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  • 2_invincible_inner_g_ogJQY
  • 3_the_art_of_approac_b6oiT
  • 4_automatic_attracti_mWVsa
  • 5_bonus___coach_broo_OBoK5
  • 6_bonus___conversati_zqAum
  • 7_bonus___advanced_s_xhP7U
  • 8_orgasm_mastery
  • 9_bonus_complete_coc_u1f3Y

2GTS – Get The Ten

What’s Included:
1) Invincible Inner Game
2) The Art of Approaching
3) Automatic Attraction
4) Perfect Dating
5) Physical Mastery
6) Your Execution Plan
7) Bonus: Orgasm Mastery
8) Bonus: The 3-some Code
9) Bonus: Complete Cock Control
Retail Price: $167
Course Description

“Get The 10” program offers techniques and step-by-step strategies to start meeting and dating beautiful women.
The program consists of 6 different “Acts”, each one designed to address a different aspect of the mating and dating game.

  • Act 1 – Invincible Inner Game
  • Act 2 – Art Of The Approach
  • Act 3 – Automatic Attraction
  • Act 4 – Perfect Dating
  • Act 5 – Physical Mastery
  • Act 6 – Your Execution Plan

Some discussed topics:

  • Being Mr Right
  • She Kisses You First
  • Advanced Sex Position
  • Get Her Addicted To You
  • Approaching Made Easy
  • The 5 Special Bonus Videos
  • The 3 Top Secret Reports
  • Getting Any Girl To Meet Up
  • Complete Cock Control Bonus
  • Dating Scenario Turn-around Tips
  • How To Spark An Intense Conversation

And many more…


Our programs are all about sexual education for anyone, with focus on demonstrating various sex techniques on our sexual professional pornstars.

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