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Gabrielle Moore – Double Her Desire

What’s Included:
1) Double Her Desire eBook
2) Double Her Desire Audio
3) Bonus: Shower Sex Games eBook + Audio
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Course Description

“How To Turn Those Annoying No’s Into YES PLEASE DON’T STOP… And Have Your Lover On Her Knees Begging For Hot Sex Only You Can Give… Night After Night!”


  • The whole truth about your relationship cycle with your lover… and how it affects her sexual desire
  • What women really mean when they say “I’m tired” or when they’re not in the mood for sex
  • The key difference between how men and women perceive sex… which can lead to different expectations and unhappiness amongst lovers
  • The 2 main categories of sexual “disinterest” – If your lover has lost interest in sex, it is important to first find out which category she belongs to (Hint: Most women fall under the 2nd category, which is dead easy to overcome!)
  • The 4 things you can and need to do right now to reverse your lover’s disinterest in sex (No matter how long your sex life has been starving… these are 4 things you can do within the next 15 minutes to spark things up a little!)
  • One magical elixir that most women instantly respond to… which perks them up!
  • What you should do if your lady turns down sex (97% of men respond the wrong way, straining relationships even further and closing more doors for future, hot sex.)
  • Questions you should ask your lover to solicit the real reasons she does not want to have sex with you (I teach you how to sneakily get the answers you need by phrasing your questions in this innocent, non-offensive and respectful way.)
  • What to do if your lover is not interested in sex because of a traumatic or painful past experience (This is key if your lover has a serious sex aversion!)
  • 3 magic words you can say to your lover – RIGHT NOW – that will ease her mood and let her trust you enough to satisfy her deepest desires
  • 7 destructive sexual myths that may be killing your sex life (and how you can get rid of them)… You’ll be surprised at how many men or women still believe in these enjoyment-killing myths!
  • The 2 qualities women treasure and value MOST in a relationship which you can easily acquire (In repeated studies, women rank these 2 items even HIGHER than having a muscular body or rock-hard stomach!)
  • The shocking truth about attractive people… and why most of them have a poor sex life!
  • The 3 other cranial needs of your lover that must be fulfilled first before sex can be truly enjoyable and uninhibited!
  • The real reason why everyone’s sex life seems to be better than yours (Once you understand this principle, you’ll never feel depressed or embarrassed for not “measuring up”.)
  • Why the number of times you have sex has NOTHING to do with the sheer quality of your sex life (and what you should do if you want truly high-quality sex with your lover, on demand!)
  • Does size matter? This is what women REALLY think about your “size” in bed… Those “experts” have been pulling wool over your eyes all this while by telling you size does NOT matter. But here’s why it matters and how you can make the best use of whatever equipment you have been given!
  • 11 reasons why your lover may lose interest in sex (and how you can expertly overcome each of them)
  • What sex REALLY means to a woman (If you cannot give an woman this… then she will not open up to having great sex with you.)
  • The #1 reason why most couples experience mind-blowing sex at the initial phases of their relationship… and how you can use this principle to get that feeling back
  • One sex mood “killer” that can be unconsciously created by the media and advertising around us (If your lover suddenly loses interest in sex… it could be because of this! Remove this cause and the problem will be solved.)
  • When you should approach your lover for sex to REDUCE the chances of rejection (Most men are just asking at the wrong time!)
  • How stress affects your lover’s desire for sex (Warning: Stress is not only caused by unhappy events, but also by these happy events!)
  • One telltale sign to know if your lover is secretly feeling “sexually inadequate”… and how you can pick up these “hints” she’s dropping for you
  • Two common problems with older men that can actually cause their lovers to feel inadequate for the wrong reasons! (Here’s what you can do about it…)
  • What to do if your lover complains of painful sex (As much as this may sound kinky to you, it can point to serious health issues that should be addressed immediately!)
  • What your lover may be too embarrassed to tell you that may be affecting her enjoyment during sex
  • 4 common problems in older women that can lead to a diminished interest for sex… and how you can rekindle the flame in them
  • What to do if your lover has a fear of sex, tries to get sex over as quickly as possible or makes frequent excuses to put off sex
  • The serious sexual issues that should be brought up with a qualified sex therapists (and how to choose the right therapist) – Fortunately, these issues are very rare but I show you “danger signs” that say you should not take matters into your own hands.
  • The 4 stages of sex you MUST understand to enjoy mind-blowing, sheet ripping sex — Here’s the secret: You must understand how your lover experiences these 4 stages differently from you.
  • 5 things that make a woman sexually aroused and where women look for these 5 factors! (If you have always wondered why your lover doesn’t seem to be sexually responding to your advances… it’s because you’re not doing these 5 things right!)
  • The #1 body part women automatically, unconsciously look at on a man for sexual arousal… and how you can use this body part to convey the right love message (NOTE: This is not his body, tool, butt… or even the face!)
  • One action you can do that will either suppress or arouse your lover’s sexual feelings (Most men do this wrongly, and end up suppressing their lady’s sexual urges instead!)
  • The key difference between sexual arousal in men and women… such as how women have the ability to CHOOSE whether they want to be aroused or not! (Here’s how to make them say “Yes please!” and beg for more every single time…)
  • What you should focus on helping your lover achieve… instead of the much hyped female orgasm (If you can help your lover reach this P-stage… then orgasm comes naturally and is only a small step away!)
  • What men do after sex that irritates and often offends women… to the point of harming their relationship (If you take a few minutes to do “this other thing” after sex, your chances for a naughty sexcapade the next time will be way higher!)
  • 3 revealing questions to ask that can uncover problems with your current sex life – If you have a far from satisfactory sex life… asking these 3 questions can give you the answer to set things right tonight!
  • How this 6-word old Chinese saying holds the keys to great, out-of-this-world sex… night after night! (Remember these 6 words during sex and everything comes naturally to you.)
  • Where to locate that “ON / OFF” switch for sexual arousal in a woman… (Please use this for good!)
  • The #1 magical ingredient that MUST be present before your lover will agree to sex… or even start feeling sexually aroused (If you are constantly experiencing rejections, you may be missing out on this essential ingredient.)
  • Why constantly making “sexual advances” can be harmful to your sex life – While you may view it as being romantic or passionate, your lover can feel extremely turned off by your actions! This is what you should do instead.
  • The most important innate, cranial need for woman that MUST be met before sex can occur
  • 4 messages you can send your lover that instantly ignites her desire for sex (No, it’s not the naughty stuff you normally do.)
  • One action most ladies YEARN for that can be done anywhere… Do this to her and it will build the intimacy you need for sex later on.
  • A simple, often-overlooked act that sends the right “sex” messages to your lover
  • 5 intimacy boosting actions you can easily perform that will unleash your lover’s desire for lustful sex with you – Here’s the problem: Most men don’t do them because they seem so innocent!
  • The damaging myth most men believe in that destroys their sex life outright (Unless you set this straight, you’ll never get your lover to agree to sex!)
  • One thing you should NEVER say to your wife, girlfriend or lover when you are on a date (And yet most men say this to appear manly or “macho”… This is a mood killer for women!)
  • One thing that goes hand-in-hand with sex for a woman (You cannot have crazy sex without this.)
  • The reason why most couples just naturally and passionately have sex at the beginning of their relationships… and one sure way you can fan the flames of passion
  • A 5-part checklist you can use to gauge the level of sexual desire of your lover (If your lover is not begging YOU for sex… you’re not doing all 5 steps right!)
  • How you can master the art of conversation for better sex – I’m not talking about dirty talk, but how changing your everyday conversation can lead to a boost in your sex life.
  • The lack of _____ leads to the lack of sex (If you want more frequent and better sex in your life… you need to start doing this activity more!)
  • 5 activities you can easily do as a couple that will rekindle her deepest sexual desires for you… yet most couples take these simple activities for granted!
  • The main reason why most couples suffer from lackluster sex lives (and how putting this thing back can easily solve the problem…)
  • What to do if you and your partner rarely talk to each other anymore… I’ll teach you how to get things going again such that she automatically confides in you and trusts you to satisfy her sexual needs.
  • 4 mistakes men make when communicating with their lovers which closes the door to sex
  • 2 qualities of a sexually irresistible men (according to women) – Contrary to popular belief, these 2 qualities are extremely easy to cultivate. You do not even have to look like Brad Pitt… or be a Greek god.
  • Everything you wanted to know about your lover’s private parts but were too shy to ask – I take you through each intimate part of her sex organs and show you which parts respond best to your physical stimulation! (It’s NOT the vagina!)
  • Why you should never confuse your lover’s clitoris for something else (Most men actually make this mistake and end up stimulating the wrong part!)
  • How to find that elusive G-spot of your lover (Hint: This is NOT the clitoris… I’ll show you how to locate the exact spot with my blow-by-blow instructions. If you follow my earlier steps and then start fondling her G-spot… she may faint from sheer pleasure!)
  • How routine can actually give you a boring… almost non-existent sex life! (Contrary to what other experts tell you about “setting time aside for sex”… here’s why you want to throw any kind of routine out of the window when it comes to relationships!)
  • 6 loving, sex triggers you can strategically leave for your lover while you’re out at work that will have her craving for sex by the time you get back (These can be easily obtained from the local 99-cent store!)
  • 15 things you can do for your lover each morning that will not only surprise her… but turn on those fuzzy, romantic feelings in her mind and set off her cravings for you (Each of these things only take 5 – 10 minutes to prepare.)
  • What to do if your new thoughtful gestures make your lover feel puzzled… or even suspicious of your motives (I include a letter you can write to her which puts her mind at ease… to inform her that you are doing all this for the sake of your relationship.)
  • 10 habits you should cultivate to make yourself the perfect lover in your partner’s eyes (For example, if you are getting gifts for your lover… they MUST fulfill this criteria.)
  • How to turn things up a notch after you have shown your sincerity in improving your relationship by adding just a bit more spice.
  • What to do if intimacy and affection is long lost in your relationship… and you hardly talk to your partner about such things anymore (I show you how to restore trust and intimacy in your relationship using these 10 simple steps.)
  • Why refraining from sex for a short period can actually prime the pump for mind-blowing, unbelievable sex later on.
  • How to revive a stale sex life by building sexual tension up to a point where it becomes almost unbearable… such that it will be impossible for either party to resist having sex!
  • Mastering the art of playing “hard to get” – This will build sexual tension to unbelievable levels… when you start having your lover beg you for sex and want it so badly! (Most times though, men are CLUELESS about how to use this key sexual technique.)
  • Why you should avoid asking your lover for sex and risk getting rejected (Here’s what you should do instead to move from a NO to a YES, every single time!)
  • What to do if your lover asks you for sex… outright (There are 3 situations where this can happen, and you should only accept her request in ONE of these situations because she’s only trying to please you in the other 2!)
  • 4 strategies you can use to build a sexually receptive environment that will allow your lover’s sexual desires to surface naturally.
  • Why hot sex has everything to do with how you make use of little “pockets of time” during the day – Opportunities like these exist throughout the day. You just have to seize them and build those moments into great sex at night.
  • How to create a massive arousal in your lover — Learning how to do this is a huge turn-on for ladies of ANY age!
  • The #1 mistake most men make with their lovers in the bedroom, which leads to lousy sex (You may be making this mistake right now… but it takes very little to correct it, and can even prolong your lovemaking pleasure!)
  • How to tell if your lady is ready for your next move in bed… Don’t proceed until she does THIS (otherwise she’ll not be in the mood, yet!)
  • One thing that women desperately desire during sex… and yet most men are not doing this enough for them! (If you can get this one thing right, there’ll be a LOT less bedroom complaining and a heck lot more sex!)
  • The 2nd most common mistake men make in an attempt to “please their lovers”… which not only backfires, but also makes sex utterly unbearable!
  • How to use erotic massage to pave the way for better sex later on (I give you a 3-step erotic massage formula that can make her writhe and moan in unadulterated pleasure… even if you have never done it before.)
  • The 3 erotic massage strokes you should master that can send her to orgasmic bliss
  • How to tell if your lady is enjoying your massage (Words don’t always tell the truth here… so this is one thing you must always look at.)
  • One body part you should NEVER massage… no matter how tempted you are (Please, please do NOT give in to temptation and start massaging this body part… because it will affect the love-making later on.)
  • One kinky action your girl will start doing during your massage when she is physically and mentally ready for red hot sex!
  • The art of intimate sexual denial massage – Use this when you want to build up sexual anticipation in your lover and punish her for being so naughty! (Of course, then you want to show her that you’re the ONLY one who can give it to her… real good.)
  • The two-finger stroke method to slowly but mercilessly give your woman throbbing, sexual pleasure! (Using only your thumb and index finger, I show you HOW you should stimulate the most sexually sensitive parts of your woman and have her at your beck and call!)
  • How to find and stimulate your lover’s elusive G-spot – Finding and working her G-spot does NOT have to be a hit-or-miss… you can get it down pat and have her cum every single time!)
  • The zigzag technique for stimulating and teasing her G-spot
  • Why it is important for your lover to experience orgasm BEFORE you… Most men do this wrong by expecting their lover to experience an orgasm at the same time as them! (The right way is to give your lover ONE or even TWO orgasms first… to put her in this highly sexually aroused state!)
  • Another highly erotic zone of the female body you shouldn’t miss in bed (Some men make the mistake of ignoring this part completely and “going for the base” instead.)
  • The best way to suck, lick, stroke, nibble and squeeze your lover’s breasts… and the right combination of each technique to use that will pleasure her so good!
  • How playing the game of Monopoly is like good foreplay
  • The 3 golden rules for bringing your lover to sexual ecstasy
  • What you should do with both your hands during sex… Don’t make the boring mistake of having both hands at the same place! Instead, put one hand here and the other there…
  • 4 unmistakable signs to tell if your lady is perched on the verge of an orgasm (No, it is NOT loud screaming and moaning.)
  • 5 common mistakes made by guys during sex in an attempt to appear manly or macho
  • What you should do when your lover displays the telltale signs of orgasm (There are TWO things you can do… and only ONE of them is correct. Do the other instinctive one and risk being a lousy lover in bed!)
  • The 5 most desirable (and conducive) sex positions that can make her crave sex… even after its long over… Guess who she’ll turn to next time?
  • How to turn the plain old missionary position into a hot, fiery ride by doing these extra 2 steps to turn up the intensity several notches!
  • How to use a simple object for way deeper penetration and stimulation than usual (Don’t worry… you already have this object in your bedroom. You just need to know how to position it correctly!)
  • Why you should let your woman be on top during sex (Letting HER be in control can take things to a whole new level.)
  • The best position for unleashing the sexual animal in you
  • The 2 hidden benefits of “doggie style” for your lover
  • The most sex-charged sexual positions you can try in the bedroom… that can lead to heightened sexual pleasure and awareness (These positions fulfill ALL the criteria for sexual arousal in women!)
  • The sneaky, devious TWIST you can add to the side-by-side position… that will leave your lover feeling romantic and craving for sex in the near future! (Best of all… this doesn’t even require any effort!)
  • 10 steps to make your lover quiver during oral sex — Even if both of you have never tried giving each other “head” before (Hint: The whole process starts elsewhere on the body, instead of at the private parts!)
  • How to send signals that your lover can pick up that you’re enjoying performing oral sex on her… This can give a big BOOST to her confidence!
  • Why you wouldn’t want a screaming sex kitten in the bedroom (Most times… they are FAKING it! Here’s what you want instead…)
  • 5 common oral sex mistakes that make it downright unpleasurable for your lover
  • How to overcome performance problems in males (If you have trouble getting it up, or find yourself losing steam… here’s what you can still do for GUARANTEED hot sex!)
  • What to do if you can’t get it up – Please don’t let this destroy your sex life. Once you understand the psychological causes and truth about this issue… both of you will enjoy sex like a wild bunny!
  • 3 other tools you can use to send your lover into pure orgasmic bliss when your tool is losing steam (Don’t be surprised if these work even MORE effectively than your manhood!)
  • What to do if you cannot cum (Don’t let this dampen your sex life! Instead, do this instead and keep excitement levels high in bed.)
  • How to fix the problem of premature ejaculation… (You can easily “take the heat” off yourself by doing this one thing first.)
  • How to keep things hot and steamy in the bedroom (or beyond)… with the same partner… year after year! (If you understand this analogy, you’ll be able to keep sexual excitement high all the way throughout your relationship.)
  • 6 hidden benefits of having sex with a regular partner (Why having sex with a regular partner can be more stimulating than you think! If you think your sex life is repetitive and boring… this course will teach you how to spice things up with endless variations.)

Wild & Wet Shower Sex Games Bonus

  • 3 hot and steamy shower sex games specially designed for the naughty couple (Choose from Shower Sex Slave, Amsterdam Windows or Wet Wheel of Sex!)
  • Supplies needed and full instructions for each game for hours of tantalizing play (Don’t worry… All the “supplies” you need are easily available around the house. You just need to get your props ready for kinky play!)
  • Each naughty shower sex game can provide minutes or hours of fun… depending on how long YOU last! I even provide instructions on how to continue each game beyond the bathroom… into the bedroom!

Gabrielle Moore

I am a lawyer-turned bestselling sex advice expert. Over 500,000 people across the planet subscribe to my daily online tips.

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