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Alex Allman – Orgasms

What’s Included:
1) Videos of the Program in MP4
2) Transcripts of the videos in PDF
3) Bonus: Orgasm PDF Slides
4) Bonus: Shana James – 5 Reasons Women Say No (Audio)
Retail Price: $149
Course Description

In “ORGASMS!”, the world’s first guaranteed way to give a woman an orgasm, you learn how to give any woman an orgasm – the best orgasm of her life. And much more, including:

  • How to give a woman the biggest orgasm of her life! Involves the way you tilt your hips, the dirty words you say to her and one more, secret technique…
  • How to make her cum more quickly than she has in her entire life. So fast that it gives you an “out” if you’re feeling too turned on. (Or you only have time for a quickie…)
  • Why some women can ONLY orgasm when they’re cheating! How to tell and what to do… if… your woman is like this…
  • If your woman NEVER orgasms during sex, here’s what you need to know…
  • Multiple-Orgasms demystified and de-coded so you can bring her to hip shaking orgasm over and over again in a single session…
  • Feminism’s deepest secret: How violating a woman’s civil rights – in bed – can give her an amazing orgasm (and how to tell if it’s what she’s secretly asking for… or if you’re taking it too far…)
  • What to do if your job is tough and you’re tired of being “in control.” (The little known way to make your woman cum over and over again AND do all the work…)
  • Hypnotize her into an orgasm! Easy to do and works like magic…
  • Eight sex fantasies most women love! Kinky fun you can use to spice up your love life…
  • Twelve erogenous zones all women have. Where to kiss, lick or nibble in order to drive her wild…
  • Do this with your tongue to make her cum 25% quicker! // (Feels like eating an ice cream cone…)
  • 20 ways your woman loves to be touched. It only takes three to make her cum!
  • The shocking truth about blowjobs: Why some women can cum just from giving them! (how to tell if your woman has this hidden talent…)
  • What to do once she’s cum: 5 ways to make her orgasm over and over again…

…And that’s just scratching the surface!

Alex Allman

I teach people to have great sex because I’ve never found a better way to help people get what they most deeply want.

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