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Gabrielle Moore – Turn Her On Faster

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Advanced Foreplay Techniques To Seduce Her Mind & Body
“Give Your Lover The Best Foreplay She Ever Had… By Reaching Deep Into Her Mind & Pleasuring Every Inch Of Her Body To An Intense, Uncontrollable Orgasm …From The Inside Out!”
Learn Why Most Men Are Doing Foreplay Wrong… And How Proper Foreplay Techniques Can Make Your Lover Crave For And Give Both Of You The Best Sex Humanly Possible!

“Turn Her On Faster” is not a book filled with pages after pages of overrated, overused foreplay techniques. It is definitely not a laundry list of things to do.

Instead, I wrote it as a hands-on manual to understanding and getting into your partner’s mind & body… such that you’ll be able to IGNITE her sexual desire on demand!

Most importantly, you’ll learn how to make her feel good right from the start during foreplay. I have even thrown in one whole chapter on how she can make YOU feel good, by making your partner actively involved in the foreplay process as well.

Based on the latest research into the area of “what turns women on”, learn:

  • Why females are wired differently from guys and what EXACTLY you should do to locate that ON-OFF sexual desire switch in their minds (Yes, it DOES exist… women can get horny too!)
  • Why men today (you included) don’t have to work as hard in order to get pleasured in bed (If you understand this principle, you’ll realize that half of the work is already done for you… You just have to do the other half!)
  • How you can take advantage of what EVERY woman secretly wants but are too shy to ask to make them give you mind-blowing sex (Use this technique for good only!)
  • Learn what operating an oven and driving a car have in common with enjoying GREAT sex (Understand this concept… and enjoyable sex becomes as easy as pushing a button. Sadly, 97% of all men are still doing this wrong!)
  • One thing you can instantly do in the next 15 minutes that will drastically alter the course of your sex life (If it’s going downhill, this simple act can literally perk things up!)
  • One deadly myth men have about women… that causes them to NEGLECT this most important aspect of their sex life (I show you how to correct this misconception and actually attract your wife’s attention.)
  • How to use your mobile phone to turn her on… even if you’re both at different places! (I teach you a type of highly effective text message to send that is bound to get her heart racing. Don’t worry… this is NOTHING pornographic, dirty or raunchy!)
  • One thing you definitely MUST do right now (even if you’re in the office) that has a direct impact on the quality of the sex you will receive later tonight (This activity takes less than 5 minutes and yet it means the world to a lady. If you do it while the lady is ____, you double or even triple its effectiveness!)
  • 3 things you must do to turn that simple, boring “goodbye kiss” into the most passionate kiss your partner or wife ever had
    How to never run out of ideas again about how to make your wife excited about sex (Once you learn where to look… you’ll be able to instantly rekindle the flames in your relationship! Hint – It’s NOT the Internet or some porn flick!)

And much more…

Gabrielle Moore

I am a lawyer-turned bestselling sex advice expert. Over 500,000 people across the planet subscribe to my daily online tips.

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