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Gabrielle Moore – She’s on Top

What’s Included:
1) She’s on Top Video
2) She’s on Top Audio
3) She’s on Top eBook
Retail Price: $47
Course Description

“How To Experience The Excitement Of “Woman On Top” Sex, And Make It More Pleasurable Than You’ve Ever Felt Before!”
Dear Friend,
Do you enjoy “woman on top” sex? Did you know that, when done in a certain way, you can actually give your sweetheart intense, pulsing, and overwhelmingly pleasurable g-spot orgasms?
And when you do that, your sex life will explode in a fiery ball of passion so hot the neighbors will be call the fire department!
Listen, the truth is that women love being on top and pleasuring her man. And if you can let her do that, but do it in a way that makes her cum harder than she ever has before… she will follow you to the ends of the earth just to please you physically.
This is powerful stuff! Frequent orgasms will make you woman feel more sexy, more feminine…

  1. MAGIC MOVES… For incredible female pleasure. When you do these, she’ll moan with surprise…
  2. WHAT POSITIONS CREATE… More intense orgasmic experiences for your woman, and which one you should try tonight.
  3. ADVANCED, PHYSICALLY… Challenging positions that blast her pleasure into the stratosphere.
  4. THE NUMBER ONE WAY… To get her heart racing without having to do any work. Don’t be surprised if you start doing this all the time once you see how well it works.
  5. THE ABSOLUTE BEST “WOMAN ON TOP”… Position for maximum g-spot stimulation. You will give her the deepest, most intense, full-body orgasms of her life.
  6. THE BEST POSITION TO… Activate ALL of her senses. This will create a pleasure overload that will leave her exhausted and happy.
  7. THE “LAZY MAN’S POSITION” You rest while she rides both you and her into orgasmic overload!
  8. THE FUN, SIMPLE… Thing you can do beforehand to guarantee she has an even stronger orgasm!

Gabrielle Moore

I am a lawyer-turned bestselling sex advice expert. Over 500,000 people across the planet subscribe to my daily online tips.

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