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Gabrielle Moore – The Alpha Lover

What’s Included:
1) The Alpha Lover Video
2) The Alpha Lover eBook
Retail Price: $67
Course Description

“Now You Can Be The Dominant Man In The Bedroom That Your Woman Truly Wants… Even If She’s Afraid To Tell You!”
Your Woman Wants You To Feel Like…
The man in the bedroom… and she wants you to act like it. And not just any man… She wants the dominant alpha male she can submit to. She wants you to be the man who takes control so she can be fully satisfied….
The problem is that most men don’t know what it truly means to be an alpha male… especially in the bedroom. Most men try to just be “confident” or “act tough” but end up looking pushy or insecure…
And if you try to dominate her in the wrong way… you can scare her away forever.
But there is a way you can be the dominant man in the bedroom and make her feel so sexy and submissive that she’s creaming her panties just by your voice… And you can have more fun in bed with her than ever as you play up the ‘bad boy’ role in bed and make all her fantasies come true.
You will learn:

  1. YOU’LL LEARN THE EASIEST… Sexual positions to be the dominant alpha in… (This is great if you’re unsure of how to start and want to try this out more slowly)
  2. YOU’LL GET THE INSTANT SEXUAL… Confidence Generator… This is where you are able to instantly feel in charge of where you’re taking her sexually and she’ll just feel the power radiating off you…
  3. IF YOU’RE NERVOUS AT ALL… About taking charge, we have something called the Bad Boy Babysteps… That’s where you can start with small things… a little hair pull… a little spank… and then work your way up to totally dominating your woman in the bedroom…
  4. YOU GET THE BED-BREAK BONE… Which is a special position that makes her feel like you’re carrying her like an Alpha Caveman… and it requires almost no muscle so literally any guy can do this and make his partner feel like he’s Conan the Barbarian…
  5. YOU’LL HAVE 3 SILENT SUBMITTERS… Special actions you can do at any time to demonstrate silently that you are the master of her body… and turn her on wildly…
  6. YOU’LL FINALLY KNOW WHAT IT’S… Like to be the True Alphamale Dominant one for her, which is something she absolutely can’t resist…

Gabrielle Moore

I am a lawyer-turned bestselling sex advice expert. Over 500,000 people across the planet subscribe to my daily online tips.

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