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Gabrielle Moore – Naked University Season 7

What’s Included:
1) Episode 1 – Oral Fingering Fantasy | eBook and Video
2) Episode 2 – Fingering Fetish | eBook and Video
3) Episode 3 – Double Fingering Delight | eBook and Video
Retail Price: $97
Course Description

Oral Fingering Fantasy: She’ll Scream with Ecstasy from Your Fingers & Tongue
Our Dazzlingly Hot Instructor…
Avi will teach you the art of Oral-Finger Fusion. Most men can do just an “ok” job for oral and fingering. But once you’ve watched this episode. You will be an absolute master of making your woman drip with desire, and swoon with sensation…
All from giving her the perfect oral plus fingering treatment. Avi will be seductively taking off her shirt and panties, while she teaches you…

  1. SENSUOUS VENUS MAPPING: This is where you take your sexy “outlay of the land,” and find exactly what spots in your woman’s vagina drive her wild. Most men have no idea where a woman’s inner pleasure-centers are, or they assume it’s the same for every woman.
  2. YOU’LL LEARN THE WAY TO… Instantly know what little spots make your women moan. What spots make her soak herself with desire, and what spots you can massage to make her come hard and wild for you. Once you know your woman’s Sensuous Venus Map… you know how to make your woman always orgasm… for life!
  3. DEEP ECSTASY DELIGHTS: You’ll master the deep spot orgasm… which is known as the “holy grail” among the sex experts. This can keep a woman in a blissful orgasmic state for up to several hours… So be careful with this… and never do this if she has an appointment she has to go to after your session.
  4. THE 9 DIFFERENT SENSUAL… This is a special way to bring her to extreme undeniable pleasure. By combining a rapid flickering of your tongue with pressing your fingers in just the right place. You’ll give her wild, rolling orgasms that keep coming and coming… one after the other. When you give her this sensuous gift for the first time… your lover will be just dazzled with how you thrillingly rocked her body.

Fingering Fetish: The Perfect Positions to Add Fingers of Fire!
When You Are Ready To Penetrate Your Woman…
You can use these amazing fingering techniques to literally multiply your woman’s pleasure and arousal.
With each thrust of your penis, you’ll rivet her vagina while you expertly massage her clitoris and labia with your hands. Giving her dreamy pleasure she never knew was possible.
Our delightfully seductive Aubrey will be dropping her clothes, piece by piece, as she teaches you…

  1. A-SPOT AROUSAL & OVERLOAD: This is for giving your woman orgasms in a part of her vagina that she may never have felt come alive before. This is a “hush-hush” area that normally gets forgotten by both men and women. So once you find it… and give her unbelievable stimulation with your penis… fingers… and special sex toys…
  2. COWGIRL DUELING FINGERS… Where you get your woman on top of you, and give her the ultimate G-spot and Clitoral climax. When you have your woman on top in just the right way… you can just relax and let your hands easily do the work.
  3. JUICING THE PEACH: This is our special secret for doing a G-spot “pull,” that gets her creaming down there like never before. Then you’ll help her move her hips in a way that deepens her pleasure even more. Your teacher Aubrey will be keeping you totally focused on your fingering lesson…

Double Fingering Delight: Two Fingers + Two Places = Explosive Orgasms!
Our Sensationally Sexy Karla Will Be…
Introducing you to the art of double-finger and double-hand orgasms. And she’s going to grab absolutely all of your attention. Because she’ll be stripping down… completely naked… as she gives you your hot, steamy sex lesson.

  1. THE G-SPOT MÉNAGE A TROI: This is an incredible secret method to bring your lover to extreme pleasure, using her breasts… her clitoris… and finally her G-spot. You’ll warm her up nice and slow… (She won’t know what’s coming). And when you’re ready to unleash the “main course…” you just fire up the last two steps of this technique and get ready to make her scream through the walls.
  2. DOUBLE-FINGERING SQUIRT TECHNIQUES: If you’ve never made a woman squirt before, you are in for the ride of your life. This may be the single most effective way to make your woman absolutely addicted to you. Because once a woman starts squirting… she never wants to stop. Be warned! If you’re ready to get your sheets soaked… and make your lover absolutely ravenous for your body… Then these double-finger squirting secrets will give her some of the most explosive orgasms of her life.
  3. THE FIVE FINGER VIBE JIBE: This is one of the most imaginative fingering techniques ever, because you will be bringing your woman to orgasm using five finger-vibrators or a vibrating glove. You will just know that five-finger vibration stimulation will take her to another world. You’ll combine this with the Bliss Breath and the Rousing Venus… which are other special techniques you’ll learn in this episode…

Gabrielle Moore

I am a lawyer-turned bestselling sex advice expert. Over 500,000 people across the planet subscribe to my daily online tips.

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