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Gabrielle Moore – Passionate Positions

What’s Included:
1) Passionate Positions Video
2) Passionate Positions eBook
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Course Description

“Advanced Sex Positions For Wild Lovemaking And Intense Orgasmic Pleasure”
Sex Should Be Sexy, Passionate, Sweaty, And Hot.
It should feel intense, like you’re letting your unbridled passion loose. Unfortunately, it does not always happen this way even if we want it to. Between boring bills, screaming kids, never ending work, and tedious chores, you may find yourself in a rut. But you don’t have to whip out the nurse costumes and fur handcuffs just to spice up your sex life. All you need is a little repositioning.
While the standard positions – missionary, doggie style, reverse cowgirl – are all fun, even they can become monotonous in the course of a long term relationship. Plus, I’m guessing when you’re about to get it on with your lady, you head straight for the bed.
But you can spice up your sex life by taking your sexual encounters outside of the bedroom. Who needs Paris when you have your kitchen table? Mixing things up will undoubtedly add a spontaneous and exciting new element to your long-term relationship, increasing lusty wild passion. This book will make you rethink all the possibilities out there when it comes to positions. As long as you have a willing partner and an open mind, the options are practically endless…

  1. THE FIRST POSITION WE COVER IS… Meant especially for the kitchen. This position has the powerful effect of putting you deeper inside of her than you may have ever been before, which she’ll love…!
  2. OH AND HERE’S THE FUN PART. There’s a unique way to do this position that makes her feel like she’s flying!
  3. YOU’LL LEARN “THE CUPID’S KNEEL”. This one is meant to be done on the floor in any room in your house, and works amazingly well for deeper penetration…
  4. WE HAVE ONE OF MY FAVORITE… Positions called “the stair master”. We’re going to show you an entirely new way to have sex on the stairs, and no… it has nothing to do with doggie style…!
  5. THE NEXT ONE IS CALLED “THE BACKWARDS BOW”. This is an advanced position and I really love doing this with my husband. What’s fun about this one is that it actually creates a new sensation in your penis.
  6. YOU’LL LEARN A REALLY FUN POSITION… You can use with the vibration of your washing machine. You’ll learn how to combine sex with the warmth and vibration of your washing machine when it’s going full throttle…!

Gabrielle Moore

I am a lawyer-turned bestselling sex advice expert. Over 500,000 people across the planet subscribe to my daily online tips.

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