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Gabrielle Moore – Mutual Masturbation

What’s Included:
1) Mutual Masturbation Video
2) Mutual Masturbation eBook
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Course Description

“Forbidden Tips And Techniques For Maximum Masturbation Enjoyment With Your Partner”
Though Many People Associate Masturbation With…
Virtues of solo pleasure, masturbating together can actually enhance your relationship and strengthen your bond. It’s actually quite romantic. Masturbating together is twice the fun as going at it alone! You get to show your partner what really truly turns you on when no one is looking and you can learn what really excites them.
While mutual masturbation can be an alternative to sex and avoid pregnancy, it can also be an excellent way to bring you closer to your partner and achieve orgasm in a new way. When two people stroke each other to reach orgasm, each partner hones in on their partner simultaneously creating and experiencing orgasm. You get to really watch their movements, breathing, expressions, and maneuvers. Sex is great, but obviously it’s impossible to put that much focus on all of the little details when you’re doing it. Using your fingers you can stroke your partner (or vice versa) to create a slow building orgasm that can be explosive.
For women in particular, it can be difficult to achieve orgasm through penetration via sex. Mutual masturbation allows you to see what turns her on and execute the same moves yourself.
So what are you waiting for?
You will learn:

  1. YOU’LL ALSO DISCOVER NEW WAYS… Of pleasuring your woman that you perhaps never thought of in the past… all by getting to see her do it to herself…
  2. HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO… Enjoy much better handjobs from her? Well nothing beats letting her see how you do it yourself so she can practice doing it just how you like it…!
  3. THE 2 DIFFERENT KINDS OF… Mutual masturbation you can try with your partner. Most people have only heard of 1 of them, but you’ll be a master of them both…!
  4. THE 9 DIFFERENT SENSUAL… Pleasure spots that drive her wild. You’ll learn what each one of them is so that if you see her touching them, you’ll understand why and you’ll know just how to do it to her as well…
  5. WE’LL SHOW YOU ONE SECRET SPOT… That 99% of men have never even heard about, and yet once you know where it is, you might be surprised to find her touching herself there to give herself an orgasm…!
  6. THE #1 THING TO WATCH FOR… When she’s masturbating that instantly tells you if what she’s doing is bringing her closer to orgasm. This is especially important if she’s the quiet type who doesn’t make a lot of sound…!

Gabrielle Moore

I am a lawyer-turned bestselling sex advice expert. Over 500,000 people across the planet subscribe to my daily online tips.

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