will begin attracting new opportunities in both your personal and professional life like never before.
REMEMBER: Confidence is at the core of success. No one ever became successful without having confidence. Even the most unlikely men get the hottest women based purely on high-level confidence and self esteem. Confidence is a state of mind, and The Attractivator creates the state of mind you need to become unstoppably confident. Moreover, confidence is contagious and highly attractive, and the more confident you become the more people will want to be around you feeding off your confidence.

I’ve made it incredibly easy to get started. Once you have downloaded the program you can get started immediately. All you need to do is hit the checkout button below and you will gain instant access to The Attractivator. Make sure you use it every day for 21 days. Stay dedicated and you will play witness to your confidence and self-esteem rising on a daily basis. Within no time at all you won’t even recognize the old you that used to feel uncomfortable around women.
Unfortunately, avoiding talking to women won’t get you anywhere. Remember my golden motto: “Your hesitation will equal her reservation.” To meet women and have sexual encounters you need confidence. Don’t delay. Life won’t wait.
Here’s to your limitless confidence. See you on the other side.
– Hypnotica


After almost a quarter of a century, there is one man who has emerged among the male masses inciting a momentum of ever evolving multi-dimensional challenges. That soul is Eric Von Sydow, aka Hypnotica. Hypnotica embodies the essence of the archetypal Renaissance Man, while pulsating a new vibratory field of “I Am” possibility. As one of the original architects of the new man’s lifestyle movement, Von Sydow is responsible for leading legions of males toward unheralded heights of redefined manhood.

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